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Clearing out can be fun and also fill the wallet? Clear! Selling used things is the motto! It's that easy to get rid of old dust collectors and get good money for it!

06/30/2015: Exactly two years ago that we did Handed over the key to our apartment without having to purchase a new one. Since that day, a self-built mobile home has been our permanent residence - two people plus a dog on 9 square meters.

Nothing was stored. Everything that did not fit in the motorhome, was too big or too heavy, needed too much electricity or was simply not really needed urgently had to find a new owner. It starts with too many clothes and cutlery in the kitchen and doesn't end with all the furniture that doesn't fit in a mobile home.

Selling some things was really fun right away. As soon as they were offered, they were already bought and at a really good price. Others, on the other hand, have proven to be real burdock that were almost impossible to get rid of. We had so many odds and ends that we had to offer them thematically sorted in flea market boxes, otherwise the effort would have been unmanageable. A couple of times we got really annoyed about interested parties or buyers.

Is it worth the effort?

Giving each item a new owner instead of packing everything in one large container for the sake of simplicity has several, very big advantages:

  • Extra money in your wallet!
  • Someone else is happy about things that they might not be able to afford again!
  • Buying and selling used is a super effective measure to protect the environment!

Selling used things has more than paid off financially for us! After the liquidation of our apartment, we were several thousand euros richer, which we could put into the construction of our now mobile home!

There is also a very important factor:
Clearing free. Consciously or unconsciously, you get upset about the old stuff again and again. There are things that remind you of unsightly situations, things that you only have to move from one corner to the other ... It made it a lot easier for us to simply get rid of these "old burdens" completely and never to see them again!

Sell ​​used items - online

Online buying portals

Buying portals of course never pay you the price for an item that you could achieve if you sold it individually to a customer. The used things should be bought as cheaply as possible and sold again at a profit. Nevertheless, buying and selling online is sometimes just awesome!

If you have accumulated hundreds of books, for example, or a large shelf full of DVDs or CDs, games and software, it would become a life's work to get rid of each piece individually.

But we would definitely try to bring higher-priced items to a new owner ourselves - that ebay is a great thing for this, we probably don't need to specifically discuss here.


Our experiences with

At you can simply enter the ISBN or barcode and you will immediately receive the price for which the product is being purchased. In order to sell a lot of products super quickly and easily, you can also simply scan the barcodes with your mobile phone and have everything done in the shortest possible time.

Most items only bring you cents, but for a few there is a real price surprise in between and at the end you will be happy about a pretty penny that previously perked up the dust on the shelves. In our case that was around 300 euros!

When checking the articles at momox in-house, it is possible that an article will not be credited to you if, for example, the signs of use were worse than the purchasing guidelines provide - of course, all purchasing portals do that. There are some that ship back free of charge, momox doesn't do that. We sorted out two books, which then went to momox for recycling.

Download the app

Here you can directly access the app for your iPhone or yours Android download.

In order to be able to send a package to momox, at least 10 euros must come together. You will then receive a free parcel sticker and can hand in the parcel yourself or have it picked up directly from you free of charge.

Just read under the Conditions of purchase see what you can offer and get started!

Incidentally, Momox even buys used branded clothing a!

Other buying portals - Buy cell phones, tablets, consoles, games, notebooks, books and DVDs at a fixed price. ReBuy offers free returns but does not automatically transfer your money to your account like the others. - Among other things, buys used electronics. Cell phones, digital cameras and lenses, audio and hi-fi devices and specializes purely in technology. usually pays good prices according to online comparisons. - Purchase of books, CDs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, toys. offers relatively high purchase prices except for books! As the only shopping portal, it also takes toys in a practical way, for which children generally get too old at some point. However, it is only free of shipping costs for goods worth 30 euros or more. - Has emerged from a small shop in Limburg and so the buyer is not the biggest either, but you can individually sell pretty much anything that is useful on request. So it is a bit more personal, a telephone number must be given as a contact.

Sell ​​on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is associated with several fees for every sale. A flat rate of 99 cents, for books, music, video and DVD a closing fee of at least 1.01 euros and then a respectable sales fee of between 7 and 45%!

