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Noun suffixes: -chen (as inBit) | -e (as inLove) | -ei (as inBakery) | -el (as inSleeve) | -en (as inPoland) | -er (as inBerliner) | -Ness (as inChildhood) | -ien (as inJordan) | -iker (as inPlaywright) | -in (as inProfessor) | -hood (as inCleanliness) | -lein (as inLittle man) | -ler (as inArtist) | -ling (as inSpring) | -nis (as inSecret) | -rich (as inEnsign) | -sal (as inTrickle) | -shank (as inPassion) | -sel (as inSouvenirs) | -tum (as inBourgeoisie) | -ung (as inElevation)

Adjectival suffixes: -bar (as inmobile) | -en (as ingolden) | -erig (as inpeppery) | -ern (as instone) | -subject (as insimple) | -free (as inlead-free) | -like (as injoking) | -ig (as inbusy) | -isch (as inSwabian) | -ly (as indomestic) | -Come on (as injoyless) | -moderate (as inprofessional) | -sam (as insignificant) | -sch (as inpomeranian)

Verb derivation suffixes: -el (as infooling around) | -er (as inholes) | -ig (as inclean)

Other suffixes of the German language: -ab | -end | -ens | -lei | -times

Place name suffixes: -a; -Oh; -atsch; -atz; -atzsch; -au; -aue; -bach; -beck; -bek; -mountain; -borg; -broich; -born; -well; -Fountain; -Castle; -brück; -bridge; -bruges; -bush; -by; -bu; -dal; -Village; -dorp; -druf; -druff; -eck; -harrow; -egk; -egg; -end; -ey; -field; -felde; -rock; -ford; -forest; -fort; -ford; -furth; -förde; -guest; -port; -hagen; -grove; -hammer; -hard; -hausen; -haven; -pagan; -home; -court; -hoff; -holm; -get; -Wood; -hoven; -horst; -husen; -hübel; -hut; -in; -ing; -ingen; -itsch; -itz; -itzsch; -kerken; -kirch; -kirchen; -monastery; -country; -Life; -lohe; -mark; -market; -mole; -molen; - oils; - oils; -mill; -Mill; -mills; -ow; -ov; -rich; -roda; -rode; -rose; -lake; -city; -stedt; -stone; -city; -stetten; -sund; -valley; -trop; troop; -vörde; -Forest; -walde; - cheeks; -hamlet; -wold; -wolde; -zell

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