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Attractions in Ankara

The Turkish metropolis and capital of Turkey is almost in the middle of the country. With over 5 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. Ankara is particularly recommended as a city break destination for culture lovers. Many of the numerous sights bear witness to the centuries-old history of the city and the peoples who inhabited and shaped it. We have put together a selection of the most interesting places for you.

1. Temple of the Roma and Augustus

Not far from the Caracalla thermal baths, also located in the historical part of Ankara, is also the as August temple designated temples of the Roma and Augustus. The im achieved notoriety 2nd century built temple by the inscription and best preserved copy of the Account of the first Roman emperor Augustus. Like so many temples from that time, the Augustus temple became a church under Byzantine rule in the 6th century. In the Middle Ages there was a mosque and one built on the edge of the temple.


2. Baths of Caracalla

If you are out and about in the historical part of the capital, you should pay a visit to the Caracalla thermal baths. According to research, they come from the early third century, and owe their name to the former Emperor Caracalla. Findings from excavations suggest that the baths were in operation for about 500 years. Only a fire in the 7th century destroyed the facility. Extensive excavations took place in the 1930s and 1940s after the thermal baths were initially thought to have disappeared and then been rediscovered. Visitors can enjoy the impressive Engineering of the Roman antiquity inspire, which among other things even made underfloor heating possible, the remains of which can still be seen today.

3. Anıtkabir

Anitkabir is the Turkish word for grave monument. It counts as Mausoleum of the founder of the state Ataturk to the most culturally central and most important buildings in Turkey. So it is at the same time Museum and National Monument. It is located on the so-called monument hill, which was originally known as the burial mound and was renamed especially for the Anitkabir. This imposing site was built 6 years after Ataturk's death, from 1944 to completion in 1953. The so-called one can also be found on the site "Peace Park"as well as a library. Ataturk's loyal companion Ismet Inönü is also buried here.


4. Ankara Citadel and Castle

The citadel is located in the northern city center of Ankara, on a hill almost 1,000 meters high. Almost 4,000 year old military facility was once built by the Hittites as a defense. Over the centuries it has been expanded and expanded, especially by the, since 278 BC. Ruling Galatians. They were also the ones who made Ankara their capital at that time and divided it into the inner and outer city. The inner city wall and a few of the former twenty towers of the outer city still stand today.


5. Kocatepe Mosque

The largest mosque in Ankara and one of the largest in the world, is located south of the old town in Kocatepe. Construction took about 20 years and was only finished in 1987. No wonder, you can find something here at the same time 24,000 visitors Place. Although there were initially drafts for an even more modern building, these were soon replaced by the idea of ​​a classic building based on the Ottoman model. The four minarets and the large, imposing dome are typical here. Marble decor, numerous decorations and detailed interiors bear witness to the extensive work that has gone into the mosque. A visit is worthwhile and is also free of charge.


6. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is one of the most important archeology museums in Turkey. The focus of the exhibits is the culture of the Hittites, the periods covered meanwhile range from the Stone Age to the modern age. Parts of the collection also belong to the UNESCO World Document Heritage. The museum, housed in two buildings from Ottoman times, was opened in 1943. A garden was laid out in front of the main entrance, which shows other important finds, such as stone sculptures and sculptures from different eras.


7. Ankara Ethnographic Museum

The Ankara Ethnographic Museum, which opened in 1930, is located almost exactly in the center of the city, near the train station and about a kilometer west of the Anitkabir. The museum is also partly a monument to the founder of the Turkish state. There is a bronze equestrian statue in front of the house. And a memorial in the house reminds of the former place where Ataturk's sarcophagus was located before it was transferred to the Anitkabir. The museum's collection deals with the Turkish cultural history, mainly the last 500 years. You can see everyday items such as everyday objects, ceramics, folk art, but also, for example, home furnishings from the 17th century.

8. Roman theater

North of Ankara city center is the old Roman theater. In 1982 it was discovered by chance during excavations. The nearby Museum of Anatolian Civilizations has numerous statues that were discovered at the time. It is assumed that the theater Erected around 1900 years ago and offered space for up to 5,000 visitors. Today, parts of the wall and the stage in particular are still quite well preserved. Visit this ancient site for a little time travel. Entry is free.


9. Dikmen Vadisi Park

The Dikmen Vadisi Park is located in the southern city center in a kind of small valley. This beautiful green oasis is characterized by diverse vegetation, water points and even vineyards. The first plans for this green area were presented in 1970, but it took a few years before it could be implemented. In addition to many different trees, bushes and fields of flowers, special attention is paid to the Japanese cherry blossom, which heralds spring here every year. There are also cafes and a small amusement park, the Lunapark, as well as an open-air stage.


10. Acc

Akköprü means translated "White bridge". It comes from the 13th Centurywhere it was built under the rule of the Seljuk Sultan Kai Kobad I. So she is the one oldest bridge in the Turkish capital. It runs over a river in the northeastern city center and is still in use due to its good condition.

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