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Translation of "I was told" in French

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on m'a dit
Sir I was toldthat you don't hire music teachers.
On m'a dit que vous ne me permettriez pas d'enseigner la musique.
I don't know, but I was told... writing poetry is ancient.
Je ne sais pas mais on m'a dit... que c'était vieux de faire de la poésie.
I was toldthat Raul's toxicology report will take two weeks.
On me dit que le rapport toxicologique de Raul va prendre deux semaines.
I was told, You did a good job at Marshall, and ...
On me dit qÏ ... e voÏ ... s avez eu une brilliant carriÃre À Marshall et ...
I was told, there is sugar syrup.
I was told, that they come.
It may not be my business, Your Majesty ... but I was told'Mr. Lambert would know my lord Cromwell well.
Peut-être ne devrais-je pas m'en mêler, Votre Majesté, mais on m'a dit que Lord Cromwell connaît bien M. Lambert.
Everyone knows that I'm a drinker, and I was toldthat you can't make it to the White House ... on the back of a pink elephant.
Tout le monde sait que je suis un alcoolique, et on m'a dit qu'on ne pouvait pas arriver à la maison blanche sur le dos d'un éléphant rose.
But I was told, you would be lost in Venezuela!
You know, I was toldthat a rejection is outright rude and that a polite apology should be made:
Tu sais, on m'a dit qu'un refus sec d'une invitation est impoli et qu'il faut à la place s'excuser poliment, donc ...
I was told, there are only written explanations of vote at second readings.
On m'a dit qu'en seconde lecture, il n'y avait que des explications écrites.
I was told, I find Lieutenant d'Hubert here.
I was toldthat it is most impressive.
On m'a dit que c'était particulièrement impressionnant.
I was toldthat it is still here.
I was toldthat our fathers were like brothers.
On m'a dit que votre père et le mien étaient comme deux frères.
I was toldI can find you here
I was toldthat it is important.
I was toldto do that now.
I was told, the Irish are crazy.
I was toldthat he works here.
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