Who is the most underrated person at all?

Underestimated travel destinations - where you absolutely have to go

1. Leipzig

Leipzig has never really emerged from the shadow of lively Berlin, which is completely unjustified. If you like the highly polished inner city with the Drallewatsch pub mile is too mainstream, then go on a discovery tour in the trendy neighborhoods of the locals. In the trendy Plagwitz combines art with industrial culture , with studios, workshops and relaxed cafés, a real stronghold of creative people and alternatives has developed here. Somewhat less secret, but an absolute place to be: The southern suburb, where mainly students cavort in the countless pubs.

Sights and street art

With the Nikolaikirche, which was once the central location of the Peaceful Revolution, the Völkerschlachtdenkmal, the Gewandhaus and the Bach Museum, you can easily fill an exciting sightseeing program. If you're more on the hunt for urban art, take a guided tour on the subject of Streerart. This brings you to Leipzig's largest open-air gallery in Plagwitz-Lindenau, among other places.

A unique climbing tower and amusement park

The highest indoor climbing tower in Europe in Leipzig-Mockau is an insider tip. You are guaranteed excitement when you set out on the 40m high abseiling slope. You can also find leisure fun in Belantis, the only amusement park in eastern Germany. The Huracan roller coaster with its rapid five loops ensures an adrenaline rush at its best.

2. Bayreuth

Bayreuth, which is located next to Munich and Nuremberg in Bavaria, does not find it easy to assert itself next to the two well-known big cities. It has a particular attraction: the Bayreuth Festival . Admittedly, Wagner's operas may not be for everyone and the right evening wear is not exactly hanging in every closet - it doesn't matter, because the fifth season of the Upper Franconian city is the Maisel's wheat beer festival anyway. On the premises of the traditional brewery, a wide-ranging show program is celebrated for four days every spring. And perhaps the best: Admission is free - in contrast to the festival, where you have to dig into your pockets. But ok, a little tribute should be paid to the former city dweller! How about a visit to the Richard Wagner Museum or the composer's former home?

Worth seeing: the Hermitage

The historic Hermitage Park is an attractive oasis of calm, its roots go back to 1715, when it was the summer residence of a margrave. You can look at baroque splendor, a Chinese mirror cabinet, several fountains and grottoes here and while strolling through you will truly feel like you are in another - glamorous - time.

Attention animal lovers!

If you are traveling with your children, a visit to the Röhrensee zoo is recommended. The lovingly designed complex with old trees, ornamental trees and numerous flowers is worth seeing on its own. In spacious, natural enclosures, you can observe animals from all over the world, including kangaroos, brisk rheas and colorful Asian ducks in their free-flight aviary. In summer you can sail across the idyllic lake in a rented boat.

3. Laboe

The Kiel Fjord does not only consist of Kiel - how about exploring another place here? Laboe does not have a glamorous beach promenade and the name "Kurstrand" and the entire backdrop look a bit out of date, but that is precisely what makes the Baltic resort so attractive, everything does not always have to be mega-hip! Besides, you experience there spectacular sunsets from the kilometer-long sandy beach . Protective beach chairs allow you to spend relaxing hours even in windy weather. You will encounter a lively atmosphere at the harbor, which is very popular with sailors. You have the option of booking various boat tours, including deep-sea fishing or a trip across the Kiel Canal.

Laughing theater and a diverse spa park

If you want to hear real Low German, it's best to choose one of the performances in the Black-headed Gull Theater at the Kurpark in Laboe. You are honored to sit in the original seats of the Ohnsorg Theater Hamburg. Even the stage boards and the stage process behind which Heidi Kabel, Henry Vahl and many other celebrities were waiting for their performance are integrated there. Even if you don't understand everything, it's great fun - "daar you can go up!" If you want to play a round of mini golf or Viking chess beforehand: the spa park awaits you.

Unique museum: U-995

Laboe's greatest celebrity is the U-995 technical museum, more precisely the submarine in which it is located. Its powerful presence makes you appear very small next to it. Inside you will learn a lot about the living conditions of the soldiers stationed in the submarine during the Second World War - it is intended to warn and discourage today's generations and of course: the cramped rooms are not for people with claustrophobia!

4. Spreewald

Your grandma always enjoyed going and does Spreewald sound like yawning boredom? Then let me teach you better: the picturesque, intricate Water channels in the biosphere reserve are lined with unspoilt nature . Some of the fortified houses that you can discover from time to time are not connected to roads and even get the mail delivered by boat. Maybe such a boat trip is somehow too old-fashioned for you, despite all the idyll - you don't have to go along, you can also be active yourself. Rent a canoe and paddle through the network of waterways yourself. Should it be really hip? In the meantime, trend sports have also arrived in the fascinating region of Brandenburg: Let yourself be enchanted by the landscape from a stand-up paddle, as if from a fairy tale.

