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The Big Bang Theory season 12 finally changes a disturbing detail

It took twelve seasons, but The Big Bang Theory has finally taken care of a small, yet annoying detail. His actors are finally allowed to eat in the series.

For the right kind of person, entire scenes can be completely spoiled by pointing out the smallest details: Perhaps an actor in a fantasy film is wearing jeans and a Rolex. Maybe the setup is completely different after a camera cut. Perhaps the most successful film in history used particularly cheap fonts. And some fans of The Big Bang Theory may pay attention to the following with old episodes from now on: Nobody on the show ever eats anything. But there is also good news, because this problem has been eliminated in the new episodes.

You don't play with your food unless you are The Big Bang Theory actor

There are a lot of eating scenes in The Big Bang Theory, be it in cafeterias, the Cheesecake Factory or with Chinese delivery food at home. When people just sit around and talk it becomes strange (in addition to being idle with background laughter), and eating is an easy way to do that To give performers something to dowhile the jokes are built. But nothing is really consumed, the actors don't eat each other. That makes sense, of course: When multiple takes are shot, the actors can't eat a whole meal each time. Fake eating is therefore an important technique in The Big Bang Theory and many other sitcoms.

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After a while, however, it becomes apparent and seems implausible, and after twelve seasons more and more people notice it. This included Devon Ivie of Vulture, who was gradually being driven mad by this triviality. Disinterested Stir in possibly empty containers, a little Cutlery waving without mouth contact or simply dropping food are part of the arsenal with which the actors perform the Prevent food intake inappropriately. Ivie also documented the whole thing with clear GIFs.

But that changed with the 12th season, for whatever reason. The performers are finally allowing themselves to eat and can direct their acting activities more towards the dialogue rather than theatrically acting with their meals. So there is still a happy ending for fans with an obsessive eye for details, albeit shortly before that possible series finale.

Did you notice the aversion to food in The Big Bang Theory?