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Law of Attraction: How To Benefit From It

Are you dissatisfied, want to change your life, but don't really know how? The Law of attraction makes use of the idea that we ourselves are, so to speak, the forge of our own happiness: by means of our thoughts and our attitudes we can change the current situation. The law of attraction is often misunderstood as a guide to dreaming. How you can use it for yourself, read here ...

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Law of Attraction: what is it?

The law of attraction has many names, including one Law of resonance respectively Law of resonance or also English law of attraction (short LOA).

The idea behind this is that like attracts like. The starting point is the inner attitude, which affects the external circumstances, according to the theory. So the law of attraction works according to that Principle of analogy.

To put it simply, you can put it on following formula Break down: Positive attitudes and thoughts attract positive things, while negative attitudes attract negatives.

This idea can often be found in the advisory literature, for example when it comes to autosuggestion and positive thinking. The aim of the considerations is to use the own attitude external circumstances to direct and to influence in your own sense. It doesn't matter whether it's about love and partnership, health, money, job or success.

Even if this sometimes spiritual philosophy of life extends well over 100 years into the past, it got it with the 2006 film The Secret and the book of the same name by Rhonda Byrne new lift - but also a lot of criticism (see below). The underlying idea has long been found in popular parlance and in the Bible:

  • People of the same kind stick together. (Vernacular)
  • As one calls into the forest, it echoes out. (Vernacular)
  • The devil always makes the thickest heap. (Vernacular)
  • Everything you ask in your prayer, just believe that you will receive it, that is how it will be for you. (Bible, Mark chapter 11, verse 24)

Evidence: Is the Law of Attraction Scientifically Proven?

The question arises whether the law of attraction is a real, scientific soil has what it says on it. Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to the question. As is so often the case, it depends on the perspective.

From the In physics, we know gravity as one of the four basic forces of the universe. Ever since its discoverer Issac Newton first described gravity, it has been used to explain the attraction between objects. The Gravity is responsible for keeping the planets and stars on their orbits. Seen in this way, the force of attraction is the determining physical force in the universe - perhaps this is where the idea arises that the law of attraction can influence the universe - in psychology as well as in physics.

On the other hand, numerous appeal Esoteric on the law of attraction and its hermetic foundations. And from now on it becomes questionable: followers of this direction of the law of attraction refer to the book Kybalion, which is required reading among occultists and esotericists.

In this book, the seven Hermetic Principles on the basis of which the world is supposed to function. The law of attraction is one of them. However, the justifications are dubious to hair-raising and have nothing in common with the laws of the natural sciences.

In short, physical gravity does not exist, whether there is an esoteric law of attraction against it at least be doubted.

Quotes on the law of attraction

How interesting the law of attraction is for us - regardless of which point of view we agree with - is shown by countless quotations Art, literature, economics and politics:

What someone thinks of himself determines his fate. Mark Twain

You don't wear what you want. You attract what you believe is true. Neville Goddard

Your word is your wand. The words you speak create your own destiny. Florence Scovel Shinn

If you want it and expect it, it will soon be yours. Abraham Hicks

You become what you think about the most. John Assaraf

Whether you think you can or you can't, you will be proved right. Henry Ford

We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. We form the world with our thoughts. Buddha

The law of attraction attracts everything you need, depending on the nature of your thought life. Your environment and financial situation are the perfect reflection of your usual thinking. thought rules the world. Joseph Murphy

The dominant thought or mental attitude is the magnet
and the law is: like attracts like. Therefore, the mindset will inevitably attract those circumstances that correspond to its essence. Charles Haanel

The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts.
Marcus Aurelius

Law of attraction in love

Also in the love the law of attraction is used regularly. However, in contradicting statements and formulas:

  • People of the same kind stick together.
  • Opposites attract.

But what is true about it? Some followers of the law of attraction assume that love comes from the Contrast of polarity and duality can explain.

Others even trace the law of attraction back to Plato. His idea of ​​the original human being who was only ONE being, who was male and female at the same time and because of him Perfection from the gods was separated is found again and again in certain circles.

Interestingly, this is seen as one way of explaining love. We look for time in our lives our better half. Once we have found them, we can retire happily and live happily as ONE perfect connection until death do us part ... That is the theory.

On the other hand, we also need them polarity (opposites attract) in order to experience ourselves and to distinguish ourselves from our counterparts. There are also innumerable examples of this theory in literature and human history:

  • Yin and yang
  • black and white
  • North and South Pole
  • day and night
  • Good and evil
  • Friend and foe

The two sayings People of the same kind stick together respectively opposites attract do not exclude each other, but complement and condition each other - and in the theory of the law of attraction explain love, that is, love Attraction between two people.