Culinary delights on the cucumber cycle path

The first thing that most people think of Spreewald is probably the cucumber. That is why a separate tour through the region was dedicated to her. The 260km long cucumber cycle path leads you along many canals and through an extensive field and meadow landscape. Here you can get to the bottom of the specialty. But of course the green vegetables are by far not the only specialty of the region and the restaurants are rustic, but by no means outdated. Although the regional roots are cultivated, the restaurant scene is now adventurous and smart. Here you can also get your money's worth as a foodie. And you will even receive a prize-winning sweet dessert there: in the Klinkmüller confectionery you will get a treat with the title "Best public stollen in southern Brandenburg".

Bathing pleasure and relaxation in the Spree worlds

You can find relaxation after adventurous activities in the Spreewelten in Lübbenau. There is plenty of relaxation and recreational fun for young and old: On 5,000m² you can work up a sweat in the salt mine, the infrared chamber and countless different saunas. Swimming with penguins is a specialty: only separated by a pane, you can have a swim with the cute little animals.

5. Saarland

Merzig, Homburg or Saarlouis - even the larger cities of the state are hardly known and the capital Saarbrücken was on the verge of being awarded the title of "Germany's ugliest city". But the smallest German federal state is often underestimated. There are perhaps less trendy metropolises with which it scores, but hikers and nature lovers will find their paradise in Saarland: Many signposted tours lead through an enchanting landscape of clearings overgrown with ferns in large forests, extensive orchards and bizarre rock formations. The Premium hiking trail Saar-Hunsrück-Steig with a length of 410km is one of the most beautiful hiking trails at all.

Diverse hiking trails: the dream loops

The so-called dream loops in Saarland, which offer special hiking experiences, are also excellent. This includes the 13km long Zwei-Täler-Weg with start and finish at the Wild- und Wanderpark Weiskirchen parking lot: you wander through the Black Forest high forest on narrow paths. The Polecat, Teufels-, Eulen- and Hohe Fels rise with impressive size along the way. You will also pass a Marian grotto and a deer enclosure.

Try traditional dishes during the hiking break

The table tours in Saarland invite you to a culinary hike. White signs with chef's hats show you the way, which also leads you to the connected inns. On the Kirkeler table tour with a length of 9km you will discover many interesting red sandstone benches, pulpits, caves and a mysterious Celtic women's fountain. With dibbelabbes, a dish made from potatoes, jerky meat and leek, you will quickly regain your strength after the excursion.

6. Bremen

Bremen is not the first location that comes to mind when thinking of a city trip. You can wonderfully combine a sightseeing trip with cycling in nature! In Bremen and the surrounding area there are many bike paths available that invite you to a variety of tours. The 26km long blockland circuit starts at the city's main train station. There is a lot to see along the way: For example, you will pass the Bürgerpark and the city forest in the Findorff district. The blockland awaits you afterwards with its cottage gardens.

Tired of sights

What would Bremen be without its town musicians? Definitely not known to every child. That's why you should of course pay a visit to the bronze figure with the four animals. That happens almost automatically when sightseeing in the north German Hanseatic city anyway, because it is right next to the 600-year-old town hall. It is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Europe. The foyer made of gleaming marble and the Art Nouveau Güldenkammer are the highlights of a visit. The famous statue of Bremen Roland was erected in 1404 and is a symbol of justice and freedom and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the town hall. The St. Petri Cathedral and the Böttcherstraße in the old town with their architecture in the style of brick expressionism are highlights of a Brement trip. And what hardly anyone knows: the medieval Schnoor with its neat houses from the 15th and 16th centuries was founded. In 2018 voted one of the "coolest streets around the world" by the New York Post!

Cycling in Bremen

Bremen is one of the German cities with the most bike paths. Lots of green spaces and few inclines make cycling an easy experience. A tip for families is the bike safari: the route through the middle of the Hanseatic city with its historical sights, green oases and the Weser, on which there are stations with surprises and puzzles to be solved. Tickets including a puzzle booklet and pen are available from the tourist information office at Bremen Central Station.

7. Frankfurt am Main

The Rhine-Main metropolis is well known, but many travelers do not know the suburbs. The same goes for the Palm garden in the west end of Frankfurt, which with 22ha is one of the largest botanical gardens in Germany counts! Among the outstanding attractions of the complex, the palm house stands out with its exotic design made of tropical plants including a waterfall. Some of the palm trees are more than 100 years old.

Do you know Seckbach?

With countless half-timbered houses, the Seckbach district invites you to visit. Although this is directly connected to Frankfurt, you will encounter a village atmosphere there. Quaint restaurants offer traditional dishes from the region: the specialties include hand cheese with music, a sour milk product that is doused with a marinade of vinegar, oil, onions and pepper.

Frankfurt district surrounded by nature: Bergen-Enkheim

From the Bergen-Enkheim district you can reach fantastic local recreation areas, including the Enkheimer Ried nature reserve and the Lohrberg. The former invites you to watch birds, during the breeding season you come across many different species such as oriole, little owl and nightingale. On the latter you will find spacious lawns that are ideal for outdoor games. With relaxing walks you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the skyline of Frankfurt.