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Documentation version 1.2

These instructions serve as a detailed overview for using and editing your purchased eBay template from WebMarx Design.

You can edit the purchased eBay template with our free online template editor or with an HTML5 editor of your choice.

The free online template editor does not replace a WaWi / ERP system. Completed eBay offers are to be posted independently via the eBay platform or using an external eBay listing tool.

As a WYSIWYG editor, the online template editor allows you to edit the eBay template in a direct live preview. Basically, no knowledge of HTML is required for this.

We recommend that you save the version of the eBay template you have edited in the online template editor as an HTML or TXT file on your local data carrier before you use it to post your offers on the eBay platform. The online template editor itself does not offer a storage function.

Avoid re-importing the eBay offer template set on the eBay platform from the sales form into the online template editor. The HTML code is changed after the offer has been placed in the sales form on the eBay platform (auto-correction). This modified version is not compatible with the online template editor and can lead to incorrect displays.

In order to guarantee the full functionality of the online template editor, you should only use the browser Mozilla Firefox to be worked.

It is recommended to use the static content of the eBay template unique adapt. The adapted version of the eBay template can then be saved locally on your computer as a central template for all other eBay offers.

Use the customized template again at a later point in time in the online editor to edit the variable content for your specific eBay offer to be adjusted.

Static content

  • Step 1: eBay account name
  • Step 2: logo
  • Step 3: Categories
  • Step 4: Cross-selling
  • Step 5: Content tabs (payment, shipping etc.)
  • Step 6: Footer

Variable content

  • Step 7: Item images
  • Step 8: Item description & price
  • Step 9: Buy It Now / Watch Button

Preparation: import the template

Import the source text of the eBay template into the online template editor for further processing.

Choose the button Source code and copy (CTRL + C) Put the entire HTML source text of your auction template in this field (CTRL + V).

Where is the HTML source code located?
The HTML source code of the auction template is located in the HTML file. Open this in a browser of your choice and right-click on the selection "Show page source text" to display the HTML source text.

Click the button again Source code to switch back to edit mode.

Step 1: eBay Account Name

As far as you have the eBay template via the WebMarx Design eBay Shop on the eBay platform the eBay template has already been adapted to the eBay buyer account. As a result, step 1 can be skipped completely. This does not apply if the eBay template was purchased via the WebMarx website ( by means of an instant download.

In order to guarantee the functionality of the navigation to your eBay pages, your eBay account name and eBay shop link stored in the template.

The phrases for this can be found in the eBay template SELLER_ID and SHOP_LINKwhich are to be replaced with your information.

Use the search and replace function in the online template editor in the source code view to store this information.

1. Click the button Source code.

2. Open the search & replace function using the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + F.

3. Enter the phrase to be replaced SELLER_ID and press the Enter key.

4. Enter your eBay account name a (e.g. web-marx) and press the Enter key..

5. Click the button ALLES. Finished!

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for the phrase SHOP_LINK to save the URL to your eBay shop.

SELLER_ID webmarx

As long as you have saved your eBay account name and shop link, all links to your eBay pages (e.g. eBay shop, profile, reviews, newsletter, seller, contact) must be saved in the eBay template. Not more to be edited. These are now all fully functional.

You can create your own in the eBay template Logo graphic deposit or the premade lettering replace with your desired text.

The file formats for logo graphics are * .JPG, * .PNG, * .GIF, * .SVG as well as dimensions in the ratio of 2.4:1 (e.g. 500x200 pixels) recommended.

Edit premade logo lettering

Select the placeholder text and replace it with your desired text.

Include your own logo graphic

To include your own logo graphic: Select the placeholder text and press REMOVE button. Add over the Picture button the image link for your logo graphic.

All other elements within the header (e.g. search bar, links to eBay pages) are already fully functional - as far as step 1 has been carried out - and therefore do not need to be edited.

Store your eBay shop categories in the eBay template in the header.

