Is buying used tires safe?

Buy used tires? Therefore caution is advised

Not only does it cost a lot of money to buy a vehicle, the operating costs also make many drivers “bleed” financially. Motorists not only have to pay a lot of money over the years for inspections and repairs, spare parts can also be expensive. Therefore, many motorists, especially those who own a used or older vehicle, try to save some money by buying used spare parts for their cars. This also includes the purchase of used tires, which you can get online, but also from local dealers or from private providers. But buying used tires is not always advisable. We will show you the risks that can arise if you buy tires that have already been used. On the other hand, there are also advantages that motorists get when buying used tires.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying used tires / wheels?

The clear advantage that arises when buying used tires or wheels is usually the financial aspect. Used tires and wheels are sometimes much cheaper than new ones and can save every driver a lot of money. Especially if you want to buy higher quality tires from brand manufacturers, you can get away here cheaper than buying new ones. Even when buying complete wheels, especially models with aluminum rims, drivers can get one or two bargains. Online auctions, but also private or commercial advertisements on the Internet, are good options.

But many dealers also offer used tires and wheels, which can be bought at a lower price than buying new. In some cases this also includes “slow-moving goods” that are sold at some point as used or B-goods if the storage lasts for several years. So you can sometimes get “new goods” at low prices and thus bring your car into shape. But buying used tires and wheels also has disadvantages. Many models may already have insufficient profile or other damage from nails, glass or sharp stones. Damage to the side can also occur if, for example, the previous owner accidentally hit the curb while maneuvering. There may also be damage to the rims.

What should you pay attention to when buying used tires?

If you buy used tires or wheels, it is best to do so locally and without shipping. So you can get a good overview of the real condition before buying, which was often not possible when shipping. There you are only dependent on the photos and descriptions of the seller, which can (significantly) differ from reality.

Before you buy the tires, you should inspect them carefully. You should also check whether there is still a sufficient profile. If the necessary tread depth is no longer available or if the rubber is almost worn out, the purchase is no longer worthwhile, as you can no longer use the tires for much longer. You should also pay attention to the age of the tires when buying. The tread may still be okay, but the tires may be too old so that it is not worth buying. You will find the date of manufacture on each tire. A tire should usually be replaced after ten years at the latest, sometimes even earlier. Therefore, the used tires should not be more than a few years old so that the purchase is still worthwhile. With age, the risk of the tire bursting in the event of an emergency stop also increases. In addition, it should be noted that you can only get a warranty on used tires from the dealer. In some cases, the dealers also give a guarantee of a few months on the used goods.

With a private provider you do not have these rights if they effectively exclude the guarantee. If the tire breaks shortly after purchase, you are legally left with the damage. Likewise, if you buy complete wheels, you should check that the rims are OK. If the rims are rusty or have cracks, you should refrain from buying them. With a dealer you also have the advantage that in many cases they will replace the tires free of charge and also carry out the rebalancing. This saves you additional time and money.

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