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Combine khaki

Combine the trend color khaki
"You're in the army now" - the trend color khaki became known as the camouflage color for soldiers and boy scouts. From now on you don't have to hide yourself with khaki anymore. In combination with different colors, khaki looks exciting and modern. We show how you can style the trend color in a variety of ways.

Which color goes with khaki?

Khaki itself is an inconspicuous and reserved color. Contrary to what you might suspect, you can Combine khaki with many colors. The look looks classy with simple colors, excitingly bold with bright colors. In addition, khaki works in all seasons - many claim khaki is an autumn color, but that's not true. In the right combination, khaki is always a good choice.
White gives khaki Lightness and freshness. The quickest look is khaki pants with a white sweater or a chic white blouse. But also combined in the same garment, the simple combination flatters everyone.
Khaki loves rose and light blue! In combination with delicate pastel tones, khaki looks soft and gentle. The color should appear washed out. The cardigan in dusty pink flatters the dark khaki tone perfectly. With the beautiful pastel tones, create a modern look that has nothing at all from military.