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Maulana Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid What has Ahmadiyyat brought to the world?


1 Maulana Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid What has Ahmadiyyat brought to the world?


3 Maulana Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid Imam of the Fazl Mosque in London What has Ahmadiyyat brought to the world?

4 What has Ahmadiyyat brought to the world? by Maulana Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid First German translation: Verlag Der Islam Genfer Straße 11 D Frankfurt am Main copies ISBN: printed in Germany

5 Table of Contents EDITOR'S NOTES ... VI ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ... VII FOREWORD ... VIII WHAT HAS AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD What is Ahmadiyyat? Living God The true Islam The pure Islamic society The pure change The caliphation of the Ahmadiyyat as a gift System of the Jamaat Decision-making in the event of disagreement The death of Hadrat Jesus as The real meaning of Khatm-e-Nabuwat The high rank of the Holy Quran The spiritual treasures Active in the service of mankind Selfless service to mankind Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) Financial sacrifices Obliging children An extensive field of willingness to make sacrifices Enthusiasm for the preaching of Islam Knowing how to answer prayers Conclusion INDEX ... 76

6 Editor's Notes According to our counting, the verse Bismillah irrahman irrahiem (in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Always Merciful) is always counted as the first verse of a chapter of the Quran (sura). Some editors of Quran only start counting after Bismillah irrahman irrahiem. So should the reader not find the verse under the number given in this book, be it he or she advised to subtract from the number one. The following abbreviations have been used. Readers are asked to use the full formulas: saw sallallahu alaihi wa sallam means: Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and is prayed after the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. as ra alaihis salam means: Peace be upon him and is prayed after the names of all other prophets except the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. radi-allahu anhu / anha / anhum means: May Allah please him / her / them and is prayed after the names of the Companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad or the Promised Messiah as. rh rahmatullah alaih means: may Allah have mercy on him and is prayed after the names of deceased pious Muslims who were not companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw or the Promised Messiah as. VI

7 Acknowledgments I owe a big thank you to Fatima Abid and Munawwar Abid for their collaboration in the preparation of this translation. I would also like to thank Mr. Irfan Tariq Hübsch for the proofreading, the typesetting and the design of the book cover, on which Mr. Masroor Ahmad also contributed. Mubarak Ahmad Tanveer Head of the Publications Department (Tasneef) Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany VII

8 Foreword The 37th Jalsa Salana of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Great Britain took place from July 25 to 27, 2003 in Islamabad, Tilford and Surrey. The special feature of this Jalsa was that it was the first since the beginning of the fifth Khilafat 1 and at the same time also the first Jalsa Salana, in which the fifth caliph, Hadhrat Amir-ul-Momineen Mirza Masroor Ahmad atba, took part. His equally knowledgeable and refreshing speeches strengthened the faith of the participants. At this historic Jalsa Salana, I was given the opportunity to give a speech on what has Ahmadiyyat brought to the world? to keep. Before I started preparing the speech, I asked Hudhur 2 for a prayer. Hudhur replied to my letter as follows: I have received your letter. May Allah give you the strength to prepare your speech very well. May He light up your mind and untie the knots of your tongue. Recite this prayer several times, My Lord, open my chest and untie the knot of my tongue, and then begin preparing for your speech. May Allah have mercy and help you. Alhamdullillah suma Alhamdullillah 3 that through the blessing of this prayer, Allah has guided and supported me every step of the way. Falhamdullillah Aala Zalik 4. Several friends have expressed the wish to have this speech published as a book because of its important subject. I have complied with your request, I have revised the speech. 1 Khilafat means the succession of prophets. The fifth caliph of the Promised Messiah is referred to here. In the following, Khilafat is translated as caliphate. 2 Hudhur is an honorary title for the caliph. 3 Translation: All Praise be to Allah, again, all Praise be to Allah. 4 Translation: I thank Allah for this success. VIII

9 and made some necessary additions. Now it is available as a book. I pray to Allah that He will accept this attempt and that the publication of this book will be blessed in every way. May Allah see that this book answers the questions of non-Ahmadis and may they receive the strength to accept the truth. Amien. Mr. Waseem Ahmad Tahir and Mr. Bilal Ahmad Waseem supported me in the preparation of this book. May Allah reward you for this in the best possible way. Amien. Humbly, Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid Imam of the Fazl Mosque in London London, 14 Aug 200 IX

10 In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful What has Ahmadiyyat brought to the world? It is He Who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He might make them prevail over all religions, even if the idolaters hate it. (Surat Saff, verse 10) This question, in which there is both astonishment, curiosity and a hidden objection, is usually asked by other Muslims, non-Ahmadis. These Muslims ask this question with the basic assumption that our religion, Islam, is an already perfect religion. So what, so the allegation, can the Ahmadiyyat give us? If it is replied that the Ahmadiyyat did not give the world anything new, but only spread the message of Islam, their answer is: Islam is enough for us. We don't need the Ahmadiyyat. Non-Muslims want to know what is the difference between Islam and the Ahmadiyyat, and what the 10th

11 Ahmadiyyat also contributed to Islam. That should be thought about. This Janus-headed question needs a detailed answer, which I am trying to explain here, if Allah gives me the strength to do so! 11