Law of Attraction: Money to Money

The law of attraction should help us not only privately but also professionally. If you believe the guidebook, professional breakthroughs, success and thus money can be manifested with the right tricks.

The basic idea here is also simple: the money you want already exists - currently only someone else has it. In order to become successful or rich ourselves, we don't have to do much: just change our attitudes is enough according to this theory.

However, it depends correct change at. Just hoping that by the end of the month we miraculously have more money or professional success doesn't help. The negative feeling of envy should also be avoided, because negative feelings and thoughts in turn attract negative things.

The correct course of action, according to this law of attraction theory, is against dealing with childlike Amazement and curiosity to dare to tackle the topic. Both are positive attitudes that should therefore have a positive effect - namely to have more money or more success. Or as the Anglo-Saxon would say: Success breeds success.

Criticism of the law of attraction: all nonsense?

Regardless of the criticism, advice literature on all aspects of life support has been booming for decades. Classics like those by motivational speaker Dale Carnegie are reissued over and over again. Also modern success coaching and life help literature is based on the sometimes highly simplified formula: Those who believe enough (and correctly) become beautiful, smart, rich and happy. And pronto.

However, nobody can believe this simplified interpretation his senses together Has. Neither religious nor esoteric people. But you don't have to. In a first step it is about a change of consciousness, a change of perspective and in a second step a change in living conditions. And that can actually have some positive effects.

The more concretely you have formulated what you want, the clearer the steps it will take to tackle next applies. There is nothing questionable about that. Especially when people motivate themselves by constantly keeping in mind which goal they are pursuing.

Just as it is not to be condemned if someone at work avoids colleagues who are not sociable and who constantly complain: There is no recognizable added value in this, but it depresses one's own mood and makes everyday work unnecessarily difficult. So the law of attraction can be put to practical use.

But there are also tangible points of criticismNot To Be Overlooked Regarding the Law of Attraction:

  • How can wishes for the universe be proven?

    Alone with the Make positive thoughts, we can achieve our goals and desires - this is the promise of some people who want to make money with the law of attraction.

    Are a popular remedy the Wishes to the universe - and they come in different forms. The basic variant works like this: We visualize what we want or what we absolutely want to achieve, then formulate this thought and send it to the universe.

    If, for some inexplicable reason, what these people wished for, it will be blamed on the law of attraction. Yet this reasoning has a huge catch.

    How can we prove that it was the universe and the law of attraction that made our wish come true? In other words: the principle of cause and effect really that easy to use?

    If, before the salary negotiation with the boss, I imagine how happy I will be about the additional money in my wallet, it can have a positive effect. I start the conversation with a good, open and friendly attitude that carries over to the other participants - and that can lead to success. However, this is not necessarily due to the law of attraction, but to other psychological effects that work.

  • Only the positive examples are mentioned

    The second criticism regarding the law of attraction concerns the Statistics or the significance of the examples given.

    People who are convinced of the law of attraction are unlikely to refer to the many cases in which the wishes of the universe are unanswered and unfulfilled stayed.

    But they do exist. Only this incomplete information leads to the fact that the law of attraction cannot be considered causality. At most there is a temporary correlation. To a law To be in the scientific sense, it has to be verifiable and empirically traceable be - but it is not.

  • Are people to blame for their own disaster?

    The law of attraction does not stop with positive thoughts. When the positive is attracted by the positive, then also negative through negative.

    In other words, people who have had a lot of bad luck in their life just have it visualized the wrong and thought? Or is it because of their negative attitudes that they are unsuccessful professionally and / or privately?

    Anyone who wants to use the law of attraction for explanation in these cases has to put up with it as Cynic par excellence to apply. Or would you tell a seriously ill person that their illness comes from their negative thoughts and that it is their own fault? Just.

  • The law of attraction can block us

    Instead of working on our success, we rely on the power of positive thoughts to fix it. Instead of working professionally and going about our work with vigor and motivation, let's hand over responsibility.

    The universe must ultimately decide about itwhether it fulfills our wishes and visualizations or not. In the worst case, we let ourselves go through this mindset Missing Opportunities and undermine our success instead of enhancing it.

So the law of attraction is to be used with caution. A law in the literal sense it is not. But it can be said in a forgiving way: Better to admonish to see the good in our life than always seeing only black is not so wrong ...

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