How the trend in interior design is developing

Hands up when your home is an ever-changing mix of all the things you love - the way it should be. But as with the new season's fashion trends, every season we see new, emerging interior design trends that tempt us to modernize our homes - instead of completely changing them.

Although "trends" change and evolve, some of them are popular for more than one season. Take, for example, the Nordic trend, which has been with us for years and yet continues to surprise and delight. But there are also important colors that play a big role in decorating our homes - especially now that we have received various "Color of the Year" awards.

As you read on, you will find that many of our key trends for the Spring / Summer 2020 season offer new ways to update existing decorations. That means you don't have to renovate your entire house to sing in the latest styles.

Trends in interior design 2020

There are no out-of-control trends. Whether you live next to them or feel completely unimpressed by them, from popular colors to the choice of furniture, everything that is designed for our homes is influenced by a broader trend.
We saw the announcements of all your favorites on and off the road; and trust us when we say there's something we have to wait for! We have gathered the main interior design trends to freshen them up for 2020.

Trend 1 - Abstract Energy

This is a fun, indulgent interior design trend inspired by abstract expressionist creativity. With bold geometry, hand-drawn sketches and playful blocks of color, this look is intended to express the personality in our homes. It's about arousing emotions and creating a mood - and it certainly does.

Strong patterns and strong colors provide a playful approach to decor design. As in the expressionist art movement, this trend celebrates the imperfection and fluidity of hand-drawn shapes - stick drawings play a major role in this look.

Color palette

Here the color comes to the fore. This trend allows you to be bold in colors, even in combinations - try red with your jacket or mustard with purple.

New seasonal collections from Debenhams; West Elm; Habitat; Furniture Village; Charlotte's Locks Modern Emulsion by Farrow & Ball

Where to use them

In any room where you want to make a statement. This trend, carried over from the canvas, is best portrayed flat on pillows, bedspreads, carpets, and wallpaper.

This wonderful project has surely won our hearts. It perfectly shows the artistic talent of this new trend and includes haptic details that were very popular over the past season.

Trend 2 - structured simplicity

Following the trend of Nordic withdrawal in 2019, this view will be reversed. The goal is to create a quiet, cozy, relaxing space where people can relax - it's about making our home a safe, inviting place to relax and regenerate.

Did Gray have his time? New neutrals warm up as we try to create a calm, yet uplifting space to escape from the outside world.

Turn bold and shiny into soft and neutral and choose the pieces of more restrained and prudent choices. This element of a more well thought-out choice of place to live results from the trend towards sustainability awareness.

Where to use them

This look works in any setting, whether it is a rustic kitchen or a small modern bathroom, but especially in the living room or bedroom, combined with a dark color accent.

When do you choose it

You like a simple, restrained style and honest, uncompromising pieces, but still want a home where you can relax and feel good instead of being too minimalist. Attracted by their craftsmanship, artisanal style, raw materials, and unrefined finishes, they prefer to invest in high quality pieces rather than rushing purchases. Textures and tactile properties replace strong colors to increase interest.

Color palette

Move away from cool grays, with more yellow neutral areas. Take warm neutrals made from oatmeal and natural charcoal. Beige is the ideal base color to build on. The accent colors are still soft, think of the new 2020 Dulux color, Tranquil Dawn.

Trend 3 - honest comfort

Put on comfy pillows, throws, knitwear, and faux fur to make any room feel instantly inviting. This way you can get through the winter and still be light enough to see your home dressed in fashion in the spring.

Color palette

The emphasis on natural pigments continues to be the cause of this trend. Choose a mix of cool blues and grays, combined with accents of warmer pinks and browns. This organic color palette can be complemented with washed teas and gray-green tones, which can be easily incorporated into a relaxed, neutral scheme.

Pleasant textures, soft colors and decorative details are the key to textiles and bedding this season. Think of quilted bedspreads and quilts made of washed linen and tactile fabrics, as well as thick woolen blankets with decorative tassels, tassels and borders.

When do you choose it?

Your home is your sanctuary. A personal sanctuary that you like, that is not treated like a business card, and that is not reserved for the best. The furniture is comfortable and inviting, with comfortable tables that can be lowered onto couches and generous tables to gather around. They like an easy-care look with ventilated wood, faded tones, and contemporary finishes.

Where to use them

This homely look is ideal for places with character, whether historical or rural, this style goes well with parquet, exposed beams and bare bricks. A style with a mix of old and new home shopping to add the charm.

Trend 4 - eclectic glamor

After last year's retro revival, this is a bold, confident and raw look for the Glamor 2020 trend, a reinvented look that blends the refined elegance of the 1930s with a touch of sexy opulence in the 70s style. Shapely furniture with rounded curves and flowing forms are the focus of this elegant theme. Think of the elegant side chairs from the 1920s with curved, bowl-shaped backrests and soft edges.

Color palette

Choose rich hues for key elements like royal blue or ruby ​​mixed with warmer ocher, pink, and brown tones. On a rock with metallic-looking lashes, think of shiny gold, polished copper, brushed brass, and bronze.

Where to use them

Any room you want to express your style in as this trend is not for the faint of heart. Show your extravagant side with a breathtaking cocktail cart in the living room, extravagant wallpaper in the dining room and plush textiles in dark tones and a striking chair with an accent in the bedroom.

For this look, Deco meets the mid-century with a collection of accent chairs with a mix-and-match function, combined with sideboards, cocktail cabinets, bar carts and tables made of polished brass and gleaming marble.

Velvet will have a strong presence in the years to come, especially when it comes to equipment. As for the tactile qualities, this look is spiced up with trimmings, tassels and fringes.

The perfect tip for living style: choose a plush sofa to anchor your design, combined with a pair of cocktail armchairs in a contrasting tone. Weave a space with gold and brass accents on furniture, lighting, and pillows.

Trend 5 - Japanese

A strong Japanese design element became a subordinate trend in the interior design collections last season. This autumn / winter trend is going to be something very special. Several major retailers have presented us with collections rich in rich silk textures, graceful bird motifs, stylized oriental prints, and textured furniture shapes.

Japandi is a mixture of elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity. Japandi is a hybrid trend that combines the best of these two popular styles. This trend is for you if your home is your haven and you follow less - more structured spaces, clean lines, and a calm, muted color palette.

Color palette

The color palette should be soft. These include calming shades of light blue, muted green, light gray and pink with accents in deeper tones such as teal, indigo, rust, emerald and black. For furniture, mix light, blonde Scandi wood with black and dark Japanese-style wood for depth.

Where to use them

This understatement works in every room. The decision about quality instead of quantity gives small rooms room to breathe. While the lively patterns and statements of the dark pieces work just as well in larger rooms and open spaces.

By combining the thoughtful elements of Scandinavian hygiene and the Japanese "Wabi-Sabi" theory, this trend easily finds beauty in simple things.

Lighthouse-style lighting, like this bamboo floor lamp, helps add a soft ambient light that will keep the house calm and serene at all times.