12 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? What is the Ahmadiyyat? Ahmadiyyat means to bring Islam back to life and is a worldwide movement that aims to bring Islam to victory 5. It is a movement that was brought about by the will and support of Allah. A plant that Allah planted with His own hands and that He personally protects. This eternal God has promised that this heavenly movement, planted by Himself, will advance and spread throughout the world. Ahmadiyyat is the movement that proclaims the good news that the time is approaching when the promise of Allah will be fulfilled. According to His promise, Allah has appointed the most humble servant and most loyal follower of the Prophet Muhammad saw, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from Qadian as, as the Promised Messiah and Promised Mahdi. His arrival only serves the purpose of resurrecting, spreading, and triumphing Islam. The teachings of Islam, founded on the words of Allah, the Quran, are perfect in every way and will be protected until the last day. There is no doubt at all that no change, revision or addition can ever be made to the Holy Quran. Neither a new religion will come, nor will a new law of God be written. The Holy Prophet Muhammad saw prophesied that modern Muslims will forget Islam and ascribe their own self-made doctrines and actions to Islam. 5 The victory of Islam does not mean that Islam will triumph over all other beliefs by force in a war . What is meant is a spiritual victory, which means that in the future the majority of people will recognize that Islam is superior to other beliefs and therefore voluntarily accept Islam. (Note of the translation) 12

13 WHAT IS THE AHMADIYYAT? be practiced. This prophecy also says that as soon as this condition prevails, the gracious and merciful God will not leave the true followers of the beloved Prophet Muhammad saw without help and assistance. On the contrary, He will send the Mahdi for their support and guidance, who according to Yaheiyo Deen Wa Yuqimo Sharia (meaning follows; Note) will bring Islam back to life and reinstate its law. He will educate these bogus Muslims to become real Muslims through His Holy Power. Through this spiritual reformation and the spread of true Islam, Islam will ultimately convince the entire world. The Ahmadiyyat is the proclamation of the truth that all the promises of Allah have been fulfilled and the Promised Messiah as has already come. He appeared and gloriously fulfilled what Allah promised. The Ahmadiyyat has given the world nothing but Islam. Nor can she give her anything new, because Islam is a perfect religion in every respect. However, the Ahmadiyyat showed the world true Islam and the living God, introduced it to the living prophet and proclaimed firm belief in the living book. The Ahmadiyyat gave the world everything it needed at that time, clearly presented the doctrines and practice, and thus laid the foundation for the victory of Islam over all other religions. It has shown how bright and vibrant Islamic life is and has repeatedly provoked a revolution in the faith of its followers. 13th

14 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? After all these outstanding achievements, the Imam as6 of the time passed away. Today his Jamaat is busy making the world a better place, serving humanity and spreading Islam. She goes out into the world and calls out: Mahmood! We will make the truth visible, even if we have to move the core of the earth for this! The Ahmadiyyat is the tree that Allah planted with His own hands. Usually only one kind of fruit grows on a tree, but this one is a miracle tree on which various kinds of fresh fruit ripen. Its fruits are sweet and ripen all over the world, as this is the pure tree whose kindness goes far beyond all borders of this world. At all times its branches are hung with sweet fruits. There is no specific harvest time as it is a tree that never gets to see autumn. Despite the storm, this tree thrives very quickly and is indestructible. The one who tries to cut down this tree falls by himself. The one who tries to harm it fails and is unsuccessful because this is the tree of the true servant of Holy Prophet Muhammad saw, the tree of the Promised Messiah as, the tree of the one who breathed life back into Ahmadiyyat and thus Islam. This is the blessed tree whose protector is Allah Personal. Almighty God, the God 6 Imam of time means guide of time. Reference is made here to the death of the Promised Messiah as who is the founder of the Ahmadiyyat and is therefore largely responsible for the achievements described above. 14th

15 of all worlds is personally responsible for its protection and growth. Just as one cannot count the particles of the earth and the stars in the sky, it is impossible to count the sweet fruits of the tree of the Ahmadiyyat. It is impossible to grasp the heavenly and earthly signs that have appeared for the Ahmadiyyat. So it is with the kindness that the Ahmadiyyat has given the world, the immense blessings and the numerous gifts that have been given to mankind, the sweet fruits that have grown and will continue to grow on this pure tree. All of these can be tried to be counted, but cannot be put into words. What has the Ahmadiyyat done to spread Islam and what has it given the world? This is a question to which many answers could be given, and each answer would have a beauty and charm of its own, for each answer would reveal some aspect of the beauty of the Ahmadiyyat. 15th

16 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? Living God Firm belief in Allah is the foundation of religion and the center of spirituality. Islam has presented Allah as a living being who is Lord over the universe and all worlds. It is possible to see this God in this world. Proof of His existence is that He hears and answers the prayers of His people. Allah says: Pray to Me, I want to answer your prayers. (Surat Momin, verse 61) The same God also promises that if the faith is true and the believer is steadfast, he will also be rewarded with revelations and can speak to angels, both in this world and in the hereafter. It is regrettable, however, that the Muslims of the past have forgotten all these beautiful teachings and thus have shown weakness in their faith. They no longer believed in the living God and denied that God brought revelations. All the things that are very clearly emphasized in the Quran and that place Islam above all other religions, all of these have been forgotten or rejected by the Muslims. In their meetings they stopped mentioning Allah and there was no one to speak of the word of Allah. Answering prayers was a thing of the past. In these dark and desperate times, the praise of the unity of God was uttered with vigor from a small and unknown town called Qadian:

