How does beauty play no role in a marriage

Ideals of beauty - who do we find attractive?

Stuttgart - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, goes an old saying. In fact, personal taste plays a crucial role in whether we find someone attractive or not. But social ideals also have a strong influence on our perception of beauty.

What is beauty

What is beauty People have always wanted to know more about this. But there is no precise definition of what beauty is. Who we find beautiful depends largely on the time and culture in which we live.

Ideal of beauty
e through the ages

Ideals of beauty have changed dramatically over time. After all, every epoch has its own beauty trend: in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, stout women with strong hips and a lush cleavage were preferred. In the 19th century, women tied their belly to a wasp waist with a corset - a lush chest was considered desirable well into the 20th century.

From the 1920s, the change in ideals of beauty happened faster and faster. The ideal woman has to be flat-chested and slim. But that already changed in the 1930s, when curves were again in demand. In the 50s, Marilyn Monroe (she was wearing size 42!) Corresponds to the ideal of society, before women with a slim and childlike figure (Twiggy) are preferred again in the early 60s.

Ideal of beauty today

Although France has already banned skinny models from the profession, spindly women still dominate the catwalk. At least in the fashion industry, size zero is considered the ultimate. Conversely, more and more superstars such as It-Girl Kim Kardashian or the bombshell Beyoncé, whose trademarks are their luscious curves, are proving to the contrary that “beautiful” does not have to be spindly.

In addition, a new beauty trend is spreading: "Well-trained, the new one is thin," is the echo in the media today. Because in contrast to the rather pathological catwalk models, sporty women appear healthy, self-confident and sexy.

The ideal of beauty worldwide

Women in Germany often color their hair lighter - Swedes usually darker to attract attention. While women in Brazil bring their thighs to maximum volume with strength training, women in Germany prefer slim legs. Even within Europe, the ideals of beauty differ greatly.

In addition, sociologists have found that what is often considered particularly beautiful is what is seldom or not so easy to achieve in the respective culture. European women, for example, lie on the tanning bed for a deep tan. In sunny Asia, white is the trump card.

Who do we find beautiful?

A beautiful face is undoubtedly one of the most important attributes that a person must have in order to be considered attractive. But what makes a face beautiful? And do the same beauty features apply to both sexes?

Features of attractiveness woman: face

It has been scientifically proven that a beautiful woman is first and foremost an average woman. Average means no protruding ears, no too big or small nose, no visible blemishes such as a wart on the chin, etc. In addition, attractiveness researchers suspect that large eyes, a high forehead, a narrow nose and full lips make a woman's face look particularly attractive. In other words, the more feminine a woman's features, the better. In addition, a well-proportioned figure and smooth, flawless skin should increase attractiveness.

And what about the attractiveness of men?

Scientists are not yet entirely clear about what constitutes the beauty of men. The research results to date are far from being as clear-cut as with women. In general, it can be said that average, symmetrically shaped faces and bodies also look more beautiful on men. Clean skin, good hair, an angular chin and rather smaller eyes are further beneficial characteristics.

The simple formula “the more masculine, the better” does not necessarily apply to men. Because men who are perceived as very masculine do not automatically have to appear more attractive than men with more feminine facial features. This has been shown, among other things, by studies by the psychologist David Perrett, who researches face perception at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The reason: A high degree of masculinity (e.g. a hard chin or a particularly muscular body) can also make men appear aggressive and dominant. Character traits that women find rather off-putting in men. Therefore, women very often prefer men with more feminine facial features.

Beauty madness: reasons

Beautiful people are more successful, goes a cliché - and it's true. Numerous studies show that beautiful people actually have many advantages in life. Beautiful people are subconsciously assessed as more trustworthy, more competent or more generous than those whose appearance is below the norm. Beautiful people find a job faster and clearly have advantages when choosing a partner.

Many other positive qualities are ascribed to attractive people, such as health, intelligence and good genes. So it's no wonder that we all emulate a certain ideal of beauty and sometimes even go under the knife for beauty.

Character, spirit and charisma make people attractive

People who derive their self-worth mainly from their beauty should not forget one thing: Beauty is impermanent! A great look is worth a lot - but it alone does not make a beautiful person. Our charisma and character play an essential role in our sense of beauty. After all, it is the overall concept that defines a person's charm and beauty.

By the way: Anyone who thought that a perfectly symmetrical face was considered beautiful is wrong. In order to find a face beautiful and likeable, small symmetry errors are even necessary. Scientists suspect that we perceive absolute symmetry as unnatural and therefore not beautiful. Extreme asymmetry is not nice either.