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Drunk asleep, Uwe Kalmer fishes for the vibrating cell phone. A look at the alarm clock: five o'clock. He rubs his eyes and looks at the display: an international number. "Hello, this is Uwe Kalmer!". There is a purr from the receiver. "Good Morning, Sir. That’s Mister Rajiv from the SAP Global Support who’s speaking. How are you?" The strong Indian accent wakes him up in no time. "Fine, thanks. And you? Did you get the message? " Thank God! It is he, the call that he has longingly waited for and with which everything will be cleared up. He hopes. "Yes, I did. Please give me more details, and I need access to your system", sounds again Mr. Rajiv from Bangalore.

The last few weeks have not left Kalmer without a trace. Little sleep, hardly any time for the family and repeated skepticism that the project was overdone. Kalmer was on his own, there was no rescue in sight. Nobody could explain why the parts lists were suddenly missing for 20,000 work plans. Discovered by chance during a routine test eleven days before the planned start of production. The own support department was at a loss. When SAP Germany also had to fit and handed it over to global support, Kalmer saw the end of the project. Time was running out for him.

The initial situation was favorable: Classic R / 3 implementation at a medium-sized manufacturing company, nothing can go wrong, he thought. What he didn't expect was the Swabian sluggishness of the customer. He had worked with the same software for 20 years - and was supposed to make a technological leap of several dimensions overnight. Resistance is inevitable. It took him a lot of time to convince the employees of the new solution, to make it clear to them why a process works the way it is and not the way it is best represented in the system.

... can be found in the book "Helden für den Mittelstand", edited by Herbert Vogel and Dieter Schoon, itelligence AG, 176 pages, German-English, Axel Dielmann-Verlag KG Frankfurt am Main, ISBN 978-3-86638-145 -2.

  1. Recently ... in Düsseldorf
    How well can you prepare for an interview? Sometimes a little too good, as the case of a SAP consultant in Düsseldrof shows.
  2. Recently .. in a sales talk
    As is well known, Facebook took over WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. Everyone knows this smartphone app by now, which among other things is a popular replacement for the good old SMS.
  3. The other day ... in a startup
    The young Berlin startup Fairnopoly has chosen a radically creative approach to promote trust and transparency on the Internet.
  4. The other day ... in Melbourne
    Umlauts are a big challenge in the English-speaking world and sometimes lead to delays when enjoying coffee, as I experienced as a consultant in Australia.
  5. The other day ... in sneakers with the board of directors
    The topics of clothing and etiquette are well received on our website and are commented on by many readers. This time (a younger one?) IT manager is annoyed with his tie-wearing colleagues. In his opinion, such external aspects should not play a role:
  6. The other day ... during the poaching attempt
    In the desperate search for the coveted SAP consultants, some headhunters lose sight, as the following phone call shows.
  7. Recently ... in a Munich restaurant
    Yes, there are HR managers and managing directors for whom etiquette is paramount and who also know no mercy if the applicant makes a - from the point of view of a less demanding contemporary - an insignificant mistake. The professional qualification can be the best, the communicative aspect okay and even the sympathy factor high - it is still not enough.
  8. The other day ... on Youtube
    Creative application: What would have made conservative HR managers white-hot in the past seems to be rewarded as a creative achievement in the age of social media.
  9. The other day ... on the phone
    Intercultural communication has its pitfalls, even if you seem to speak the same language. A Bavarian software entrepreneur had to find out when he called his customer in Austria.
  10. The other day ... when the burglars came
    Those who stay in the office late in the evening sometimes live dangerously, as Markus Müller from Ubitexx can report.
  11. The other day ... while eating with the boss
    If the boss invites the future employee to dinner, caution is advised even in the taxi.
  12. The other day ... after vacation
    Necessity is the mother of invention. If it then leads to the establishment of a company - so much the better.
  13. The other day ... in an offshoring discussion
    The Indian providers are putting the established providers under pressure with low prices, a qualified workforce and cross-border delivery processes.
  14. The other day at ... Café St. Oberholz
    Berlin's digital bohemian meets in St. Oberholz, is sometimes sloppy and loses a lot.
  15. The other day ... stress with the iPhone
    Some managers need a little longer to coordinate their fine motor skills with the iPhone.
  16. The other day ... during lunch break
    The European Championship is long over, but soccer tournaments are held every day in Germany's companies - at table football. And colleagues on business trips are there live thanks to the cloud solution.
  17. The other day ... in an IT department
    Every job advertisement emphasizes soft skills such as strong communication skills or the ability to work in a team. However, that was of little interest to a young IT specialist.
  18. The other day in ... a beer garden
    As soon as the weather turns nice, the Bavarian employees flock to the beer gardens. Depending on the corporate culture, one or the other meeting - as it is called today in modern German - can take place under flowering chestnut trees with an (non-alcoholic) beer.

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  19. The other day ... on the toilet of a corporation
    It is part of everyday company life that things do not always work harmoniously between IT and specialist departments. However, the conflicts sometimes take on bizarre features.
  20. Recently in ... an important meeting
    Bankers are numbers people, so they are used to dealing with numbers and tables. However, some of them have an aversion to tables if they were created by a well-known software program.
  21. Recently ... on the train to CeBIT
    What to do if fellow passengers smell unpleasant?
  22. The other day in ... Vapi near Mumbai
    First visit to our subsidiary in Vapi not far from Mumbai, India, to give me an on-site overview of how IT works there.
  23. The other day ... at a police station
    An IT freelancer had to go to the police station because he wanted to dispose of his documents for the tax office in an unconventional way.
  24. Recently at ... a management dinner
    The company decided to install a web filter to block dubious web pages. (Photo: Ilan Amith / Fotolia.com)

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  25. Recently in ... a Berlin registration office
    Every electronic passport needs a fingerprint. A Berliner received her new ID without having to have her fingers chopped off. (Photo: Digital Stock)

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  26. The other day in ... Singapore
    The local CEO wished for something special for the opening of the Regional Headquarters Asia of Rohde & Schwarz in Singapore.

