Corrupted the chakra fruit Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki story, personality and phrases

The princess Kaguya Otsutsuki (also called the rabbit goddess) is known as the matriarch of the Otsutsuki clan and the progenitor of Hagoromo and Hamura Otsutsuki in manga and anime Naruto. She became the ancestor of the chakra (concentration of physical and mental energy) so that she could learn and control it for later use.

Through this chakra, he stopped the confrontations that were taking place on the planet, so people considered her a goddess. It is the formation of the beast of the Ten Tails due to the desire to recover the chakra of their children Hagomoro and Hamura.

He succeeded in this through his merging with the tree god, although later the anger of the beast could be controlled by the brothers.

Kaguya was part of the Otsutsuki clan, a group of heavenly beings who settled on earth and exerted a powerful influence on humanity.


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Initially, the Otsutsuki traveled the galaxies to find the Shinju. In doing so, they tried to sow their fruits to cultivate the chakra and extend life.

Among them was Kaguya Otsutsuki, who, according to the anime, came to earth alone to settle in the land of the ancients.

During this time he appeared before the Emperor Tenji and was able to invade his memory with his powers and other abilities to make him believe that she was his concubine, so that he later became pregnant.

The land of That began a series of contests against the land of the ancestors, in spite of the emperor's efforts to achieve peace between the nations.

The situation became more complex when a representative of the government of the country of Ese tried to kidnap Kaguya because he was captivated by his beauty. If it was not achieved, it would declare war on the land of the ancients.

The conflicts intensified, so that she and her friend and companion Aino had to flee until they reached the tree god. Both were cornered, and shortly after Aino's death by Tenji, Kaguya ate the fruit of the tree to end the conflicts of humanity.

Later events

Thanks to this decision, Kaguya became the ancestor of the chakra, a kind of life energy with which she could control the dispute she was in.

However, he tried not to wipe out all of humanity and erased his memories. With this she could also be worshiped as a goddess.

The main goal of Kaguya was to lead the world towards peace with the help of his children Hagomoro and Hamura (who inherited his chakra). However, these plans have changed drastically. In this context, the following events can be highlighted:

Despite attempts to keep peace, Kaguya began to lose hope in people. It was there as the power gradually corrupted them.

Therefore, people stopped looking at her as a goddess and then calling her a demon.

The madness seemed to invade the mind and heart of Kaguya, making her think that she should regain her children's chakra. To do this, he joined the tree god to kill a ferocious monster, the Ten Tails (or Ten tails English).

-The monster eliminated everything on its way in search of the twins. When the encounter was pacified, an arduous struggle ensued, in which Hagomoro and Hamura were able to defeat the Ten Tails by sealing the chakra. The moon also emerged from this encounter.

After imprisoning the beast and controlling the army, Hagomoro placed the Seal of the Ten Tails on him while Hamura assumed leadership of the clan on a mission to observe human behavior from the moon.

Resurrection of the Ten Tails

Although Hagomoro was revered as a sage, both his legacy and Hamura's legacy were corrupted and lost in time. Hence, this only paved the way for a series of events that sparked the resurrection of the Ten Tails:

Before Kaguya was sealed by her children, she managed to create the Black Zetsu, a type of replica that would later be responsible for bringing her to life.

A millennium later, the animal was revived with the intention of forming a new army to control humanity.

Despite the intentions, these were frustrated thanks to the skills of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiba. They are reincarnations of the Otsutsuki children.

It is important to note that in both the manga and the anime, the resurrection and the fight against Kaguya were large and complex, thus demonstrating the physical and mental ability of Naruto and Sasuke.


- At first, Kaguya was a very good person with the intention of protecting and guaranteeing peace.

Although she is not a very overtly affected character, she is known to be in love with Tenji, with whom she shared a desire to live on a just and peaceful earth.

He had the same feeling of love and protection for his friend and companion Aino.

After consuming the fruit of the tree god, Kaguya took a 180 ° turn. He became despotic, cruel and considered himself the messiah of the earth.

- She believed that the chakra was a force that only she could have, which is why she was responsible for submitting the innocent to her will.

Thanks to his powers, he believes that other beings are insignificant.

-It came to a deep hatred towards his children, which is why he is also considered an extremely dangerous and relentless being.


Some skills that can be highlighted by Kaguya are:

- Before Kaguya consumed the fruits, he was able to travel to other worlds, sleep and hypnotize people, as well as shedding a powerful wave that could destroy any living being.

After consuming the fruit, he was able to create dimensions to appear and disappear at will.

He can use his hair to trap his enemies.

-Have the ability to hover and fly.

-You can pick up the chakra from whoever you want easily.


- "All chakras belong to me. Once again everyone should become one."

- "I hate her (refers to Hagoromo and Hamura while you are watching Naruto and Sasuke), you belong to me".

- "This place ... This is my garden. I will not let you continue to harm it ... Let's stop fighting ... Here ... Get out of existence once and for all."

- "Again I am the ancestor of the whole chakra, I am defeated by these scattered chakras".


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