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Clean office chair

Cleaning the office chair: Stains on the office chair are often stubborn. In today's post we will give you tips on how to clean your office chair.

Attention: When cleaning the office chair, the gas pressure spring in particular should always be handled with care! Avoid using chemicals on this sensitive component, otherwise you could cause serious injuries to yourself or others!

These instructions are a guide and we are not responsible for any damage to your office chair. If in doubt, always ask the chair manufacturer if there is no information about the cleaning process and agents. We would be happy to request this information for you as well.

Clean office chairs with fabric and mesh covers

Office chairs with fabric covers are easier to clean than office chairs with mesh covers.

Cleaning instructions

You should clean office chairs with fabric covers yourself at least once a year or hire a cleaning company to do so. Dust, dirt and body exhalations penetrate the cover and the resulting friction can damage the fabric fibers of the office chair. Office chairs with mesh covers are more difficult to clean than chairs with fabric covers; a vacuum cleaner helps enormously in removing small dirt.

Clean the seat

Only clean the seat of the office chair with a foam cleaner or a special upholstery cleaner. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's care instructions and the instructions on the cleaning agent.

  • Before starting, test the cleaner in an inconspicuous place on the office chair.
  • Before using the foam cleaner, you should vacuum the seat cover and the backrest with a vacuum cleaner. This removes superficial dirt or loose dust directly from the office chair.
  • In the next step, loosen deep-seated deposits with the help of a root brush. Remove the loosened dirt with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Only now is the foam cleaner used: To do this, spray the office chair generously with the cleaner and work the agent into the cover and upholstery with a sponge.
  • The cleaning agent must be completely dry before you can use the vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt.
  • The root brush is used again to remove the last remains of the cleaner and deep-seated dirt from the office chair.
  • Depending on how dirty your office chair is, you will have to repeat the steps mentioned several times.
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Clean office chairs with leather covers

Office chairs with leather covers need special cleaning. they may do not use harsh cleaning agents, that would damage the leather. A damp cloth is usually sufficientto remove stains and grime.

The cloth must not be too wet, otherwise unsightly water stains will appear on the leather. Ideally, just follow the manufacturer's care instructions, or ask them.

A leather cleaner can be used for heavier soiling. Leather cleaners are available on Amazon, for example. However, please be sure to read the care instructions for the office chair before using it!

Clean the castors from the office chair

Hair often gets tangled in the rollers and the office chair can no longer be moved properly across the floor.
This is how you can easily clean the castors on the office chair:

  • Loosen the castors from the base (usually with a little jerk without tools)
  • Place a pair of scissors or a sharp screwdriver next to the roller on the axle
  • Turn the roller slowly - the blade should cut the hair and it will gradually come off the roller
  • Alternatively, the hair can also be burned with a lighter. However, this should only be done briefly, otherwise the roller can be damaged.

Maintenance and care of the office chair

It is worthwhile to clean and maintain the office chair regularly.

Those who regularly care for their office chair will enjoy it for a long time. Of course, it's best to avoid stains and contamination from scratch.

This is often easier said than done. You should remove stains from hot drinks or from the ballpoint pen immediately. The longer the stains remain in the fabric, the more difficult it is to remove them. Fresh soiling is best removed completely.

Check screws regularly

Every six months you should check your office chair for loose nuts and bolts. These parts can loosen during daily use and, in the worst case, cause injuries. Look for broken rollers or cracks in key parts.

The inspection of the office chair usually only takes a few seconds, but it increases safety in the workplace. Defective parts can be exchanged or you can ask the manufacturer whether your office chair is still under warranty.

Increase the service life of the office chair

There are a few basic things you can do to ensure that your office chair remains attractive for a long time. To prevent the color from fading and the chair becoming unsightly, protect it from direct sunlight.

A place right next to the heater can also age the office chair faster. If you follow these tips and clean your chair regularly and examine it for damage, you can enjoy your office chair for a long time.

Quick guide to cleaning the office chair

Use these instructions to remove dirt from your fabric-covered office chair:

  1. Observe the cleaning instructions in the instructions for the office chair!
  2. do not use home remedies such as shaving cream
  3. First remove coarse dirt with a vacuum cleaner / carefully brush out with a brush
  4. Use upholstery cleaner exactly according to the instructions - test beforehand on an inconspicuous area
  5. Brush out / vacuum cleaning agent
  6. Repeat if necessary

You can also download the instructions "Cleaning the office chair" free of charge as a PDF here:

Disclaimer of liability

We have compiled the information on cleaning for you to the best of our knowledge and belief. Office furniture experts accept no liability for any damage caused by using our cleaning instructions. Please consult the instructions for your office chair before each attempt to clean, or ask the office chair manufacturer for cleaning instructions!

Better to do without home remedies

There are many tips online on how to clean the seats of office chairs with shaving foam. We strongly advise against this, as otherwise ugly water stains will appear, which often only make things worse. In contrast to a ruined office chair, the low cost of an upholstery cleaner is bearable.

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