What will be after Infinity Wars

After Avengers Infinity War, death no longer has any meaning

More and more important figures are cheating death. We have some film examples that show us: In the current blockbuster cinema, especially in Avengers Infinity War, death is no longer worth anything.

Warning, spoilers for Avengers Infinity War and Game of Thrones: Just a few years ago, on screen, we could rely on death to be what it promised: an irretrievable end to life. Unfortunately, especially with long-established franchises, this has not been the case for a long time. The emptied figure death drives that to the extreme Marvel Cinematic Universeespecially with Avengers Infinity War, in which the heroes died like flies at the snap of Thanos' fingers.

But will it stay that way? Probably not. In the current blockbuster cinema, any certainty of death has vanished. Apparently every protagonist and even half of humanity can come back with a little script shoot. Death is worth nothing if everyone can be resurrected at any time. A lot of empathy is lost in the process.

5 large figures who rose again after their death

Do you want examples? There's a very recent one: Black Panther 2 is supposed to be the villainErik Killmonger will return again, although he lost his life in the fight against T'Challa in the first part. In addition, we received the news yesterday that Frigga, who blessed the temporal in Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom, will probably in the upcoming Avengers 4: Endgame could return.

The following 5 examples should show you that many filmmakers deal with death quite lightly. Get ready for a journey across current pop culture. We warn of spoilers for Lord of the Rings, Dallas, Batman v Superman and Justice League!

Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Bobby Ewing in Dallas

We'll start with an example that shows that drama has always been achieved with non-final death, as was the case in one of the most popular series of the 1970s and 1980s: In Dallas, the good, sensitive Bobby Ewing died by standing in front of his ex's car -Mrs Pam threw to save this. After 31 episodes he reappeared, happily in the shower. Everything was just a bad dream.

Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

With the death of Jon Snow the curiosity of the fans was piqued. The 5th season of Game of Thrones ended with Jon Snow, now commander of the Night's Watch, being brutally murdered by his followers. He lies covered in blood in the snow and everything indicates that this is the end of the figure. Far from it: Priestess Melisandre resurrects Jon Snow.

Gandalf in Lord of the Rings

So that the companions in The Lord of the Rings: The Companions can continue on their way, Gandalf the gray stands in the way of the Balrog of Moria in Mount Doom. In the following fight Gandalf is dragged into the abyss, he dies. For minutes we see the grief of his friends. But here, too, it is later certain: Gandalf's body may have died, but his spirit rises again and receives a new body.

The Lord of the Rings: The Companions

Superman in Batman vs. Superman

The finale of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also featured a spectacular death. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were able to destroy the villain Doomsday, but only through a great sacrifice: the death of Superman. Here too, in addition to the funeral, there was an extended period of mourning, especially with Lois Lane. But she could have known better: Superheroes don't die, at least not if there is Mother Box technology.

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier in Captain America

After the fall of Bucky Barnes in Captain America - The First Avenger in the snow-capped Alps in the 1940s, there is one less person, but one more superhero in Captain America 2: The Return of the First Avenger with Winter Soldier in the new millennium. Death likes to serve as a metamorphosis. In this case, there is also memory loss and brainwashing.

These are just a few of the many. At the MCU, Supernatural, Buffy, Riverdale, The Walking Dead, and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. jump the Figures constantly from the shovel of death. Actually, death is considered final. After that, it's all over for the character, she has lost in the fight for life.

In the current blockbuster cinema, this loss is canceled out by rebirth in its various variants. In this way death loses its finality, its absolute. Because when everyone can return at any time, death becomes relative. At the same time, however, the frustration for the viewer is minimized, because every fan only has to mourn their beloved characters until the next film.

What examples of cinematic resurrections do you have for us?