What the hell happened to Ted Nugent

The American rock musician and self-proclaimed patriot Ted Nugent likes to express himself about his political views - and these are arch-Republican. Weapons, personal responsibility and as little state as possible are therefore the most important prerequisites for a democracy. Anything else would be communism and foreign rule.

No wonder, then, that Nugent had tears in his eyes when he heard of Donal Trump's election as US president.

Are you serious? America still has a soul ", Nugent is pleased in a video message on Facebook. "Not every single one, but enough of us. We faced the enemy on the Conord Bridge and stopped them. "

Ted Nugent is far from having enough

"The enemy" for the self-proclaimed patriot is of course Hillary Clinton:

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I really had tears in my eyes this morning. We have declared our independence and we have made it clear to Hillary Clinton that we will not accept liars, scammers, thieves and depraved freedom-hating, constitution-hating, underhanded criminals as presidents. Thank you America, well done. Good work!"

In addition, Ted Nugent makes it clear in the video message that he will never rest even after the victory of his favorite Trump. He would now be "Ted Nugent, with even more confidence". And concludes with the sympathetic announcement:

I have you motherfuckers in a headlock, get the hell out of my way! "

The America-hating Devil Democrats

Even before the election, Nugent made it clear who he would vote for. Something like a Robin Hood in Trump. A man who can help the United States regain its size and who stands up to the government, which is said to be heavily involved in the economy. Because of his wealth, he is independent of lobbyists, does not depend on their money and can therefore be the only politician to tell the truth without having to fear repression from those who donate money and power:

Donald Trump is the Hellraiser America has needed for a long time ", explains Nugent excitedly on Facebook. "He and Ted Cruz are the only hope to end the criminal jihad our own corrupt, brazen government, media and big corporations are waging against America. Are there enough smart Americans out there who have had enough of this nightmare to end it? It is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE must ensure that everyone around them wakes up and recognizes their responsibility as part of this people and stop the America-hating Devil Democrats. MAKE IT HAPPEN! "