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Getting out: Tips for dropping out

Turn your back on all the stress, no longer grapple with never-ending expectations and challenges, leave problems behind and finally pursue dreams that have been postponed for far too long. Get out requires a lot of courage, but at the same time it is associated with huge hopes that everything will finally turn out for the best. This is definitely possible, but nobody should simply assume that every dropout will find their personal happiness in no time at all. Also, getting out should not always be equated with a lonely island or an abandoned house to which you can withdraw alone. We explain, what an exit can look like and what to look out for if you are thinking of getting out ...

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Getting out can mean many things

When it comes to getting out of the car, many have a picture of former office workers who at some point decided to do it escape eternal hamster wheel and all the hustle and bustle to renounce professional success. So they decided to seek their fortune on a former farm, where they can support themselves and live in isolation. Or they have emigrated to the other end of the world, live in a tree house without electronics, or have started a farm in Canada.

However, getting out does not necessarily mean leaving the country or yourself withdraw from society and live lonely. Often the point is to make major changes and to come to the realization that the previous path was not the right one for you.

This means that they also count in the dropout category former employeeswho have come to the conclusion that an employment relationship does not suit them and who have consequently started their own business.

Getting out of the car also means completely reorienting yourself, one change of direction to carry out and to reconsider your own decisions. Thought a step further, it is also a form of getting out of it, getting rid of bad habits and becoming a better person, taking more care of one's own well-being, but also paying more attention to others and one's environment.

You can also define quitting for yourself personally, but this is always associated with a radical change, sometimes a very large and sometimes a little bit smaller. That is exactly what makes it so difficult. The desire for Changes and improvements is often big, but it is a completely different matter to be able to actually put it into practice. The fear and the uncertainty of what will come around in the end is too great.

Are quitting and satisfaction related?

Leave behind everything that has always annoyed you in life, start over, do not repeat old mistakes and finally become happy. That is at least the idea that the dropouts will follow and which is confirmed again and again by various stories on the Internet and on television. However, this is not entirely safe, because about the Downsides of getting out is rarely spoken of - although these occur much more frequently than pure success stories from dropouts.

The fact is that getting out no guarantee of a happier life is. Just as little as everyone automatically becomes successful in their job. Anyone who is toying with the idea of ​​getting out and pursuing a completely new goal from now on should be aware that this can also go wrong.

It doesn't work that simple. Anyone who is unhappy and dissatisfied with their life should certainly change something, but Getting out is not the ideal solution to better luck. It is also dangerous to only blame the circumstances and only put yourself in the role of victim. Only those who take responsibility can really change something in their lives.

Most people get off because you do deeply dissatisfied are: with their professional situation, with the job market in general, with their private life or with society. Turning away from it and getting out can help, but can only shift the problem if, for example, it is due to a fundamentally wrong attitude that makes you unhappy.

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Getting out is not a panacea for problems

Gudrun Happich, coach and owner of the Galileo Institute, also knows about them a lot incorrect adjustment to get off:

The dropout stories are often sold as success stories in the media. And no question about it: It takes a lot of courage to do something completely new. Certainly some of these people have found their meaning along this path. But certainly not all of them either. And that's exactly what I think is dangerous.

This either-or-thinking, this seemingly general answer to all the problems that we definitely have in the culture of our companies: Get out and you will be happy! As if happiness were something that can only be achieved in the complete absence of an entrepreneurial and social framework!

It will be a Panacea suggeststhat simply does not exist in this form. Motto: If things don't go really well, if there is dissatisfaction, if the stress at work is annoying - then everything will be better when you get out. Simply break off everything behind you, travel to a dream country with a one-way ticket and see how things continue from there, may sound tempting at first, but it only suits very few people.

The answer must be much more individual look, because on the other hand, the eternal climb up the corporate ladder is also not the right path for everyone. Happich recommends a detailed analysis and honest self-reflection: What do I really want in life and in that part of my life that is defined professionally? Self-reflection and personal responsibility - both are no longer very popular with many today. Instead, the boss, the circumstances, and society are blamed for their own dissatisfaction.

Getting out is therefore neither good nor bad at first - it is an alternative that Each for themselves must check. On the question: Can getting out make you happy? the answer is definitely yes. But Does getting out always lead to more happiness and satisfaction? must also be answered clearly with no.

Get off: These tips can help you with that

Getting out means finding your own way. It is therefore very difficult to say what is right and wrong about it. What is the best way for one can be completely wrong for the other. It also takes a lot Perseverance and also a lot of flexibilityin order to adapt again and again to the new situations that one is faced with.

We therefore do not want to tell you at this point how you should proceed as a dropout - we only have some recommendations and tipswhat to look for in order to make the change really successful and find the happiness you hope for.

  • Set yourself a clear goal

    I just throw everything down ... Many people have had this kind of impulse before, when the stress becomes too much, the problems pile up and simply nothing works. However, you should not give in to this, because getting off should also be planned. To quit on a whim may be a satisfaction at first, but after a very short time the question arises: And now?

    Therefore, think about how to proceed in advance. What are your passionsthat you finally want to follow? How big should the upheaval be, because you are aiming for your exit? For a while it may be comfortable to let yourself go, but at some point it needs a new goal that you can pursue.

  • Talk to those around you

    You have personally made the decision that you want to quit in order to change your life. However, do not forget to include your family in the process. Your partner is great after all directly affected by the way you live and even if you receive encouragement and support, it should be openly communicated what your exit from your current job can mean for the family.

    This includes not only financial changes, but possibly a major change in your entire life, a move or a fundamentally new orientation and attitude. It is good,
    having someone by your side who will help you overcome your fears - but it is on the other side only fair when you play face-up and involve your partner.

  • Start small

    Getting out doesn't always have to be the biggest change in a single jump, it can also be in the form of one longer process occur. Don't turn your entire life upside down, start small and then take it one step at a time.

    For example, start with your Regulate and reduce consumer behavior. The constant desire to want or need things in order to be happy can be a good first approach to prepare for getting out.

  • Clarify your financial situation

    One of the most important questions for dropouts: How much money do i need and how can the exit be financed? In the best-case scenario, you have already saved up something in the last few years that you can live off of, but who has so much money on their way that they no longer have to worry about money for the rest of their life?

    Even if you can cut your costs significantly by getting out, you must have yours Secure a livelihood. Whether you choose to take on another job that suits you better or try to take care of yourself depends on your personal situation. However, it is important that you think about it and not have used up your savings after a few months and do not know how to proceed.

  • Develop greater gratitude

    Getting out should lead to more happiness and satisfaction with your own life. An important aspect for this is more gratitude, even for the little things far too often taken for granted and get little attention. Most people's minds are all about what one still wants to achieve and what is still missing.

    To be truly happy as a dropout, however, you should focus on what you have. The freedom to do what you want, yours Live life as you see fit - even if others cannot understand it or may even advise you against it. As you learn to be more grateful, you can become more satisfied as a dropout.

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