Why does Donald Tump hate Bezos

Donald Trump lets Amazon shares collapse

US President Donald Trump doesn't like Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. Does the US president now want to use his power against the online giant?

The rumor mill is boiling violently - and the Amazon share crashes violently. On Thursday, the president raged against the company on Twitter, writing: "Amazon pays little or no taxes and uses our mail as a cheap supplier - and our state is making a loss."

A definite attack! Trump continues: "I expressed my concerns about Amazon even before the election."

► On Wednesday, the price of the Amazon share fell by more than seven percent, which corresponds to a loss in market value of around 53 billion dollars! At the close of the market, Amazon stocks were still at minus 4.4 percent, costing $ 1,431 per share.

While Congress wants to take action against Facebook, Trump has his own hate object in its sights. He was "obsessed" with Amazon and was thinking out loud about how he could get the company under competition law, wrote the information service Axios, citing an insider.

In total, the website based its report on five sources that discussed the matter with the President.

However, Axios notes in another article, other tech giants have had a week of horror as well. In the past five trading days, the shares of Facebook (by 8.34 percent), Amazon (minus 8.74 percent), Netflix (minus 8.5 percent) and Google (minus 6.52 percent) - making a loss in market value totaling $ 168.6 billion.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said at the daily press conference that the Trump administration was not considering a policy change on Amazon.

Why Trump hates Amazon and Bezos so much

Trump has repeatedly criticized Amazon and threatened an internet tax. According to Axios, his wealthy real estate friends whisper that e-commerce harms retail in the shopping centers - an assessment that he shares. On Thursday, Trump wrote again on Twitter: Amazon is pushing "thousands of retailers out of business".

What Trump has against Bezos personally: His other company. The group boss is also the owner of the Washington Post newspaper, which takes a conservative but anti-Trump line. Trump's verdict on the paper is therefore clear: “Fake News”.

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