17 LIVING GOD God still speaks to whoever He wants. He's still talking to the one He loves even now. This glorious praise comes from the founder of the Ahmadiyyat, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from Qadian as. He brought the desperate Muslims the good news that our God is a living God, of whose qualities not a single quality can be exposed and He is still today hears how He used to hear. He still speaks today, just as He spoke before. The Promised Messiah as said: The living religion is that in which one experiences a living God. The living God is the one who reveals himself directly to us or at least we can directly receive His revelations. I want to give the good news to the whole world that this living God is the God of Islam. (Majmuaa Ishteharaat published in London 1984, Volume 2, page 311) The Promised Messiah as has taken himself and his own experience as a basis for this good news and said: Look here, Allah has bestowed this blessing on me. He as further said: Having a physical relationship with Allah is only possible through the acceptance of Islam, otherwise not. Come, I'll show you where the living God is and what people He is with. He is with Islam. Islam is currently Moses Mount (Tur), where God speaks. The god who turned 17

18 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? spoke to prophets and then fell silent. Today He speaks in the heart of a Muslim. (Rohani Khazain, published in London 1984, Volume 11, Appendix Anjaam Atham, page 62) This announcement of the Promised Messiah as was revolutionary and shook the world of religions to its foundations. This witness of Allah had magnetic powers, all good souls flocked to him en masse. They feasted on his piety and blessings and developed into godly people. They became people who could show God to the whole world. Through the Ahmadiyyat, Allah's goodness manifested itself in this world, because He sent the Messiah and Mahdi to the world, who was to show it the living God. He pointed the world to the living signs of the living God and presented true faith. He called himself a witness to the existence of Allah. Through his blessing alone, he produced a revolutionary change in purity in his followers, so much so that they rose to become divine beings. The Ahmadiyyat gave the world a large number of such divine beings, whose experiences now illuminate the path of man to Allah. I would like to mention only one of thousands of examples. A Sahabi 7 of the Promised Messiah as, Hadrat Maulvi Muhammad Ilyas Khan ra, reported that the greatest Qazi 8 of the Qallat district asked him in a large gathering: I ask you whether you have found any other religious leader in the entire Sarhad state you went to Punjab to get the Baiat 9 to 7 companions there, of all places. 8 judges. 9 vows of loyalty 18th

19 LIVING GOD to discard the hand of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani? The faith-strengthening answer that Hadrat Maulvi ra gave to this must be heard. He said, the fact is, I lost my God. I looked for Him in every religion and every religion referred me to the old stories. Everyone I asked if God still speaks today replied, no, He doesn't speak anymore today. I went to the 72 religious communities of Islam and they all replied the same, saying that since the passing of Prophet Muhammad saw Allah does not speak anymore. The door of revelation is closed forever.I concluded that God does not exist, but that He is just a philosophy based on ancient stories. Because I thought that Allah had to be the one who possesses all qualities and is not averse to a single one. How can it be that He spoke earlier and no longer has this quality? I almost became an atheist, but a soft hand grabbed my shoulder from behind and asked, 'What's wrong Muhammad Ilyas, why are you desperate?' I replied, 'I now know the truth about Allah, He is just a philosophy. He does not really exist because whoever I ask says that Allah spoke earlier, but now He does not speak anymore. ' He, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as, took my hand and said: 'Come, I will show you that Allah is still speaking today. Provided, however, that you take off the baiat on my hand, because I am the promised Messiah and Mahdi sent by God. God will reveal himself to you and if He pleases, He will also speak to you

20 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? chen. ' So hear, Qazi, I swear by Allah (and I should be cursed if I take a false oath) that the god of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from Qadian as speaks to me too. I ask you, is there anyone here who can claim that God is speaking to him? The whole assembly was silent and no one answered, so Maulvi Sahib continued: What should I do with Islam, which is only based on traditions and heresy and in which God no longer speaks? Why shouldn't I accept the Islam of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as, through which God is experienced and He turns to one with kind words? "(Hayat-e-Ilyas, author: Abdus-Salam Khan, p. 118) So this shows the living God in a Faith Enhancing Narrative, This is what Ahmadiyyat brought to the world