You can find all the information here: Selling Amazon online

Classified ads portals e.g. on ebay, Quoka, Kalado

The big advantage of classified ads is that no sales fees are charged. In our experience, this can work great for individual things.

On the negative side, however, it is noticeable that you have to worry the most with prospective buyers from classifieds portals. Basically, they don't really want to pay anything for the cause and they try to fix it by all means.

The latest fluctuation from the classifieds practice:
Micha's mountain bike is currently for sale. Caller number one: “Well, exactly this bike was stolen from me three years ago, definitely it is!” After some back and forth, Micha responds to his request to give him the serial number and gives him a completely fictitious combination of numbers. In heartbreaking relief, the caller confirms that this is the exact number of the bike he has been missing for so long and wants to pick it up! Such brazen attempts at fraud should actually be reported directly to the police.

Interested party number two - the stated fixed price of the bike is 1300 euros. O-Ton: "Hey guy, what last price, give you 350, that much!"


Items are usually picked up at classifieds, but of course some buyers still ask for shipping. Send to classifieds customers Nothing out before the money has reached your account !!!

Facebook groups

For every city there is a sell / swap / whatever group on Facebook or you join a group for a certain thing. Selling used items has never been easier!

For example, I had a number of pumps that adorned the bedroom walls on shelves. I realized that this might not be the most practical way of decorating after we moved into the motorhome. The pump collection had to give way and a few of the high heels found new owners in various pump groups on Facebook.

Another tip on the side: Even pump lovers of the male sex report more often to your high heels sales advertisements. It's best not to get involved in big conversations here, because sometimes they prefer their feet to their shoes. So: either buy shoes or not buy shoes!

You can even find used IKEA groups and we have also sold furniture through them.

Clothes circle

Speaking of pumps. There is one for the overcrowded wardrobe of the girls Clothing spinning top. A great portal that I can really recommend, not only when clearing out or moving.

It is a classifieds market for clothing of all kinds. Many use it out of idealism and prefer to fall back on clothing that has not been specially produced but may simply no longer fit or please. That's why you can not only buy and sell at Kleiderkreisel, but also swap, give away or exchange ideas in the well-attended forum. We have already had nice experiences here and cannot use the portal for quick sales, however for a constant exchange recommend!


So now a word again on ebay.

We definitely sold most of the things and got the best prices on ebay. When we closed our apartment, we earned several thousand euros by selling our old things on ebay.

Even if you do not plan to move into the mobile home: There are so many things piling up in the basement, in boxes and shelves that you do not use. Make the effort and take a few photos of it, write a detailed description and earn some money!

If you have a lot of little stuff: Flea market boxes with titles like “Decoration”, “Christmas” or “Kitchen Stuff” also went well.


Sell ​​used things - offline

flea market

If you only want to clear out the clutter in between and have not planned to move to the mobile home within the next few weeks, you can of course offer your things on the flea market.

The effort of dragging everything there, unloading it, setting it up, dragging unsold items back home with you, is quite large and, depending on the stand fee, sometimes even a loss-making business.

If the fun factor is in the foreground for you, you can of course have a nice day in the sun by haggling over the old stuff, if the weather should be good ... which unfortunately cannot be planned again because you have the status long in advance have to book.

Apartment flea market

Ultimately worked for us! There was nothing around in our apartment that wasn't for sale. We have therefore completely converted it into a shop. That's how it's done:

  1. Stick post-it’s with the price on each individual item.
  2. Invite friends and their friends to visit.

Everyone we knew found something they wanted with us. And if they didn't want something, then - well, we were happy when some of them found their way out the door and we also talked about lots of things to take away for free.

When things don't go away

Especially with a total apartment liquidation, there will always be some things left that do not want to leave your side. Throwing it away is still the worst of all solutions.

When nothing worked anymore, we even put things on the street with the inscription to give away. It was mainly the residents of the asylum seekers' accommodation not far away who were really happy about it.

Social department stores, which now exist in almost every city, are also happy if you drop off used things that are still good there.

There is always and everywhere someone who is happy about things that no longer have any value for another. Why not make people happy instead of throwing things away !?

Of course, these things mustn't be broken either, otherwise nobody will be happy if they have to dispose of the scrap for you!

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