What are your favorite bootleg albums

Illegal bootlegs now with an official sound

Neil Young has one official "NYA Bootleg Series" announced. He is implementing an idea that the musician had already spoken about last year in connection with the expansion of the archive page. The aim is to make known black press releases of concert recordings, which have been circulating for decades, officially available to subscribers to the archive site. Neil Young also wants to use the original cover graphics of the recordings.

"We stole the entire original design of the bootlegs and are continuing a tradition. No expense is spared," the 74-year-old writes with a wink. The difference to the illegal editions lies in the sound: the audience recordings or soundboard recordings would be replaced by master recordings from the "NYA Tersors or from elsewhere".

Neil Young calls on his fansto write to him and name his favorite bootlegs. The series will start with "I'm happy that y'all came down", an audience recording of a concert on February 1, 1971 in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. The illegal double vinyl album had been distributed by the bootleg label "Rubber Dubber Records" from 1971 onwards. However, the musician has not yet revealed an exact start date for the bootleg series - and thus keeps the interest in the archive page high. They are working on it at full speed and the publications will start soon.

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