What are some creative food blogging ideas

8 food blogs full of creative recipes for your kitchen

Are you looking for variety on your plate, challenges in the kitchen or simply recipes for quick cooking after work? These food bloggers give your meal plan creative, fresh input. With delicious recipes, also vegetarian or vegan, you expand your own culinary horizons. Click in, cook, dine happily.

Gourmet guerrilla

Simple, delicious, happy - three words that come together in the culinary art of blogger Mel Buml. If you feel like cooking that is simple, delicious and makes you happy, then access the virtual freezer, the archive of the food blog GourmetGuerilla. There are lots of colorful recipes here. The delightful blog posts are worked out in an old apartment in the heart of the port city of Hamburg. Mel's little galley is the main center of GourmetGuerilla, where something new is created for your palate. In doing so, she usually uses ingredients that do not necessarily come from the other end of the world, are expensive or rare. From vegan, vegetarian to meat and fish to salads, soups or drinks, everyone will find something here. Speaking of which: Mel Buml has started a personal weight loss project. If you pinch your favorite pants, you will also find recipes with 500 (or less) calories against hunger pangs on the blog. Her everyday stories, cookbook recommendations and the like are also entertaining.
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Cooking carousel

Cooking fresh on a regular basis is a challenge. Especially after work, when after a strenuous day you have to overcome the bastard of standing in the kitchen and not just shoving the frozen pizza into the oven. Miriam Keller gives the solution on her blog Kochkarussell. The trained ecotrophologist is now a full-time food blogger and introduces you to her quick and easy after-work kitchen. You don't need more than ten ingredients or 30 minutes to prepare for any recipe. For example, there is a pantry curry, a chili con carne with chocolate or a gnocchi casserole with minced meat and pumpkin. If you are still not motivated, your way to good supplies for the after-work feeding hatch is: Meal Prep. On Kochkarrussel there are numerous instructions with which you can prepare yourself for the work week at the weekend. Also on the Kochkarussell: Blogger tips - sharing is caring. Nice!
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Eat this!

What Jamie Oliver is to olive oil, Nadine and Jörg is to Sriracha sauce. But don't worry, you can of course leave them out. The two food bloggers created the blog in 2011, which is now one of THE vegan blogs: Eat this! The healthy, purely plant-based dishes are of course available for all types of nutrition on the Food Blog. From bright smoothies and lunch bowls to burgers and falafel with a healthy twist, one delicacy follows another. The turmeric curry “Singapore Style”, the Portobello panini with pea pesto or the “Death by chocolate” raw chocolate cake are particularly popular, it is revealed. There is a section for quick and easy meals, but also one with dinner ideas that should impress your next date or your in-laws. They also pass on their know-how, in the form of tips and tricks, for example about olive oil.
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Small curio shop

Staged results often look good and simple on the internet, don't they? Stephanie Kosten from the food blog Kleiner Kuriositätenladen promises successful recipes that don't always sound easy at first glance. In her kitchen she conjures up baked and cooked food, but the latter is the main focus in her digital offer. Born in Bremen, she lives in Hamburg. Sitting at the source, she also serves fine fish recipes - of course -: Krabby Patties with strawberry and asparagus salsa, mussels in beer stock, pickled whiskey salmon or pike dumplings with lemon and dill sauce. The latter is one of her personal ten favorite dishes, by the way. Another passion of the blogger is preparing basic ingredients (such as oil and vinegar, stocks, broths or mustard and other spices) and preserving food - nice culinary gift ideas by the way!
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Cabbage head

Susann Probst and Yannic Schon are the strong duo behind the cooking blog Krautkopf. Since 2013 they have had seasonal, vegetarian and vegan recipes ready for readers who are enthusiastic about cooking - perfectly staged in poetic pictures. The recipes are categorized according to the four seasons, sweets and basics. If you have always been looking for successful instructions for lactose-free and vegan pasta dough, you will find it at Krautkopf, as well as if you want to make cashew cream or vegetable broth yourself. There are no finished products at Krautkopf. Both have always attached importance to natural products, but since the move from Berlin to Mecklenburg Land at the latest, the focus has shifted even more to gardening and self-sufficiency. On top of that, there are plenty of gardening tips for your own green, usable oasis. The stories that take you on exciting journeys are also to dream away: from a road trip through Scotland to a vacation in the Italian cave city of Matera.
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fine vegetables

Christina from Düsseldorf is not a vegetarian or vegan, she just loves vegetables - and of course fruit. Leaf, cabbage or root vegetables, berries or pome fruit (the main thing is not bananas), herbs and sprouts as well as legumes and nuts enrich her menu, which she lets you share on her food blog. The recipes, which can be selected from A to Z or by category, are fresh, colorful and mostly healthy. Local color comes with instructions for Rhenish black bread, otherwise the recipe index reads internationally. Ever heard of water kefir? The blogger is not only crazy about vegetables, but also about Japan. In 2019 she did a sabbatical with her husband and traveled through Japan, Nepal, Thailand and Malaysia. In the street food section of the design market in George Town, Malaysia, the addiction to “kefir soda” began, which she quenched back in the Rhineland with what she had prepared herself. Try the recipe for the carbonated drink or the over 300 other vegetarian and vegan recipes.
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Bake to the roots

What began with cooking and baking lessons at school was deepened through numerous trips to the USA: the passion for baking. In other words, the passion for cupcakes. In the local Berlin kitchen, graphic designer Marc Kromer always experimented on the production of the sweet little things - of course without baking mixes, but based on American recipes and with ingredients that were expensive and expensive to buy. That was the crucial point that made him go back to the roots (or rather bake - sniffers can see the origin of the blog's name here). Since then, Marc has been providing you with specially devised recipes for delicacies, mainly but not only from the oven. The cupcake fan has around 60 recipes for the handy sugar bombs online. Instructions for muffins, tarts, pies and other cakes or breads and occasional baking ideas are also available on the blog. And it may now inspire Americans to bake themselves, because the blog is also bilingual (German and English).
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Sugar, cinnamon and love

Jeanny gives you a recipe blog full of sugary happy makers. Cakes of various colors as well as desserts, tarts, tarts and pies are her focus. But there is also the "Stulle of the week" - envious looks into the lunch box are inevitable. Or how do falafel and sushi sandwiches and naan with ricotta, mirabelle plums and thyme sound to you? For breakfast you will find ideas from sweet to savory, from granola to waffles to rice pudding on the blog. Wanderlust food for culinary trips is on top. Indulge in memories of your last vacation in Portugal with the Pastéis de Nata, which you conjured up yourself according to the instructions, or think of your favorite Greek on the corner with the first bite in the koulouria (sesame rings). Blogger Jeanny also takes you on real trips and shows you about West Sweden and Gothenburg or the most beautiful bakeries and cafés in Brooklyn, New York - including food trends.
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