21 THE TRUE ISLAM The true Islam What has Ahmadiyyat brought to the world? One answer to this is that the Ahmadiyyat gave the world true Islam. Islam, which is the Holy Islam of Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa saw, the true and immaculate message based on the Quran, the best explanations of which can be found in Sunna 10 and Hadith 11 of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. The truth is that the resolution of all human worries and deliverance from all sins, if any, is only possible through Islam. His teachings unleashed a spiritual revolution, ended barbarism in Arabia, idolatry and ungodly conditions. They brought about such a revolution as no eye has seen or heard before; a revolution that was the result of the nightly prayers of our beloved Prophet, Hadrat Muhammad saw, that removed evil and turned sins into goodness, guidance and spirituality. This is the true Islam and this is the Islam that holds the solution to the world's problems even today. This is the true Islam that the Ahmadiyyat brought to the world. The Ahmadiyyat has not given the world a new Islam, it rejects every new and self-invented Islam. The Ahmadiyyat has re-expounded the Islam of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw and brought living examples and the living message of Islam to the world. This is a fact that even his opponents must confirm. A great and well-known poet of the Islamic world said: In Punjab the essential Muslim character is shown in the form of the Ahmadiyyat. (The Muslim community A sociological study by Iqbal) 10 The practice of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. 11 The traditional sayings of the Holy Prophet saw. 21

22 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? The well-known Islamic writer and journalist Illama Niaz Fatehpuri wrote about the Promised Messiah as: There is no doubt that he revived the moral values ​​of Islam and founded a community whose lifestyle we can compare with that of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw . 22nd

23 The Pure Islamic Society THE PURE ISLAMIC SOCIETY The Islamic world is in turmoil today. Love and brotherhood have become a rarity in the hearts of Muslims. The cities of the Islamic countries have become centers of immorality and sinfulness and their villages are devoid of any Islamic morality. If you read the newspapers in these countries, it looks like all the crimes in the world are taking place in these countries. The teachings of Islam and moral standards have fallen so much that it is a shame to associate this immoral society with Islam. When one sees this state, one recalls the verse of a poem: 12 When the people of this society 13 ask what Ahmadiyyat has given the world, we answer that Ahmadiyyat is true to the world that was on the verge of the abyss and showed peaceful way. The Ahmadiyyat has shown the world a true and pure Islamic community living according to the original teachings of Islam. If one searches astutely, he will find this community in every country, in every village, in every community of the Ahmadiyyat, wherever Allah and His Prophet Muhammad saw is remembered, where there is prayer day and night, where Islam is taught Where moral education is upheld, where purity is loved and immorality is hated, where you can see people at 12 Translation: Great sadness, failure, the caravan property is lost, but there is no awareness of loss. 13 The English. 23

24 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? vie for charity work and where people, just like the companions of Prophet Muhammad saw, sacrifice money and life. What else should I mention? This is the living society that exists in the world by the grace of Allah and the blessings of the Ahmadiyyat and is spreading day by day. The Islamic society that the Ahmadiyyat has shown the world in the past is actually only the beginning of the spiritual revolution, through whose blessings the world will experience a state of peace of mind in this new century. There will be a new earth and a new heaven and the entire world will be illuminated with the sunlight of Islam. Today the message of the Ahmadiyyat for the Islamic, yes, the whole world is: Come here so that you can see the light of God here! So see, we have shown you the way to peace. 24

25 THE PURE CHANGE The pure change The appearance of the Promised Messiah as was as beneficial as the Paras Stone (a stone that turns into gold as soon as you touch it). Whoever established a true connection with him, his world changed. They began a new spiritual life and their previous life had died for them. Cleaned from sins, they became models of the pure. Those at the beginning reached the climax of spirituality in no time at all. It is a unique revolution of purity that the Ahmadiyyat gave to the world and that progress is still visible today. The Promised Messiah as writes: I saw in thousands upon thousands of people who took off the Baiat 14 on my hand that their spiritual condition was bad. However, after taking the baiat, she changed for the better. They asked for forgiveness of their sins and began to offer their prayers regularly. However, I still see hundreds in my Jamaat whose hearts have become ache and uneasy just worrying about how to overcome their bad passions. (Rohani Khazain, printed in London, 1984, Volume 22, Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, page 86, note) A famous scholar of Islam in India, Maulvi Hasan Ali Sahibra, laid the Baiat on the hand of the Promised Messiah in 1894 as off. He was known throughout India for his services to Islam. Once he was asked what he got from the baiat? He replied: 14 vows of loyalty. 25th

26 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? I was without a life, now I've got a life. It is not good to speak of your sins in public. The dignity for the Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw that I now have in my heart, I did not have any of this before. All of this is now present thanks to the Promised Messiah as. (Taied-e-Haq, Maulvi Hasan Ali Sahib, 3rd edition, 23 Dec 1932, Allahbhaksh Steam Press Qadian, p. 79) Hadrat Maulana Ghulam Rasool Rajeeki ra reported that Nawab Khan Sahib once had Hadhrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din ra asked: Maulana, you were already a pious person, what else did you get from the Baiat at the Promised Messiah as? Hadrat Maulana ra replied: Nawab Khan! I have benefited a lot from the baiat, one of which is that until before the baiat at the Promised Messiah as I saw the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw only in dreams, but now I can see him even while awake. (Hayate-Nur, Author: Shaikh Abdul Qadir Sahib Saudagarmal, p. 194) The history of the Ahmadiyyat is enriched with examples of how Ahmadiyyat created a spiritual revolution in the lives of newly converted people. The Ahmadiyyat freed them from sin and made them aware of the true teachings of Islam. There were those among them who were known to be the worst predators in their neighborhoods, but even they changed their lives so much that they appropriated some qualities of God. There were some that day 26