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  27. The other day in ... Paris
    Our project at Alcatel in Paris lasted a year, including converting processes completely to model-driven development. Our very first meeting was a surprise ..

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  28. Recently in ... a boss meeting
    Blackberry, smartphone and other mobile communications are slowly getting on the bosses' nerves.

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  29. Recently in ... a German-American meeting
    Meetings with Americans can be so easy and relaxed if you don't forget two basic rules.
  30. The other day in ... a small Swedish town
    After a stopover in Copenhagen, I land in a small Swedish town and meet the internal project manager there to discuss the major event that I am moderating the next day:

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  31. Recently in ... Erlangen
    Bosses can be quite annoying at times. Especially if you give the secretary unnecessary work at the last minute.

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  32. The other day ... on the phone with the CEO of a software manufacturer
    Many meetings are usually required before a company decides on software. An IT technician took an abbreviation and called the head of the software manufacturer himself.

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  33. The other day in ... Saigon
    The experienced sales manager of a software company was busy in Asia and also made a stop in Saigon

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  34. Recently in ... Hanover
    Love goes through the stomach, not Hanover. Anyone who spends several days at CeBIT needs a sturdy stomach and shouldn't waste any thought on service in the catering trade.
  35. The other day in ... Palo Alto
    The days when startups performed with great pomp are apparently over, as CW editor Sascha Alexander discovered during his visit to Qwaq in California.

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  36. The other day in ... Shanghai
    Most German companies can certainly not be blamed for one thing: Compared to companies from other countries, they go to great lengths to prepare their employees for their stay abroad.

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  37. The other day ... at midnight with the Blackberry
    A CIO cannot be too good for anything. This is shown by the example of a CFO who got his IT boss out of bed because of a Blackberry problem.

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  38. The other day in ... Beijing
    Anyone traveling to Beijing on business should be able to walk well and have their rain cape ready. Eckhard Schneider, Chief Technology Officer of the communications agency Interone, had this experience on his last trip to China. (Photo: Arno Brignon - Fotolia.com)

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  39. The other day ... before the executive meeting
    Solid service level management is useless as soon as Blackberrys have problems. (Photo: Fotolia, N. Pogson)

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  40. The other day in the ... "golden triangle"
    Mathias Duda is actually a key account manager at the software house Omikron. On a trip through Myanmar and Thailand, he experienced the misery of the children there and decided to help.

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  41. The other day in ... Quebec
    Anyone who works on the international stage should be proficient in foreign languages. Many only think of English. In Quebec this is a faux pas. (Photo: Cybercrisi / Fotolia.com)

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  42. The other day ... while visiting the US office
    It is not unusual that when you visit Bangalore you do not expect what is generally considered to be the latest high-tech achievements in the West. But sometimes the USA also comes up with surprises:

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  43. The other day in ... Amsterdam
    The fact that one regularly finds other customs in other countries is an often quoted and very applicable rule. The Netherlands is no exception. (Photo: Pixelio, Schubalu)

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  44. The other day in ... Metro supermarket St. Augustin
    We arrive with two cars to buy pre-ordered camels, sweets, etc. for the Bonn Rose Monday procession. Bad luck! Our IDs were no longer valid! (Photo: Pixelio / Janine)

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  45. The other day in ... Bucharest
    Anyone looking for cooperation partners in Eastern Europe can often tell adventurous stories like Dirk Buschmann from KI AG in Cologne: Because not every website delivers what it promises. (Photo: Alexandra Bucurescu / Pixelio)

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  46. The other day ... in the data center
    Our high availability software is the best, says the salesman. But reference customers, of all things, sometimes make you look old. (Photo: Fotolia, PetrusB)

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  47. Recently in ... Hanover (CeBIT 2010)
    There are more convenient ways than taking the subway home after a CeBIT day. Why not take advantage of Chancellor Angela Merkel's driving service for a change?

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  48. The other day in ... Bangalore
    For many German IT professionals, India is far, far away. For many Indians, however, the German market is getting closer and closer.

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  49. The other day ... on the head of a robot
    The fight for the too few good IT experts lets employers get really creative, as the current example of Antwerpes AG in Cologne shows.
  50. Recently ... at the Oktoberfest
    What to do if you want to go to the Oktoberfest in Munich with business partners but have forgotten to reserve a table? Be creative! (Nicky Graziosi / Fotolia)

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  51. The other day in ... Taergoviste
    Those who want to introduce SAP in Romania will no longer encounter vampires. Instead, on adventurous technology.

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  52. The other day in ... Alicante
    The Spanish Costa Blanca also attracts IT freelancers. You only have to make arrangements with longer lunch breaks.

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  53. The other day in ... Buenos Aires
    All for one, one for all, that's how the three musketeers say. The Argentines only need a cup of tea and a straw to convey the team spirit.

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  54. The other day ... at a party
    For years, IT executives were considered the bores when they talked about their everyday work at private parties - SAP implementation, migration project, server virtualization - is it still boring?

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  55. Recently in ... Hanover
    Anyone who describes Telekom as a 'former dusty state company' can work up a sweat, as a CW editor in Hanover discovered.

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  56. Recently ... at a vernissage
    What do art and IT have in common? Not that much right away. Sometimes, however, an unusual constellation occurs:

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  57. The other day in ... a web agency
    His demeanor left a lot to be desired, as did his PC skills. Nevertheless, one applicant turned out to be the best project manager that Peter Schöner, head of the Munich web agency Memoray, had ever hired.

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