Is Code Geass worth watching

Is the Vinland Saga worth seeing?

Anime comes and goes every year. What won't change are the anime that make up the Hall of Fame, such as:Death Note, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist, and so on. But this season brings usVinland Saga - an anime with insane potential. With only a few episodes released, the insane excitement and urge to know where this anime is going is a refreshing feeling.


Yes, you should definitely see the show. The battle scenes in this anime would keep your eyes on the screen and the plot seems like an accumulation of something we haven't seen before. An interesting set of antagonistic characters has been introduced that gives substance to the plot.

With interesting characters like Thors, Thorfinn, and others like Leif and the villagers, we can definitely see how a gripping anime is put together.

Is Vinland Saga Historically Correct?


Vinland Saga's plot revolves around the son of a powerful warrior, Thors, popularly known as theTroll of Yomleaving an important battle. Thors settles in Iceland, where he leads a peaceful life with his wife, son and daughter. The first four episodes form the basis for our protagonist's life journey and an understanding of the person who inspires him - his father.

While Thors left the battle to live a peaceful life, his son Thorfinn seeks adventure and battles. The difference in their philosophies is staggering where we see Thors trying to tell his son that swords are not the answer to problems in life. With that said, Thors is not a man of words, he is a man of action. Thors refuses to kill anyone and hopes to end the fight with his fists.

Thorfinn - the protagonist

ThorfinnAs a character, he's an avid child who wants to become his father's mighty warrior - with the exception of the peaceful life he's currently adopted. Thors' friend Leif Erikson, an adventure researcher, talks to the children of Iceland about Vinland. Vinland is the villagers' escape from the harsh, cold weather that plagues their lifestyle. Vinland, actually America, has warm and green grasslands that are perfect for growing. Therefore, Vinland Saga could follow her journey to Vinland, her paradise - along with the adventures of our protagonist Thorfinn, who is likely to be roughened by life experiences.

The anime sets Vikings apart from the image they have as violent attackers in the story. It does not glorify violence and seeks to make the idea of ​​war immature.

About the studios

Vinland Saga is a Viking themed anime brought to us by Wit Studios.Wit Studios, known for Attack on Titan, doesn't lose a bit of quality. In fact, it probably pushes it up a few notches if I dare say it. The vivid colors of the animation, sharp character design, and fluidity complement the setting of Vinland Saga.

The animation style reminded me of Megalo Box at the beginning. Megalo Box itself had found that even in a series of superhuman and overpowering action animes, a real life anime can provide us with the same amount of thrill without compromise.

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