27 THE PURE CHANGE accepted bribes on a daily basis until they accepted Ahmadiyyat and then went through the villages laden with purses to give back their bribes to those who accepted them. There were Christians who insulted the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw every day before going to bed. However, when they converted to Ahmadiyyat, they cleaned their mouths with rose water and said blessing prayers on the Holy Prophet saw before going to bed. The British Bashir Orchard converted from Christianity to Ahmadiyyat in 1944. He stopped indulging in gambling and alcohol. He became a very devout person and joined the Wassiyat 15 program by promising to donate a third of his property to the community. He made a lifelong commitment to the ward and then served as an English missionary for many years. Ali Rogers from Sierra Leone had accepted the Ahmadiyyat at a very young age. He had twelve wives at the time. After the conversion, however, he followed Islamic teaching, lived with only four wives and separated from the others. (Excerpt from Mahanama Ansarullah Rabwah, March 1984, pages 30 and 31) A well-known musician from America joined the Ahmadiyyat. He renounced music and thus also his income, lived a very withdrawn and simple life and regularly said the Tahajud prayer 16. He began to love the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw so much that tears came to his eyes. as soon as he heard his name. (Excerpt from Mahanama Khalid Rabwah, Jan. 1988, page 40, Khutba Jumma given by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmed (ra) on Oct. 16, 1987) 15 The Wassiyat is a program revealed by God to the Promised Messiah as, through his participation and Following the human being can attain a higher spiritual rank. 16 A voluntary prayer performed before the Fajr prayer, which is prayed just before sunrise. 27

28 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? These are not fables about evolving into pure souls. These are facts, miracles, and belief-building facts, many of which the Ahmadiyyat could list. These phenomena can be seen everywhere and every part of the earth is witness to them. The Promised Messiah as writes: The progress that my Jamaat has made in piety is a miracle in itself. (Sirat-ul-Mahdi, published in Qadian 1935, Volume 1, page 165) An Indian newspaper confirmed this fact in the following words: In the holy city of Qadian lived an Indian prophet who influenced his surroundings with his piety and good qualities . These characteristics can be found in its thousands of followers. (Statesmen Delhi Feb. 12, 1949, excerpt from Tehrik-e-Ahmadiyyat from Barkaat Ahmed Sahib Rajeeki, published in Qadian 1958, page 13) The time when thousands of members of the Jamaat exhibited these characteristics is long gone. Now there are millions and soon there will be billions who stand out with their good deeds. This worldwide spiritual revolution is the message that the Ahmadiyyat gave to the world. The Promised Messiah as says further: You will recognize this tree by its fruits and the sun by its light. (Rohani Khazain, London 1984, Volume 3, Fateh-e-Islam, page 44) 28

29 THE CALIFENTUM OF THE AHMADIYYAT AS A GIFT The Caliphacy of the Ahmadiyyat as a gift The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat not only introduced the world to true Islam, but also gave it spiritual guidance, which is called Nizam-e-Khilafat 17 in Islamic terminology becomes. This is a blessed institution that Allah has promised to the believers who, through their virtuous conduct, prove themselves worthy of the gift. At the time of the first believers, Allah showed this grace in the form of Khilafat-e-Rashida 18, which later developed into head of state and then completely disappeared. The loss of this grace led the Muslims to fall deeply into wickedness. Allah sent the Promised Messiah as for the revival of Islam. He was conferred the Ummati prophecy 19 and according to the promise 20 of Allah, the caliphity was introduced into the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Those who have so far deprived themselves of this blessing from Allah have strayed around in corruption and darkness, and even today failure and corruption are fate 17 Nizam means system, in this case the system of succession to the Prophet. 18 Khilafat-e-Rashida literally means righteous discipleship and refers to the four rightly guided caliphs in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. 19 Ummati literally means follower of the Holy Prophet saw, which implies that he is a prophet in the allegiance of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. Translation: There was never a prophethood that was not followed by a caliphate. 29

30 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? the denier. But those whose hearts have been illuminated with the light of caliphacy have sacrificed their lives for the flame of caliphacy and feel it is an honor to obey every call of the caliph, sacrificing money, honor and life in the process. See and hear how Allah has sent down unusually blessed rain on them. With the blessing of the institution of caliphacy, the Ahmadiyyat has made progress and consolidated itself in every area of ​​piety. Every fear turned into peace. Today it is the only Jamaat in the whole world that is blessed with the caliphate. History bears witness that every act of hostility against the caliphate of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has failed. Be it the incitement of Paighami 21 or Ahrari 22, the nationwide riots of 1953 or 1974 and the heartbreaking events that followed, as a result of which the earth of Pakistan was smeared with the blood of innocent Ahmadis. With its determined leadership the Jamaat has made glorious progress after each attack, and with the blessing of the Caliphate has won great victories. The willingness to sacrifice, love and loyalty of the followers reached their climax, whereby even the unrest was unable to suppress the smiles from the faces of the believers. The one who announced that he would press the begging stick on the Ahmadis was hanged. The one who made it his life's work to eradicate the cancerous tumor called Ahmadiyyat turned into 21 A group of followers of the Promised Messiah as who, after the death of the first caliph, rejected caliphism and thereby caused a division in the community, are called Paighami or Lahories called (Note on the translation). 22 Refers to a group of Muslim opponents of the Ahmadiyyat who caused unrest in Qadian, the birthplace of the Promised Messiah as. 30th

