How is angle iron cut

Saw: how to cut at an angle?

Miter or diagonally saw?

Miters are always used so that two parts can later be placed on top of each other at right angles. Both parts are mitred for this purpose. For this reason, it is absolutely clear that miters are always cut at an exact 45 ° angle (2 x 45 ° = 90 °).

Bevel cuts, on the other hand, can also be used in many other cases. The angles can be completely variable here.

Saw the miter by hand

The easiest way to do this is with a so-called miter box and a precision saw. The blade of the precision saw fits exactly into the slots in the miter box and is guided in it at an exactly 45 ° angle.

But there are also hand miter saws in which the complete saw can be set very precisely to an angle. Usual angles here are mostly:

This means that you can also make bevels at a different angle. Such saws are intended primarily for strips and squared timbers.

Machine miter sawing

In most cases there are not that many alternatives available in the household. The jigsaw is the worst possible, with a hand-held circular saw (€ 108.00 at Amazon *) it is rarely accurate.

A table saw (€ 179.90 at Amazon *) or a plunge-cut saw, which can also make very precise cuts (unlike the hand-held circular saw, which is intended more for rough work), are best suited for sawing mitres.

Cross-cut saws also only deliver very imprecise results and usually require several test cuts and precise adjustments until a correct miter is achieved.

Bevel cuts

If a board is not to be cut at an angle, but at an oblique angle, it is best to do this with a table saw and a cross stop.

With good circular saws, the angle can be set very precisely. Sawing an angled cut freehand is not recommended, as this can hardly be done exactly in practice without appropriate guidance.

Of course, you can also turn yours into a table saw at short notice. So you have the best of both worlds: mobility and precise cuts. However, if you are particularly concerned with cutting accuracy, you should use a plunge-cut saw.

Author: Johanna Bauer

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