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"Life in lockdown": cultural workers network in Lower Saxony

Status: 01/21/2021 1:37 p.m.

The violist Maria Pache and the cabaret artist Matthias Brodowy are driving the founding of two associations for cultural workers in Lower Saxony.

by Miriam Stolzenwald

Maria Pache and the other six founding members have been working their way into the bureaucracy involved in founding the association since November. Planning all of this via online meetings is a major hurdle, says Pache. The aim is to create an association for professional, freelance musicians from the classical music scene in Lower Saxony.

Maria Pache is a freelance violist herself and knows the needs of the actors: "In recent years there was hardly any direct communication with politicians, and that was a problem. But the Corona period was an initial spark to really get active now."

Obstacles in founding the association

The founding takes a lot of effort, says Maria Pache. The state of Lower Saxony welcomed the initiative very much. Likewise, the state capital Hanover, which financially subsidized the establishment. The association should be open to both solo artists and ensembles.

It's not that easy to get everything under one roof - Maria Pache and the founding team are still fine-tuning the details, especially with the right to vote: "If you say that the individuals are members and the ensembles are members, then it becomes very complicated because of the number of votes with the right to vote . "

Positive feedback from politics

Freelance artists from the entertainment industry are also working on a similar initiative. In this second association, among other things, the free musicians of light music, cabaret artists and comedians from Lower Saxony are to be represented.

The Hanoverian cabaret artist Matthias Brodowy is one of the pushers. In contrast to the classical musicians, the entertainers are still preparing. "At the moment I am primarily concerned with the structures," says Brodowy. "For us as an independent scene, it is important that there are contacts who, for example, can officially appear in negotiations with the state government when it comes to how cultural work can be promoted in times like these. I would like to have a cultural network . "

The schedule for the foundation is in place

Such institutions already exist for other directions such as the theater, jazz or rock scene. That's why Maria Pache is very happy that popular music and classical music are now following suit: "We had a few meetings and are now so far that we have a draft statute. There is also an appointment for a larger information event, at which we will then again Advertise it widely in the scene. Shortly afterwards, the founding event will take place. "

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