31 THE CALIFENTUM OF THE AHMADIYYAT AS A GIFT turned to ashes in a worldly hellfire, no part of his body could be found again. 23 Caliphation is a gift from God. This institution was not invented by humans but was planted by Allah. This institution is the heartbeat of the Ummah 24's unity, the foundation of their cohesion and the key to their victory. It is the signature of the believers' faith. The resurrection of Islam is linked to the caliphate, to this blessed, heavenly institution that the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw prophesied. 25 It is a grace from Allah that He blesses us with caliphate, a sign that this community is on the right track as it is the only one among the 73 groups within Islam to whom Allah has given such a gift. Here is the great message that Allah brought to the whole world with the caliphate: 23 The author refers to the death of the Pakistani general and head of state Zia-ul-Haq. He incited large-scale campaigns against the Ahmadiyyat and was responsible for a number of murders of Ahmadis.The then fourth caliph, Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad rh, warned Zia-ul-Haq urgently that if he did not abandon his transgressions, God would destroy him. The caliph called out a mubahila (religious contest): He who is not supported by God should be destroyed. Days before the mysterious (a lightning strike is believed to be the cause) crash of the plane occupied by senior government officials, the fourth caliph announced to the community that Allah's punishment for Zia-ul-Haq is near. At the crash site, Zia-ul-Haq could only be identified by his teeth, the rest of the body was completely destroyed by the flames. Translation: Finally, the era of caliphacy will begin again, in the manner of prophethood. 31

32 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? Oh people! You who are looking for security, if you are really looking for peace and security, come under the protective shadow of the caliphy of the Ahmadiyyat. Otherwise, be reminded that without the caliphate you will only go astray and there will be failure. Hear the voice of Imam-uz-Zaman 26: O peoples, come here, since the moon can be seen. What do you sit in the darkness day and night? Come to me with sincerity, for there is security in that. There are predators everywhere, I am the fortress of security. 26 religious leader of the time. 32

33 SYSTEM OF JAMAAT System of Jamaat Our beloved Lord the Prophet Muhammad saw was asked how we will recognize the happy church that will be the only one on the right path when the Muslims in 73 churches are divided recently . The Holy Prophet Muhammad saw answered this question as follows: Listen, the heavenly church will only be known because it will be a Jamaat 27. Your name will be Jamaat and your business will be Jamaat. It will have the quality of the word Jamaat in it. This word is the key to realizing true fellowship. The word jamaat implies a united, orderly church that has a solid foundation and an imam, to whom there is unconditional obedience and with whom every member of the jamaat is fully connected. If this Jamaat can be found in the world today, it is only with the Ahmadiyyat. It is the idea of ​​a unified and ordered system that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community gave to the scattered Muslims of this time. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, through his grace, gave Allah the institution of caliphate, which functions like prophethood. The caliph is determined by Allah. He is the spiritual and organizational head as well as the heart of the Jamaat. The caliph has to answer to God and each member 27 Jamaat means a community under the leadership of an imam. 33

34 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? is connected with the Caliphacy. Under the caliphate, the Ahmadiyyat established a well-established and detailed Jamaat system that is unique in every respect. The Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya is the headquarters in the Jamaat system. There is a Nazaraat for different departments. A great project called Tehrik-e-Jadid has been launched to spread Islam outside of Pakistan. The Waqfe-Jadid-Project was set up in order to evangelize in rural areas and to do educational work, which has meanwhile spread all over the world. For religious and fiqa (Islamic judiciary) matters there is the institution called Dar-ul-Aftha and in disputed cases the Dar-ul-Qadha advises. After the caliphate, the Majlis-e-Shura (Consultative Assembly) is the most important institution that deals with important advice. This institution exists worldwide. The Nusrat Jahan Project aims to improve education and medical care in developing countries. There is an established system of financial affairs at every level called the Bait-ul-Maal. In the Jamaat there are the sub-organizations Ansarullah, Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya, Lajna Imaillah and Nasiratul-Ahmadiyya for the religious education of the members, which are placed directly under the supervision of the caliph. Besides these, there are many other institutions in this orderly system that offer their services in matters of education, upbringing, publications and charity work. This is just a small bundled and incomplete representation of this great system that exists in the Jamaat. It is a complete, well-organized, educational and spiritual system that has been given to the world in our time through the Khilafat-e-Rashida Ahmadiyya, which is not only in the Islamic world, but worldwide 34

35 is looking for its own kind. This system in itself is a living sign of the truth of the Ahmadiyyat. This is just as much her distinguishing feature as life for worldwide success. 35

36 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? Decision-making in case of disagreement According to Word 28 (Hakaman Adalan) of a Hadith of Holy Prophet Muhammad saw, the Promised Messiah as would make the right decision in discussions between Muslims with Allah's guidance. The Promised Messiah as gave the Muslims true knowledge of the Islamic Articles of Faith, made them aware of their mistakes and corrected them. He also proved through rational and source-rich argumentation that these Islamic beliefs are correct. The work that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has done for the clarification of the beliefs is very extensive in detail, so I will limit myself to only a few. 28 Translation: The just judge. 36

