How can I get bigger muscles quickly

How do I get muscle fast?

How do I get muscle fast? With these five pieces of advice, the Fitness Checker shows you how to build muscle quickly! Training, nutrition and discipline are the cornerstones of how to get muscle fast!

Muscle fast? With these tips you turn on the turbo when building muscle!

Regardless of your level of training, there are five pillars on which faster and safer training success is based. In order to build muscle in a healthy and natural way, proper training and the right diet are essential.

5 tips for "How do I get muscle fast?

If you follow these five basic rules, you will recognize training success very quickly! Then your question becomes "How do I get muscles quickly?" be done soon!

  1. Training intensity
    • "How can I get muscle quickly?" - This question is mainly linked to the desire to build muscle mass. Chest muscles, biceps and abdominal muscles in particular can be specifically trained and shown.
    • Depending on the intensity with which you train, you will achieve different effects. This principle is explained in detail in the basics of muscle building. If you train in low stress areas, you mainly improve endurance. Training with about 70-80% of your maximum load promotes the growth of your muscles the fastest.
    • How you can get muscle quickly depends a lot on the weights you train with! Too much or too little weight is unlikely to result in a gain in muscle volume. If you want to get muscle quickly, pay attention to the training intensity!
  2. Training frequency
    • The second decisive criterion for building muscles quickly is the frequency of your training. In order to achieve a visible effect at all, you have to train intensively at least twice a week. But if you wonder "How do I get muscles quickly", then you should go to the gym more often. But: don't support it right away!
    • Minimal training frequency to get muscle quickly: If you only train once a week, this is enough to improve your general health somewhat. You will not achieve noticeable and visible growth of your muscles in this way.
    • Don't exercise too much: Sure, you want to get muscles as quickly as possible, so you rush into the gym like crazy every day and lift weights until you drop. Two dangers lurk here: 1. Your initial motivation will soon be gone if you neglect the balance to training. So try to find a healthy mix of social activities, work or school and training! 2. If you increase your training intensity too quickly, you will quickly develop health problems instead of muscles. Note: Your body has to get used to the new stress first! So gradually increase yourself and listen to the signals your body is giving you. And take a break too!
  3. The right technique
    • The right technique not only helps you to achieve your goal ("How do I get muscles quickly?"), It also helps you avoid setbacks from injuries!
    • Technique & Training Effect: Get an experienced training partner or fitness coach to optimize your movements, breathing and training intervals. The experienced trainer will be able to give you valuable training tips to get more out of your training. This is how you get muscle quickly!
    • Health: To get muscle fast, you need to be healthy. So take care of your body! Because injuries throw you out of your training rhythm or maybe even paralyze you completely for weeks. A common cause of strength training injuries is improper technique. Spurred on by the thought of building muscle mass quickly, beginners train without professional help and put wrong stress on their joints. Even small deviations in posture can cause pain and damage to joints or the spine! Our advice: get a professional training partner or trainer by your side!
  4. Proper nutrition for rapid muscle growth
    • The training itself only accounts for 50% of the recipe for success. The question “How do I get muscles quickly?” Can only be answered in combination with the right diet!
    • Build muscles quickly: To do this, you should pay particular attention to a high protein content in your diet. Proteins are the building block for muscles, if you do not supply them in sufficient quantities, your body cannot build muscle mass! During strength training, microscopic cracks appear in your muscles; these are repaired and strengthened by your body in the regeneration phase in order to be able to withstand future loads better. Precisely for this process you need protein, only then will you get muscles quickly!
  5. discipline
    • How do I get muscle fast? This is the question you asked us. Follow the rules above and you will be well on your way. But perhaps the most important ingredient is still missing: discipline! That means: you have to stick with it if you want to build muscle quickly. You have to overcome your weaker self! It doesn't matter what time of the day you train, but you have to keep your training going! Regardless of whether it is raining or snowing, make your way to the gym!

Your way to fast muscles

Follow these 5 rules and you should be able to see significant results within three months. Great motivational tip: Document your success and take a photo of yourself every week and enjoy the results!

Do you have other tips for people who are wondering "How do I get muscle fast"? Then just write to us, the FITNESS CHECKER looks forward to your feedback!

I wish you success!