With the new eBay guidelines and the ban on the use of active content (e.g. JavaScript) within the item description, the integration of dynamic - self-selecting shop categories - is no longer possible. As a result, these links have to be adjusted manually in the template.

Subcategories (from version 1.1)

Sub-categories can be inserted as a pre-arranged style block. The representation is limited to the 1st sub-category level. Further sub-category levels are not supported.

Position the cursor at the end of the (upper) category to which you want to add sub-categories. Click the button Style elements and choose Subcategories out. Store in the field Display text a name and in the field Url the link to the sub-category.

Below the selected main category, the subcategories inserted in this way can be edited in the same way as normal categories.

TIP: Place behind a main category, which contains sub-categories, using the button FontAwesome a matching arrow icon. In this way, your customers can immediately see that there are sub-categories (see example graphic).

With the new eBay guidelines and the prohibition of the use of active content (e.g. JavaScript) within the item description, the integration of dynamic - self-reading and updating - cross-selling offers is no longer possible. As a result, these adjustments must be made manually in the template.

The following elements have to be edited manually for cross-selling offers:

  • Item picture
  • Article name & subtitle
  • Link to the offer

Double click on that Item picture to adapt the image link (e.g. in the URL field.

Highlight the Article name and the subtitle (e.g. for brand, category, etc.) to replace them with a text of your choice.

Right click on the button "to offer" and choose Edit link to adapt the link of the cross-selling offer.

You can edit the description of the tabs directly in the editor. 3 tabs are shown by default.

By clicking on the respective tab you switch through the individual contents of the tabs and can edit them.

Style elements

Under the button Style elements you will find ready-made style elements for designing your texts. These are inserted in the place of your cursor.

Ready-made text elements can be used to display notes, footnotes, highlights, tags, etc.

If you have stored your eBay account name and shop link in accordance with step 1, all links within the footer are already fully functional and therefore do not need to be edited.

You can fill the customizable box (1st position) within the footer with a text of your choice (e.g. service, information, about us, other eBay shop links, etc.) or graphics.

Alternatively, you can use the button FontAwesome insert suitable icons / pictograms.

Step 7: Item Images Gallery

By default, you can include up to four product images in the eBay template.

The article images can be integrated in different ways:

  • Hosting on your own web server (recommended)
  • Hosting via free image hosting service (e.g.
  • Use of the direct image link of the article image already uploaded on the eBay platform

All graphics used in the eBay item description must be integrated as secure HTTPS connections (e.g. in accordance with the new eBay security standards. Your web space must have an active SSL certificate for this (see eBay seller news).

Uniform square dimensions (e.g. 1000 x 1000 pixels) are recommended for the article images.

In the case of different dimensions (e.g. portrait, landscape, etc.), all graphics are scaled accordingly to the space available. This can result in empty spaces between the original image and the preview image (in the case of landscape format graphics) or graphics must be greatly reduced due to their extreme dimensions (in the case of portrait format graphics).

If you only want to include an article image - the article image gallery is not required. The dimensions of the graphic are not relevant in this case.

Step 8: Item Description & Price

Various text style editing buttons are available in the editor to adapt your item description.

You are also available via the button Style elements Ready-made style blocks for notes, highlighting, marking etc. are available.

You can also use lists, enumerations, other graphics and tables in your item description.

Note on inserting texts from other sources:
Always add texts from other sources (e.g. Word documents, websites, old templates, etc.) using the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + V as unformatted plain text. Desired font formatting can then be carried out on the plain text using the text and style editing commands in the editor. Do not insert any pre-formatted texts, as their HTML formatting will be adopted when you insert them and this can lead to errors in the presentation of the offer template.


The price shown must be edited manually. Price changes made within your eBay settings are not automatically updated. Displaying the price is optional and can be deleted.

With the new eBay guidelines and the ban on the use of active content (e.g. JavaScript) within the item description, the integration of dynamic - self-reading and updating - prices is no longer possible. As a result, these adjustments must be made manually in the template.