37 THE DEATH OF HADHRAT JESUS ​​(PEACE BE ON HIM) The death of Hadrat Jesus (peace be upon him) It is a terrifying notion that Muslims believe that Jesus as did not die, but is still alive in heaven today, to descend from heaven in the end times and save and liberate the Ummat-e-Muhammadiyya from dire dangers. This belief is unfounded and without a solid foundation. It is clear that this assumption against the dignity of the Prophet Muhammad, yes, is tantamount to a contempt for the Prophet saw, because from this view it should be concluded that the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw was plagued by difficulties and needed help. Be it the events of Shabe-abi-Talib or the emigration to Medina, be it the trip to Taif or the wars of Uhud and Hunnain. In all these events did Allah - Allah protect! - did not help the Prophet saw and not give protection? But when Jesus as faced difficulties, was the love of Allah so strong that he lifted him up to heaven, where he lives to this day? And when in the end times the Ummat-e-Muslim is attacked from all sides, when all Christian powers will fight her, will an Israelite prophet come to protect her? This is an argument with which Christians place the dignity and position of Jesus as above that of Hadrat Muhammad saw. Unfortunately, the Muslims were unable to formulate an answer to this self-made belief. But then the Ahmadiyyat appeared and freed the Islamic world from this false belief. The Promised Messiah as made it clear to the world that there is no indication or proof in the Quran or in any hadith that Jesus as was still alive. Rather, the natural death of Jesus as can be proven in thirty verses of the Holy Quran and in many hadiths. The assumption 37

38 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? that Jesus as is living in heaven is illogical, a violation of the attributes of Allah, pagan, yes, a belief that taints the dignity of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. Furthermore, historical testimonies and discoveries from this time confirm Jesus as death. The Ahmadiyyat has conveyed the good news to the world that today the Ummat-e Muslim women do not depend on the prophet of another people for their improvement and legal guidance, but that today every community, indeed all of humanity, for their own improvement on the Community of Muhammad saw is dependent. So rejoice and bow down before Allah and thank Him for bringing us today the servant of Muhammad saw, a glorious, spiritual son named Ghulam Ahmad as, who follows in the footsteps of his Master, Hadrat Muhammad saw, and who as Imam of the time is a blessing to us. Look and hear and tell the world 29 that the position of Muhammad saw is without doubt and assumption higher than that of Jesus as. Look! Whose servant is the Messiah of this time. 29 Translation of a verse of a poem by the Promised Messiah as: It is beyond human imagination / to grasp the rank of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw / look! Whose servant is the Messiah of this time. 38

39 THE REAL MEANING OF KHATM-E-NABUWAT The Real Meaning of Khatm-e-Nabuwat When it comes to Khatm-e-Nabuwat 30, there is a lot of misunderstanding among Muslims. Even today, Muslims believe that Allah has ended the greatest mercy for people, prophethood. The grace of prophethood, which Allah announced to the believers in the Quran as good news, is now said to have completely ceased to exist? Is it possible, then, to have a more dangerous and terrifying idea about prophethood? Is it possible, then, to have even greater concerns about the high position of Holy Prophet Muhammad saw? Without understanding the correct meaning of Khatm-e-Nabuwat, the Muslims with their misconceptions gave the Christians the opportunity to humiliate and abuse the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. It is ultimately regrettable that the Muslims do not show shame and indignation, otherwise they would have thought about all of this. The Promised Messiah as has publicly stated that the correct meaning of Khatm-e-Nabuwat is that our beloved Lord and Master, Hadrat Muhammad saw, is the most eminent, dignified, pious and glorious of all the prophets in the world. The liberation of the whole world depends on him and his blessings will last until doomsday. Every spiritual gift and blessing depends on its servants. Those who receive anything from it receive it only through him, and those who do not benefit from their blessings will remain disadvantaged forever. The Promised Messiah as writes: 30 Literally means seal of the prophet. 39

40 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? If we see correctly, then we realize that among all prophets the most dignified and most loved by Allah can only be the leader, the pride, yes, the crown of all prophets, only the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba saw. Walking under its shadow for ten days is like being rewarded with a light that has not been seen for the past thousand years. (Rohani Khazaein, published in London 1984, Volume 12, Siraj-ul-Munir, page 80) The Promised Messiah as explains further: Allah made the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw the seal of the Prophets. This means that Allah has given him the seal of perfection that no other prophet has received. That's why it's called Khatam-e-Nabiyeen. This means that his observance leads to perfection, and his spiritual influence gives the prophet a form whose holy power no other prophet has received. (Rohani Khazaein, published in London 1984, Volume 22, Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, page 100, footnote) 40

