Why don't the countries buy each other out

Solidarity in times of corona: this is how the EU countries help each other  

The coronavirus outbreak affects all countries. The EU and its member states are determined to fight the pandemic together. Mutual support does not only come in the form of donations of basic medical equipment such as protective masks and ventilators. The countries also take in seriously ill patients from other parts of the EU and help each other retrieve EU citizens stranded abroad.

Everyone gets involved. While France donated masks and Germany delivered medical equipment to Italy, Austria treats intensive care patients from France and Italy. The Czech Republic donated protective suits to Italy and Spain.

The countries are pooling resources to bring citizens back from abroad. Thousands of Union citizens have been brought back home since the Covid-19 outbreak began. Every third passenger was not a citizen of the EU country that organized the return flight. Many more flights are planned.

The EU is funding research into treatment methods and a vaccine, organizing the joint procurement of essential equipment and providing EU countries with 37 billion euros to fight the virus. And many more measures are being taken.