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--- Prehistory - beginning ---

I'm an employee of a company, but without any direct reference to IT, so I take care of IT-related issues and implementation, but my core tasks are set very differently, even when I'm working on the computer. Strictly speaking, I'm not responsible for IT issues, I'm just the only one who understands a little more about it.

So that I can / could increase my productivity (and also that of my colleagues), I occasionally develop aids via Excel / VBA (which are also somewhat more extensive) - but only in my free time. I have also made parts of my "works" available to colleagues because I depend on their results for further processing and I wanted to ensure that they too can work more effectively and do not represent the bottleneck for me - of course on the premise that the works are not to be allowed to further spread.

It is also the case that I was in this company when it was still in its infancy and that I played a key role in shaping the structures in this company by developing appropriate software because I shortened, improved and automated many things. I had to persistently push through many processes and work hard to get the company to where it is today - not just in terms of software - and until now only as a simple employee. When it came to that, I was actually always one step ahead of my superiors' ideas and obsessed with somehow implementing it - probably also because I didn't have to work so much overtime. Actually as if it were my company, but as I said, it isn't. So why I do this is a different topic - that's just how I am.

--- Prehistory - end ---

Now the real question:

The company is now asking me to send all resources / works so that they can be "released". This means that the files should / want to be digitally signed in order to use the macros. This is prescribed and of course only wanted from a safety point of view.

However, I have concerns that I will indirectly make my works freely available and that they will, so to speak, become the property of the company and that I will give away all of my free time (I have actually spent many, many, many weeks with it), even if I am the author of the Name the conception and creation in these works.

I am already tormented by how little I get from it myself, not to mention the saved personnel / development costs for such a concept / software, which the company can obviously only be happy about. I can hardly agree with myself if I give away all the work and the wages are just less overtime (the additional costs !!)

Who has some advice or can tell me whether my fears are true?