41 The High Rank of the Holy Quran THE HIGH Rank of the Holy Quran The Muslim community has been bestowed with the great blessing of the Quran. However, it is regrettable that at the time the Ahmadiyyat came into being, the book, which contains knowledge, legal guidance and guidance, was only a meaningless one. The Quran was called the Book of Ancient Stories. Some have started to put the hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw above the Quran. What a shame that this book, a treasure for mankind, blessed and of great glory, has been despised and denied by Muslims. At that time, the Promised Messiah appeared and introduced the world to the true beauty of the Quran. He presented the Quran as a living book, defended it with strong arguments and proved that every single word of this Holy Book is from God himself and not a single letter can be changed or deleted until the last day of the week. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge and revelation and will set the whole world free. The Promised Messiah as writes about the Quran: Just as little as we can see without eyes, hear without ears or speak without tongue, just as little is it possible to see the face of God without the Quran. (Rohani Khazaein, published in London 1984, Volume 10, Islami Aasulk-i-Falasphie, pages 128 and 129) The Promised Messiah as advised his congregation: "Another very essential teaching for you is that you should be the saints Quran not set aside like some book that has been forgotten, for in the Holy Quran and nowhere else is your life

42 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? Honor holy books are to be honored in the hereafter itself. Those who hold the Holy Quran above any tradition and any other proposition are to be preferred in the hereafter. Now there is no divine book for all mankind anywhere on the vast surface of the earth except the Holy Quran; for the sons of man there is no messenger or mediator except Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him! "(Rohani Khazaein, published in London 1984, Volume 19, Khisti-e-Nuh, page 15) The Promised Messiah writes about the Love of the Quran: The real and perfect signposts of salvation can only be found in the Holy Quran; all other scriptures and books were only a shadow of it. Therefore, you should study this Holy Scriptures very carefully and thoughtfully, and you should they love as you have never loved anything else. (Rohani Khazaein, published in London 1984, Volume 19, Khisti-e-Nuh, page 28) The Promised Messiah as and his caliphs have served the Quran so much, difficult, yes, made puzzling revelations and thereby triggered a wave of love for the Quran in the Jamaat, which outsiders also confirm. ”A respected non-Ahmadi journalist, Mian Muhammad Aslam, wrote about his visit to Qa dian, the then headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: The true love for the Quran, which I saw in Qadian, I have never seen anywhere else. In the Ahmadi city of Qadian, I saw the Quran everywhere I looked. The Ahmadiyya-Jamaat in Qadian is a Jamaat that is in the world only for the sake of Allah 42

43 THE HIGH LEVEL OF THE HOLY QURAN Obey the Quran and serve Islam. (Excerpt from Al-Badr Qadian, March 13, 1913, 13/2, pages 6-9) I once experienced an example of the true love for the Quran in the hearts of the Ahmadis in London, when our British Ahmadi brother Dawood Summers at the age of 70, with a sincere love of the Quran, began learning to read it. He had barely done ten chapters when he passed away. The Ahmadiyyat has exposed traditional beliefs of their falsehood and brought the right doctrines to the world, which prove the uniqueness of Allah, the dignity of Islam and the glory of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. Furthermore, the Promised Messiah as cleared the face of Islam from all stains so that the reason for his arrival was fulfilled: God sent me to prove that the living book of the Quran, the living religion of Islam and the living Prophet Muhammad Mustafa saw is. (Majmooa Ishteraat, published in London 1984, Volume 3, page 267, notice of May 25, 1900) In addition to these three fundamental aspects, the Ahmadiyyat has corrected other false beliefs of the Muslims and guided them correctly. For example, the real meaning of the arrival of Imam Mahdi as, the nature of Dajaal 31, the correct idea of ​​31 Literal translation from the dictionary Lisa-nul-Arab: Solid liar; The wealthy; A large number of people who are widespread; Merchants. Explanation: The essential quality of the Dajjal is that he is a very firm liar and pervert. He is deceiving, it is also said in a hadith that he would depict hell as if it were paradise, and paradise as if it were hell Sahih Bukhari, Kitabul-Ambiya (Note:). 43

44 WHAT DID AHMADIYYAT BRING TO THE WORLD? Islam from Jihad, the unity and position of the Quran and the Hadith and other points, the explanations of which can be found in the Ahmadiyya literature. 44

45 THE SPIRITUAL TREASURES The spiritual treasures According to this Quranic inverse (Sura As Saaf, verse 10) 32 it is envisaged that the promised Messiah as to be published would place Islam above all other religions. Through Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as this prophecy was fulfilled with splendor and glory. A prime example of this is the Conference of the Greatest Religions that took place in Lahore in 1896.In this meeting, the Promised Messiah as answered five given questions so impressively presented the philosophy of the teachings of Islam that everyone without exception had to confirm that this speech was the best. Allah has enriched the Promised Messiah as in His grace with much knowledge and also taught him how this knowledge can best be conveyed through word and writing. There is an indescribable power in his words that enchants hearts. Even his opponents confirmed this. At his death, a great scholar of the subcontinent, Maulana Abu Alkalaam Azad, named the Promised Messiah as a victorious general. The knowledge given to him is the heavenly lance that broke through the senseless walls. His incomparable power, which does not set, persists after his death and proves the superiority of Islam. Not only Ahmadi missionaries, even non-Ahmadi scholars, use the scriptures of the Promised Messiah and mention them in their scriptures. 32 It is He Who sent His Messenger with the guidance and religion of truth that He might let them prevail all religions, even if the idolaters hate it. 45