I am looking for a repair solution for the bathroom

Bathroom & kitchen

Molto offers you a complete package for maintenance and repairs in the sanitary area.

The Molto sanitary area includes:

Molto bathtub lacquer set: For easy renovation and freshening up of bathtubs, shower trays and wash basins. For all surfaces, e.g. ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, enamel and cast iron steel. Complete set including sandpaper, roller, paint tray and gloves.

Molto repair paint pen:For quickly repairing small cracks, chips and scratches on sanitary elements and kitchen components.

Molto repair kit: Complete set for ceramics, enamel, porcelain, etc. For the quick and easy removal of optical damage to sanitary elements and kitchen components. Consists of: repair paint pen, filler, hardener, sandpaper, spatula.

Molto silicone remover: Removes silicone residues and dirt easily and quickly - ideal for perfect further processing of joints.

Molto tile cleaner: For removing lime, cement, dirt and other deposits on stone and ceramic tiles. Ideal for cleaning tiles, e.g. after grouting or before using Molto tile lacquer.

Molto ceramic & chrome cleaner: To remove stubborn dirt from sanitary facilities. Does not contain any abrasives and does not leave any scratch marks.

Molto Grout Cleaner: For thorough cleaning of tile grout on walls and floors. Penetrates grease and dirt deposits as well as soap scum residues and removes them effectively. Ideal for preparing the joints for freshening up with Molto Fugen-Frisch.

Molto joint filler: For quickly repairing small damage or dowel holes in tile joints.

Molto tile fix: For all indoor tiles. 3in1 - glues, joins and repairs in one. Can be used straight from the tube. Easy to process.

Molto Fugen-Frisch: A complete set, consisting of ready-to-use white special paint, brush and sponge - for freshening up old and unsightly tile joints.