Justin Bieber still makes music

Justin Bieber's new album - and huge trouble with the record cover

There is still anger about the new album. Electro fans who saw the cover of Bieber's new record may have a deja vu. The lettering "Justice" with a cross as "t" looks very, very similar to that of the French electronic band Justice of the same name (biggest hit: "D.A.N.C.E.").

"We heard from hundreds of people throughout the day who pointed out the resemblance and were confused and asked if it was a Justice collaboration," said Tyler Goldberg, the band's manager for Rolling Stone music magazine.

Justice have now sent Bieber a cease and desist declaration. The band has had the text "Justice" protected by copyright with a cross as a "t". Spicy: Bieber's team apparently knew that and, according to the explanation, tried to get in touch with the designer of the band's logo. It is still unclear whether there will be a solid legal battle in the matter. Manager Goldberg added:

Justice are not just any obscure band. In 2019 they won a Grammy for best electro album. They have headlined festivals around the world.

The saying with the Grammy could hit a sore point with Justin Bieber: When the record prizes were awarded last Sunday, the singer sulked because his album "Changes" was nominated in the wrong category: Pop instead of R'n'B. He wrote on Instagram that he was meticulous about his music and had made an R'n'B album and not a pop album. Only with the design of the cover of his new record he obviously didn't take it too seriously.