Where can I find out everything about UFOs

UFO sightings are increasing

According to the American National UFO Reporting Center, there were 8,696 UFO sightings worldwide in 2014. But there is cause for concern: interstellar tourism appears to be in crisis. Since the record year 2014, the number of UFOs sighted has been falling. The increase in recent years is due, among other things, to increased tests by the space company SpaceX in the USA and research into new space technologies.

With his recent appearance on James Cordens “Late Late Show”, former US President Barack Obama reignited the theories about unknown flying objects. He jokingly commented on alleged secret alien research projects in the United States, but then denied the existence of these. Still, Obama revealed that the government actually has recordings showing objects in flight, the origin of which is largely unknown.

According to the UFO myth, aliens are said to have visited the sleepy town of Roswell for the first time on July 2, 1947 - but it went terribly wrong. To this day it is not known what exactly it was, but their visit to New Mexico ended prematurely with a crash landing at a local farmer's ranch.

Her maneuver attracted so much media attention that the nearby military base announced in exasperation that the unknown flying object did not even exist, it was just a military weather balloon that had crashed. What exactly happened that fateful night remains a well-kept secret. Since the event in Roswell, World UFO Day has been celebrated annually on July 2nd, so one reason to search the evening sky for flying saucers.