Your shampoo can cause hair loss

Hair loss from shampoo

Regular hair washes are completely normal. However, there are some ingredients that can promote hair loss from a shampoo. Not washing is not an alternative, as shiny and well-groomed hair is important in our culture and essential for your well-being in society.

In order to rule out hair loss, you should already pay attention to a few important criteria when buying shampoo. Don't let advertising guide you, listen to your body and take its signals seriously.

If you lose more than 100 hairs per day and notice increased hair loss, especially when washing your hair, it may well be due to your shampoo. Here you can find out what you have to pay attention to and how you can prevent hair loss with the right purchase.

Hair loss due to care errors - can hair loss occur through shampoo?

There are anti-dandruff shampoos, hair loss shampoos and care products for voluminous, curly or straight hair. There are natural products, perfumed hair care products and fruity shampoos.

But which product is optimal and suitable for washing your hair daily or several times a week? In order to protect yourself against hair loss with a shampoo and to take care of your hair according to its needs, choose the cosmetic products with the greatest care.

As a matter of principle, avoid artificial ingredients and products that contain too many ingredients and weigh down your hair unnecessarily. The problem of hair loss arises on the scalp.

Every hair wash affects the natural protective film of the skin and can be an indicator of hair loss. Hair loss can occur through a shampoo and can also be reversed through a change in care.

Much does not help much should be your motto when purchasing and using hair care products. The more naturally you care for the scalp, the lower the risk of hair damage due to incorrect care.

Ingredients in shampoos can damage the scalp

Many shampoos and hair treatments contain silicones. The artificial ingredient weighs down the hair and closes the pores on your scalp. If you choose silicone-free care, you are making an important contribution to beautiful hair without the risk of thinning from excessive hair loss.

Your main focus should also be on the surfactants. They are said to have cleansing and therefore important properties. The sugar surfactant Coco Glucoside is particularly dangerous.

It is suspected of promoting hair loss and of producing a particularly strong reaction in people with very sensitive scalps and a tendency to hair loss.

Silicones, parabens and alcohol do not belong in hair care and perfumes for a particularly pleasant scent are more harmful than useful. Hair loss from a shampoo can be avoided if you rely on natural products without artificial ingredients and additives.

Why chemical substances in shampoos are unnecessary and harmful

When it comes to coco glucosides, most people think of an essence made from coconut. But this thought is only partially correct, as the surfactant contains not only components from coconut fats but also a proportion of chemical petroleum. This is just one of the examples of substances that shampoos contain - but are irritating to the skin, harmful to health and promoting hair loss.

Alcohol, silicones and sulfates do not belong in a care product that comes into contact with your skin and hair. In addition to the risk of your scalp becoming dry and brittle, these substances can cause severe irritation and reddening of the skin.

If you pay attention to the ingredients in your shampoo when you buy it, you can rule out a common cause of hair breakage and a dry scalp. Concentrate on natural, vital substance-rich care products for your hair, as you will avoid one of the most common causes of hair loss and skin problems.

You should also be careful with perfumes in hair care products. The pleasant scent brings with it an undesirable side effect, as perfumed shampoos can dry out your scalp and cause dandruff. The shorter the list of ingredients and the fewer substances you are not familiar with on the packaging, the more natural and skin-friendly the shampoo is.

Tips for buying shampoo: What to look out for

Mild hair care products are always the best choice. In order to rule out hair loss through shampoo, you should always refer to natural cosmetics and choose a product with ingredients that strengthen the hair.

Caffeine, aloe vera and birch extract promote hair growth and calm your scalp. Also Argan oil has established itself in hair care and has numerous positive properties for hair growth.

If you tend to lose hair, a special product with moisturizing properties and plenty of vital substances is recommended. Before buying, take the time to study the ingredients and thus lay the foundation for avoiding hair loss with a shampoo.

If the hair growth does not improve even with a change in care, investigate the cause. A hair follicle and scalp test by a dermatologist will provide information. For example, if you suffer from an inflammation of the scalp, you should work with a particularly mild and soothing shampoo from now on.

