What exactly do insurance companies do

What does an insurance salesman do?

In addition to the activities in the field, there are also many tasks in the background, the so-called back office. Insurance clerks in the office work either for large insurance groups or banks. The tasks of the office staff are very diverse and enable various forms of specialization.


Many customers are not contacted by the sales force, but make an application for an insurance contract of their own accord. It is the job of the back office employee to assess the customer (assessment of the risks) and, based on this, to accept or reject the insurance application. In the further process, contracts have to be entered, managed and changed at regular intervals.


Another important field of activity of an insurance salesman is the management of claims. Reported cases of damage must be recorded and checked to determine whether the damage is covered by insurance. In the course of claims processing, there may be correspondence with customers, other insurance companies, the police, courts, appraisers and lawyers. Since a lot of money can be involved in such cases, complaints are not uncommon.


In addition, the creation of statistics or the execution of premium invoices can also be typical tasks for back office employees.


There are possible locations in various insurance companies (e.g. life insurance, car insurance, old-age provision insurance or reinsurance) for both the insurance salespeople in the office and for those working in the field. In addition, banking is another possible field of application.