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Würzburg photographer starts lockdown photo project

The ongoing lockdown still offers little prospect for retailers, gyms and the entire cultural scene. The Würzburg photographer Mario Schmitt can tell you a thing or two about it - and that is currently more likely to be in the minor key. Because he himself is hard hit by the pandemic.

No entitlement to state aid

“I earn my money in the summer and precisely where people come together,” says the Würzburger. As a self-employed person in the home office without major business expenses, he falls through the grid. He has no right to state aid.

Voluntary photo project

"Still, it doesn't help me to bury myself under a blanket and wait," says Mario Schmitt. “I'm not alone like that, many companies and artists are affected.” In order to give his fellow sufferers a voice, Schmitt started a volunteer photo project that could become an impressive contemporary document.

What is the pandemic doing to us?

For his series "One year of the pandemic: What has the virus done to us?", Schmitt shoots self-employed people from various affected industries in Würzburg and the surrounding area. Around 50 portraits are currently planned, around 20 of which have already been published in pictures on his website.

Photographer Mario Schmitt shows in impressive pictures those who had to lock up due to Corona, such as "Body Grind Würzburg". Photo: Mario Schmitt

Photographer Mario Schmitt shows in impressive pictures those who had to close due to Corona, such as "My Studio". Photo: Mario Schmitt

Documentation of an exception phase

Mario Schmitt still leaves concrete expectations of the project open. But the documentation of this exceptional phase is important to him. “I am creating a contemporary document with which I can take up the topic even after the pandemic. For example in an exhibition. "

The Würzburg photographer is still looking for self-employed people who would like to be photographed in order to express their situation.