What are the bedroom decorating ideas

The best bedroom decorating ideas

We dream and oversleep about 24 years of our lives and spend more time in bed than at work or eating. A good reason to give the bedroom a very special role in furnishing and decorating. So that your bedroom gets more flair, we have put together the best decoration tips and DIY ideas for you.

Creative wall design for the bedroom decoration

The bedroom should be a friendly, quiet place that invites you to dream. Wall color and wall decoration have an important influence on the ambience in your bedroom. Soft, cool pastel tones such as mint and old pink radiate serenity and create harmony.

Wall tattoos or wall stickers create attractive optical illusions and look particularly beautiful in black, white and gray, as they appear like shadows or reflections. Migratory birds, flocks of butterflies and trees, for example, are timeless and aesthetic. Also design your wall with functional and decorative elements. Decorative houses provide storage space and filigree frames made of bamboo are ideal as clothes rails.

Opulent paintings like the self-portraits of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo add style and give your bedroom a touch of the exotic. Inspiration for plant lovers: Even a homemade herbarium with flowers and ferns from your own garden is decorative and also individual.

Designer furniture and finds from the flea market enhance the bedroom decoration

A minimalist bedroom appears harmonious and open. For this reason, you should limit yourself to a few, exquisite pieces of furniture when setting up your bedroom. The bed, of course, is central and can be vintage or self-made. An upholstered headboard is not only stylish, it also ensures comfort.

Practical: Murphy beds offer additional storage space, especially in small rooms. This goes well with a simple bedside table that you can improvise from wine boxes or a retro stool. To store clothes, bed linen, books or perfumes, you need a wardrobe and, if necessary, a chest of drawers. A matt finish and exquisite handles and knobs also add elegance to finds from the flea market and are an excellent upcycling idea.

Practical and classy: with the right lighting, you can also use your chest of drawers as a dressing table. A large mirror and a frame with light sources ensure optimal lighting and make your bedroom look particularly sophisticated.

High quality home textiles for bedroom decoration

Bed linen and pillowcases made of flowing materials make your bed cozy and also ensure the ideal sleeping climate. In addition to cotton, linen and silk are also good choices because they have a beautiful surface and look classy. By the way, sample bed linen with a retro look goes best in bright, simple rooms. If you prefer to focus on wall decorations and furniture, plain-colored bed linen in fresh white, gray or cool candy colors is a good choice.

The ideal partner: a stylish bedspread or a rustic plaid with fringes. A carpet or a runner also decorates your bedroom and sets successful accents. In addition to organic loop carpets and high-quality wool carpets, patterned models in an ethnic look are also a good choice.

Beautifully simple: mats made of straw or raffia provide beach flair and exude lightness.

Selected bedroom decorative elements provide the finishing touches

Decorative elements define the style of your bedroom and especially loosen up a very bright and simple interior. An important interface between decoration and functionality are lamps or lights that let your bedroom appear in the right light. Lamps with textile elements made of linen, jute or raffia in particular create a natural ambience and appear delicate and weightless. The contrast program: a matt black lamp in a bright room.

A mirror also has an important function and is also an exciting DIY or upcycling project. To decorate the frame, you can use wine corks, feathers, bamboo or coarse ropes from shipping.

Flower decorations such as bouquets or wreaths bring a touch of nature into your bedroom and look particularly exquisite when you stage them in a selected vase made of wood or ceramic. Candlesticks or large, hand-blown glasses ensure romance and elegance.

And don't forget: a homemade dream catcher is an interesting decorative element that you can easily adapt to your interior.

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