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Skyrim: Earn Gold Fast - The Great Guide

In this guide, we'll look at how to get gold quickly in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Best of all: We even level our character using the methods described here!

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You can in Skyrim earn gold quicklyby buying (and collecting) items and making more expensive items out of them, which you can then use for more gold can sell. You can then use your profit to finance your house and a horse, for example.

The best thing about it: With the strategies you not only make the big gold, but level your skills at the same time and with it your character. The following 2 strategies have proven to be particularly productive:

Earn gold quickly # 1: From ores and rings

For our first strategy, you will mainly need iron ore. Collect everything and always buy all iron ores from the dealers you trust. Now you get the spell Convert from the magic school change.

Update: Here you will find a guide on how to find the magic book "Converting Ores".

Transform with Convert the iron ores in silver ores and the silver ores in turn in gold ores. Then you go to an ore smelter and melt your gold ore into gold bars. You need 2 gold ore for each gold bar.

Note: Not every blacksmith has a smelter. In any case, the forge in Whiterun is responsible. When you enter the main gate, the melt is still in front of the first house on the right.

If you now have enough gold bars, you can make gold rings at the forge. You get 2 gold rings per gold bar. The simple ring is worth 75 gold each. The dealers usually give you less gold than the value of an item indicates. My character currently has 25 gold per ring. Iron ore itself has a value of 2 gold and currently costs my character 6 gold at the merchant.

So suppose you buy 10 iron ores for 6 gold each from a dealer, then you use them to produce 10 rings that you can sell for 25 gold each.

250 revenue - 60 cost = 190 gold profit.

In addition, you get skill points in change, blacksmithing and language through the sale itself. By improving the language, you can buy your iron ore cheaper and sell your gold rings for more and more gold, your profit increases accordingly!

You can go one better if you enchant the rings before you buy them. If you have enchanted your character, such as in our Skyrim Build for Battle Mage, you will still receive valuable skill points here. In addition, the enchantment increases the value of the ring. Even with the small soul stones, the ring is worth 163 gold and brings my current character 56 gold at the dealer.

Important: I feel like you are leveling language per sale. How many units you sell at the same time doesn't seem to matter. So sell each ring individuallyto get the most out of it!

Earn gold quickly # 2: From iron bars and daggers

Our second strategy is not quite as complex and varied. Here you simply make daggers instead of gold rings. Daggers are pretty much the cheapest forging product and are therefore ideally suited to skill blacksmithing and thus leveling up faster. Less profit seems to be possible here, but if you play our Skyrim Build: Two-Handed Warrior, for example, you might prefer the more direct and straightforward route. 🙂

For the daggers you buy iron and leather in your area. Sample calculation:

Update: Corrected material costs. Thanks Kenny!

You need an iron bar and a leather strip per dagger. Iron bars are worth 7 gold and the leather strips are worth 3 gold, i.e. the material used to make a dagger is worth 10 gold. The dagger has a value of 10. So you wouldn't make a profit if you sold it now.

Therefore we enchant the daggers again. With a small fire effect on it, the value of the smallest soul stone increases to 256 gold. The last step is again the same as for strategy 1: Sell the daggers individually to the dealers in the area.

You can of course also combine strategies 1 and 2. You use iron ores for strategy 1 and iron bars for strategy 2.

Earn Gold Fast # 3: Real Work

As gabbersky suggests in the comments, you can also easily earn gold through "real work", e.g. by chopping wood at the sawmill in the river forest. This will give you firewood that you can sell to the sawmill foreman. By the way, the lumberjack's ax is lying on a table right by the sawmill.

Your character always drops 6 firewood in a row, each worth 5 gold pieces.

Extra tip: Then put the lumberjack ax back on the table. No new ones will appear if you accidentally sell them at the dealer while clearing out the inventory.

Update: Salix pointed out another benefit in the comments real work Hin: The master sawmill doesn’t run out of gold because he’s not a “real” dealer! As a result, Salix continues, but unfortunately not the ability either Oratory.

If you know of any other strategies that can make a lot of gold in Skyrim, let us know andwrite a comment!