Where can I buy hypodermic needles?

Where do you get syringes with a needle?

  • Hello

    I have a strange question . I need a syringe with a needle. But where do you get it from? I've already asked in pharmacies, they told me they weren't allowed to hand that in, and I got the same answer from the family doctor.

    Do you have an idea?

    I thank you!

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  • what do you need them for?

    So I was told at the paramedic school that you can buy syringes and needles in the pharmacy. have you tried it in another pharmacy? I hope you don't want to do any illegal things with it

  • From the pharmacy.

    At that time it cost about 10-20 ct - but it was still penny times, I mean ;-).

    ?? At that time I didn't know that there were retractable ink cartridges and I just filled them with a syringe ... ??

  • We have vending machines ... They hang around there and you can pull syringes with needles like cigarettes ...

  • No, for God's sake, I don't want to do anything illegal! I have an aquarium and have extreme algae problems with it. An aquarist gave me the tip to fill a syringe with an algae killer and inject it directly into the algae. And unfortunately that only works with a needle.

    Yes, I've tried it in two pharmacies so far, both of which said they shouldn't give it to me ?? Okay, the use is absurd, but the pure truth. But they didn't quite believe me, do I have the feeling?

  • From the hospital ?? I took some with me to practice ?? But in principle they can also be ordered on the Internet. But the question is what are you going to do with it? And what kind of syringe and needle do you want exactly?

  • I needed this to fill my e-cigarette. And I got it without any problems in the pharmacy without asking. How old are you? Maybe it's that?

  • I always got them in pharmacies without any problems. A more definite appearance might help: less "Do you have any syringes", more "I need ten times five cubic meters, five needles yellow and five blue ones."

    I bought mine btw for trips to Africa. In countries with 30% HIV infection, I like to be on the safe side should I need an injection. Maybe that's a starting point when someone asks you what you need it for.

  • Sounds just as stupid as the cartridge justification :-D.
    I simply told the pharmacist what I needed it for, had the empty cartridge with me and got both without any problems.

    But ... even if you want to do something illegal with it - shouldn't you be happy if you at least make an effort to keep things clean: -X?

  • But ... even if you want to do something illegal with it - you shouldn't be happy if you at least make an effort to keep things clean ?

    I think that's exactly why we have 1 to 2 of these machines in town ..

  • My first advice would have been a pharmacy, but you don't seem to have had any luck - maybe try another pharmacy.

    But what do you need the syringe for anyway? For cooking ?

  • Oh, ok, so it doesn't matter what kind of syringe and what kind of needle.

    Take a look e.g. here:


    There are also enough other pages. Just have to see that you can get this one by one.

  • Hi

    and if you get stuck, have a look at electronics retailers.

    Syringes with needles are also needed, e.g. for the application of heat transfer agents in SMD technology



  • In the pharmacy! I've never had any problems with it (and no, I don't need it for illegal purposes either!). I could get pretty much all sizes and various needles (from normal cannulas to butterfly). They weren't expensive either.

    Alternatively, maybe ask your family doctor and leave a donation for the coffee cup!

    But I am really surprised that pharmacies refuse ...

  • Well then to the pharmacy, when you've all got this done, it seems to be working. I also try it on occasion. Just go to another pharmacy. As far as I can see, you only get them in bulk online, that's the problem

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