The representations of variant articles (e.g. sizes and colors) in the article description only serve to provide an overview of the offer and have no functions. Due to the strict eBay requirements, there is no technical selection of variants within the item description.

Step 9: Buy It Now / Watch Button

The Buy It Now / Watch button must be supplemented with the item number assigned by eBay for your respective item within the existing link structure.

With the new eBay guidelines and the ban on the use of active content (e.g. JavaScript) within the item description, the integration of dynamic - self-reading and updating - buttons is no longer possible. As a result, these adjustments must be made manually in the template.

Insert eBay article number

You can right-click the button in the online template editor Edit link and select the phrase within the existing link structure ITEM_ID Replace with the item number assigned by eBay.

You get the eBay article number of the offer e.g. by calling up the active offer. The article number is located on the right, directly above your article description and under the "Report" link.

The Buy It Now button can only be used at Fixed price offers (no variant offers, no auctions, no advertisements) can be used. Should you therefore not need these buttons, they can be deleted.

You can change the existing color scheme using the stored HEX color value # 3591d7 in the source code.

Find your desired color (e.g. using this color tool) and copy the HEX color code.

In the editor, switch to the source code view using the button Source code.

Press the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + F (Search & replace function).

Enter the color code to be replaced # 3591d7 and press the Enter key.

Then enter the previously selected desired color as a HEX color code (e.g. # 39BE5C) and press again Enter key.

Confirm your entry by pressing the button ALLES. Finished!

Set eBay offers (eBay website)

Please use your browser to post your offers on the eBay website Mozilla Firefox. With other browsers (e.g. Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.) display errors can occur within your set auction template. This problem is due to technical reasons in the browser and occurs in connection with the entry in the sales form on the eBay website.

Select the link on the eBay website To sell.

Select the button Create offer - Single offer out.

Create a new offer by entering a suitable product name or by selecting an existing template.

Fill out the eBay sales form as usual.

Select the tab within the item description HTML and copy the edited HTML source code from the online template editor into the input field.

Then switch back to the tab default. The eBay offer template should now be displayed correctly in the live preview.

Complete the eBay sales form and complete your offer.

If you use an eBay listing tool to post your offers, the eBay template must usually be stored once as a “design template” for all active and future offers in your listing software.

Please note that the setup and configuration of the eBay template depends on the respective eBay listing tool provider and therefore varies. In this respect, the purchased standard version of the eBay template - which is optimized for use with the eBay sales form on the eBay website - must first be adapted for the eBay listing tool you are using.

What adjustments are required?

By placing suitable so-called placeholders or variables within the eBay template provided by your eBay listing tool, item-specific product information (e.g. designation, item images, description, price, etc.) can be automatically filled in during a data comparison or synchronization with your eBay account. In this respect, there is no need to manually process each individual eBay offer to be posted. In this way, the eBay template can also be implemented for all current eBay offers within a short period of time.

Help / support

Basically, the respective documentation or the support of your eBay listing tool provider should first be consulted if you have any questions about setting up and configuring your eBay listing tool. Please understand that we can only provide limited support for third-party software that is neither programmed nor used by us.

However, we would be happy to help you adapt the eBay template you have purchased for the eBay listing tool you are using, as far as we can. In this case, please contact our e-mail support ([email protected]).

Version 1.2

FIX Removal of eBay links "Save seller" & "Subscribe to newsletter" FIX Mobile optimization, usability & loading times

Version 1.1

FIX Update & optimization of HTML / CSS structure FIX HTML / CSS update of the article picture gallery (better scaling for landscape / portrait format) NEW Variants can be inserted via "Style elements" button (only optical / not functional) NEW Subcategories can be inserted via "Style elements" button

Version 1.0

UPDATE eBay Policy 2017/2018

Please use our competent e-mail support if you have any questions. We always endeavor to process your request quickly within one working day.

[email protected]

FAQ / questions

A summary of frequently asked questions / FAQs can be found in our knowledge database.