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Back pain

Severe back pain or spinal diseases are not uncommon - around 80% of the population suffer from pain, paralysis or restricted mobility that severely restrict everyday life.


Back surgery is not always necessary. If possible, we treat you conservatively: with a combination of injection therapy, regenerative medicine and physiotherapy.


Should an operation be necessary, we carry it out with a lot of experience, high precision and the latest technology in minimally invasive, microsurgical and navigated interventions at the ISAR Clinic.

Patient opinions too
Dr. Rothörl

When looking for a suitable spine specialist or neurosurgeon in Munich, patients are faced with a wealth of information that can quickly become overwhelming. Jameda - Germany's largest doctor recommendation - will help you find the right doctor.

Very good
"Totally satisfied. Finally I have a doctor who considers the health of his patients very important. And all possibilities are available. So that you get well again quickly. I can only recommend it. Thank you."

10 February 2017

For me the best doctor in the world
"I have been with Dr. Rothörl since 2011 and have already operated on me once and once both of them desolate to my complete satisfaction. In 2017 I was very heavily supported and all the doctors called and nobody had time. The ladies from the registration told me that the doctor in the operating room . If the doctor has time they would contact me that was after 20 minutes. I could come at 2 p.m. I was there at 2 p.m. and Dr. Rothörl also which doctor does that thank you very much "

19 January 2017

Professionally competent and human doctor
"In October 2016, Dr. Rothörl operated on the spinal canal and I am very satisfied with the result of the operation as well as with the care of the doctor - who came in twice a day. I can recommend this doctor without reservation."

13 November 2016

In almost uncanny perfection
"Even if the program draws my attention not to give top marks in an undifferentiated manner: Yes. That's exactly how it is. Dr. Rothörl listens - always, without exception - with great concentration, does not talk around it and tries with shocking exemplary quality to do his patients justice . I am very satisfied with the operations I have survived, the clinic is (incidentally) a real dream and almost invites you to linger - no, seriously: you can really relax there after overcoming exertions.

26 July 2016

Neurosurgeon Dr. Ralf Rothörl: We are strong in the network

Severe back pain and spinal diseases are as individual as humans and can have many causes. When deciding how to treat these spinal diseases, we work with an interdisciplinary network of specialists and spinal specialists. Dr. Ralf Rothörl, Medical Director at ISAR Klinikum Munich and Head of Neurosurgery at ISAR Klinikum: We focus on the patient. We develop the individually tailored concept for the treatment of your spinal disease in order to take the pain away and give you back your mobility - in many cases even without surgery.

physical therapy

We develop an individual treatment concept for conservative therapy of back pain in cooperation with the physiotherapy department at ISAR Klinikum, Mr. M. List.


In order to be able to rule out damage to the nervous system, we carry out neurological examinations in cooperation with the neurology department in Sendlinger Straße, Dr. G. Karlbauer through.

Isar Clinic

As Medical Director of the ISAR Clinic in Munich and Director of the Clinic for Neurosurgery, the entire infrastructure of one of the most modern clinics in Germany is available to us for surgical interventions.

Medical technology

For microsurgical interventions in spinal surgery, we use the navigated and imaging procedure O-Arm from Medtronic, which enables us to carry out even the most delicate and highly precise interventions as safely as possible