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The two stops "Pohligstraße" and "Herthastraße" of line 12 of the Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB) are in the immediate vicinity of the Cologne campus.

If you come to us from the main train station on lines 16 or 18, you can reach us on line 12 at "Barbarossaplatz".


Bus line 142 stops a few meters from the student advisory office at Höninger Weg 100a or about 3 minutes' walk from the main building of HMKW Cologne at Höninger Weg 139 at the "Pohligstraße" stop.

Parking facilities

In the parking garage of the Zollstock Arkaden, Herthastraße 4, GoogleMaps, you will find sufficient parking space. From there you can reach the HMKW in about 3 minutes on foot. Please note that parking fees may apply.

Barrier-free access

The entrance to the main building of the HMKW Cologne is barrier-free accessible via a ramp, all floors in the main building can be reached via a wheelchair-accessible lift. There is a handicapped accessible toilet on the first floor. For all heavy glass doors including the building entrance door, however, a person is required to open the door for wheelchair users, for example, and this may also apply to the doors to the seminar rooms.

The university premises of the print and photo studios with adjoining seminar room and at Höninger Weg 100a (two seminar rooms and exhibition room) are at ground level, here too, help may be required to open the doors.