In some cases, an ingredient intolerance can also lead to hair loss. An allergy test is helpful here and prevents major hair damage in the future.

How a nourishing shampoo can stop hair loss

As already mentioned, mistakes in care can lead to hair loss with progressive baldness. In contrast to genetically or hormone-related hair loss, in this case you have the option to stop at any time and give your hair new strength.

Most conventional shampoos contain gluten and parabens, silicone, and other artificial ingredients. Opposite is the Dr. Balwi Shampoo, which is produced on a purely natural basis and created from ingredients that promote hair growth. Biotin and green tea extract, iron and amino acids stimulate hair growth and ensure that the follicles are firmly anchored in your scalp.

Red ginseng, ginkgo extract and keratin increase the strength of the hair and ensure a healthy scalp. With zinc and selenium, you can prevent thinning hair and dandruff on your head. In combination, these natural active ingredients ensure that your hair becomes noticeably and visibly fuller and that the beginning of hair loss ends.

Originally has Dr. Balwi this nourishing shampoo Developed for post-operative use after a hair transplant. But even without having your own hair transplanted, you can rely on the forces of nature and prevent baldness by simply changing your care products. In many cases hair loss is the result of care mistakes and shampoos that clean because of their ingredients, but cause a reaction on your scalp.

People who are very sensitive to the skin are particularly prone to diffuse hair lossif the composition of the shampoo does not meet the needs of the hair follicles and the scalp. In contrast, Dr. Balwi Shampoo the hair structure already in the root.

Frequent hair washing - a reason for hair breakage and hair loss?

As an athlete or employee in strenuous and sweaty occupations, it is completely normal for you to shower and wash your hair every day. If daily shampooing cannot be avoided, you should still refrain from using shampoo on a daily basis.

Dust and other environmental residues can be easily rinsed off with the lukewarm jet of the shower, so that the daily use of Shampoos is avoidable. Even high-quality shampoos made with nourishing and caring ingredients are not suitable for daily use. Washing your hair too often damages the structure of the hair and has a negative effect on the natural oil on your head.

The scalp can dry out, dandruff and, in the worst case, become inflamed. Women in particular resort to dry shampoos to avoid washing their hair every day. The powdery product has been shown to damage your scalp as the fine dust settles in the pores and clogs them.

In this case, small pustules form that are itchy and become inflamed when you scratch them, causing an infection of your scalp. Frequent hair washes and the use of skin-irritating shampoos are not all that uncommon causes of hair loss, which fortunately is reversible.

Is the hair loss reversible when the care is changed?

Basically, there is no need to worry about hair loss from shampoo. It is relatively unlikely that improper care will result in balding and permanently destroying your hair roots. It is important that you react at the first signs of hair loss and check the modalities of hair care.

If your hair falls out due to improper care, the problem is reversed with the use of a different and more compatible shampoo. For you, this means that the hair will grow back and the scalp will calm down.

In most cases, hair loss is reversible with shampoo and is therefore not a permanent condition. Are the follicles very badly damaged or is that Hair fell out in places along with the root, however, it is not always possible to reverse the problem.

Here a hair transplant can fill in bald areas and restore your desired attractiveness. The success of the hair loss stop is based on the speed of your reaction in eliminating the cause.

Conclusion | Hair loss from a shampoo is not uncommon - but it is reversible.

You stand in front of the shelf in the drugstore, in the supermarket or in the pharmacy and are completely overwhelmed by the numerous offers for hair care products. Many people do, because the oversupply leads to uncertainty rather than to a variety of options.

If you are prone to hair loss from a shampoo, you should proceed with particular care and choose the care products with the greatest possible care. Refrain from any products with perfumes and artificial ingredients.

A natural product counteracts hair loss caused by shampoo and is the best choice for a healthy scalp and a vigorously growing scalp Hair follicles. If hair loss has already occurred, act quickly and do not postpone the search for new hair care products.

Wash your hair gently and not too hot. Avoid heat styling and care for your hair so that it can recover and regenerate. An appropriate, natural anti-hair loss shampoo also helps.

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