Why should I get an iPhone XR

Five tips for extending iPhone XR battery life

1. Hold the battery between 30 and 90 percent

Although today's batteries are different from those of days gone by, a rumor about battery maintenance has persisted for years: Smart phone batteries have to be fully charged and only then reconnected to the socket when the battery is completely empty. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. As a rule, lithium-ion batteries are built into smartphones. These are far more resilient than older nickel-cadmium batteries. That means: You can charge the battery of your iPhone in between and don't have to worry that a so-called "memory effect" will set in and your iPhone XR battery life will be shortened as a result. Ideally, you ensure that you keep the capacity of your battery constant between 30 and 90 percent. In this way, your battery will last a particularly long time, as the individual components are only slightly stressed when charging.

2. Do not charge your cell phone overnight

You can also save precious iPhone XR battery life by not charging your device overnight. If you want to plug your iPhone into the socket while sleeping, you can in principle do so, but you should be careful with your battery: First, the contacts inside the battery are unnecessarily stressed when your device is 100 percent charged and it does not turn off removed from the socket. Second, after a full charge, there may be brief energy drops, so that your battery briefly drops to 99 percent. In this case a new charging cycle is started. Each new charge cycle weakens your iPhone XR battery life in the long run. It is therefore advisable to connect your mobile phone to the socket as infrequently as possible. The good news: Since the iPhone 8, Apple devices have had a quick charge function that recharges your battery within a short period of time. Apple's website states that, thanks to the feature, your iPhone XR will be half full again after 30 minutes. So make sure you charge your iPhone during the day and unplug it in good time.

3. Longer iPhone XR battery life at room temperature

Also make sure that you do not expose your iOS device to extreme temperatures if possible. While it is not recommended to expose technical devices to particularly high or low temperatures, it is particularly harmful for smartphones. Despite the relatively robust and flexible lithium-ion battery, this is also subject to technical limits. That means in numbers: Make sure that you only expose your iPhone XR between temperatures of five to 40 degrees Celsius and avoid lower or higher degrees. You can do this either by leaving your device at home when you are exposed to extreme temperatures or by using medical supplies. For cold seasons there are, for example, suitable thermal cell phone cases that ensure that your iPhone does not get overcooled. You can also use some smartphone cases at high temperatures at the same time by ensuring heat compensation. For example, if you are on the beach, make sure that you never place your device in the blazing sun, but instead under a towel or in your bag.