In Final Fantasy VII, what is Aeris' job

Part 2: From the slums in Sector 5 to the slab supports

After you have survived the fall from the tall building through the small flower bed (Cloud must be pretty strong), you will meet the flower girl (Aeris) again, whom you ran into at reactor number 1, the one with you speaks. After you have spoken to the girl twice and she has told her about her substance, which apparently has no function, she will get to know you (you can now give her your own name). After the conversation, run to the person who came to the church and then talk to Aeris again, who asks you to bring her home and in return she would like to go out with you later. Then you will meet the Shinra agents Reno and Rude for the first time, who belong to the so-called "Turks" that Cloud does not remember very well from his past. Then Aeris will run away with Cloud to the rear of the church. There you run up to the right to the huge pipe that protrudes down into the ground and there steer to the right to jump to the broken stairs. Run up there and turn to the top left to the corner where Reno will see you from below. Cloud then runs to the broken pipe and jumps from there to the left side of the corridor, which Aeris wants to jump over to. Then the soldiers will also shoot Aeris, whereupon she falls into the tube and slides down to the soldiers. She will call out to you and you will be given the opportunity to call out something to her. Order her to 'wait below' (upper option) to run to the very top and move the barrels there so that they fall on the soldiers who are approaching Aeris. To do this, approach the correct barrel, press the O button, and select the upper option to nudge it down. You have to follow a certain order in which you move the barrels, otherwise they will come down in the wrong place and miss the soldiers: the barrel on the far left (back), in the middle (back), the barrel on the far right. If you should have caught the wrong barrel, Aeris will have to fight the soldiers alone. After her fight (if it hasn't been the third group of soldiers yet) you have to wait a while until she calls you for help again. You answer each time with the option above so that she waits for you again and you can move one of the barrels again. As soon as the third group of soldiers has finally been overcome, Aeris will run up to you (and this time jump over the broken tube). At the top you now run to the broken spot in the church roof to find yourself outside on the church.
After talking to Aeris you will have to jump over individual roofs in the next area towards the west. In between you will stop briefly with Aeris on a roof, but then continue to the left. In the next screen you first run to the top left to get to a save point. Then you continue your way to the top left in the next screen. There you continue to the top left to the fork and from there up into the village. On the way there it can happen that you are attacked by enemies who steal individual items from you. Kill the thieves who did it as soon as possible so that you can get your belongings back before they run away from you again.

Village in the slums of sector 5
Treasures: Independent substance protection, ether.
First go into the tube with the green light at the entrance to the village and talk to the sick person who you cannot help. Then you can get some small things in the village (if you don't already have three restoring substances, you should buy them in the substance shop, which you can reach through the first door to the right of the village entrance), before going to Aeri's house you reached by the path to the northeast (on which a light shines). In front of the house you will find a save point and in the large garden on the right, which you reach through the wooden stairs in the north, there is the purple substance protection on the left and a bottle of ether on the right. Then enter Aeris's house to meet her stepmother Elmyra. As soon as Cloud and Aeris want to go to Sector 7, the mother advises you not to leave until tomorrow. After Aeris went upstairs to make the beds, you find yourself downstairs alone with your mother. Talk to her once and then climb the stairs to meet Aeris at the top. After she has wished you a good night, you fall asleep, suddenly wake up from your dream while you are asleep and decide to secretly leave the house. Take the white bag between the bed and the door (which mother put down for you?), Which contains a potion and a phoenix feather, and then sneak down the stairs without holding the X button and touch her bedroom door. Run down through the front door and leave the village again. At the fork in front of the village this time you take the path to the left, where you suddenly run into the hands of Aeris, who comes with you anyway and who you automatically follow into sector 6.

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