Which is the best condom in india

How big are small / tight condoms really? We have measured it!

Again and again we get questions about the actual size of the many condoms that we have in our range, which are described as small, narrow, short or narrow by e-mail or telephone. The manufacturer's information is not always necessarily meaningful; For example, some measure the length from the ring to the tip of the reservoir - which is not very useful, since the reservoir cannot be used by the penis.

There are similar differences when it comes to measuring width - some measure at the bottom, others in the middle, and still others measure the width only at the headboard.

We have now unpacked and measured 0 different types of our smallest condoms - all according to the same guidelines:

Danger: The MyOne brand made-to-measure condoms are only partially listed in the table below. The sizes must be determined according to your individual measurements; You will find further notes, information and instructions on this page.

The length When the condom was rolled out as far as possible, we measured from the ring or shaft end to the end of the usable area at the head end; we have neglected the length of the reservoir. The width we measured where the narrowest point is - namely at the bottom of the ring or foot end. Latex is a very elastic material - but at the bottom of the ring it is no longer as elastic because the ring is supposed to hold the condom firmly to the base of the penis. So what use is an extra wide head part for the large glans if the condom cannot be slipped on due to the too narrow ring?