How do steam baths and saunas differ?

3 differences between sauna and Turkish steam bath

What is better: sauna or turkish steam bath? It all depends on what you are looking for. We'll tell you what distinguishes and distinguishes these two places of rest and relaxation. In this way you will know exactly which treatment is right for you the next time you visit the thermal baths or the fitness studio.

Sauna and Turkish steam bath are among the oldest wellness treatments. They have a few things in common: Both are based on steam and serve to cleanse and detoxify the body. So what's their difference?

Somewhat similar at first glance, the two treatments are two pretty different things. Find out more about the three main differences and become a bathing expert in no time.

1. The origin

Both the sauna and the Turkish steam bath have a long tradition, but they are whole emerged differently and independently of each other in different climatic zones.

As the name suggests, the Turkish steam bath comes from Turkey. Inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman bathing rituals, the cleaning effect of the Turkish steam bath is at the forefront of the treatment. This type of purification quickly gained popularity and spread throughout the Ottoman Empire. The rest is history - fortunately not forgotten.

And who invented the sauna? This relaxing Wellness treatment comes from Finland and came about for completely different reasons. To protect themselves against the low temperatures, the Finns poured water on hot stones. The resulting steam warmed the houses. So it was a survival strategy rather than a beneficial ritual. It soon became a typically Finnish tradition and today all of Europe knows about the benefits and relaxing effects of Finnish technology.

2. The rituals

Sauna and Turkish steam bath have a similar cleansing effect on our body, but the method is different. The Finnish sauna leaves us at high temperatures, dry heat and low humidity sweat out all sorts of toxins.

The turkish bath however, relies on higher humidity and lower temperatures and thereby guarantees a more gentle, cleansing wellness experience. To put it simply: In saunas, the focus is on steam, in Turkish baths, the focus is on water.

3.Design and atmosphere

Anyone who enjoys spa treatments often and often to relax and recharge their batteries knows what we're talking about: saunas and Turkish steam baths are optically very different, offer a different atmosphere and each offer a very unique wellness and wellbeing experience.

In In saunas, the atmosphere is often very private and intimate, not least because of their size. Walls and benches made of wood and a stone oven create a typical Finnish flair. This calming ambience is enhanced by little lighting and warm colors - perfect to escape our hectic everyday life for an hour, to relax with a fragrant infusion and to do something for our health.

Turkish baths are, in contrast to Finnish saunas, more ornate and colorful. Expect ornate marble pools, ornate walls, hand-made stone benches, and gold faucets. Thanks to bright and often light-flooded rooms, you can fully enjoy this magnificent beauty.

In addition, the steam baths are often much larger than saunas - It is best to take a whole afternoon. After the actual steam bath, the treatment is far from over: You can relax, enjoy massages and cool off in specially designed rooms - the ideal place to spend a cozy Sunday with a good friend or partner. The Finns, on the other hand, are experts in taking advantage of small spaces. Detoxification and relaxation take place in a single room. If you have little time and still do not want to forego the cleaning effect of a steam bath, you can switch off in the sauna after training, or switch off completely for half an hour during a strenuous day and forget about everyday life.

Now that you know the differences between sauna and Turkish steam bath, tell us - are you rather someone who escapes everyday life in between to enjoy the peace and quiet for an hour with a steaming infusion, or are you a fan of the heavenly hammam? Find out what to consider when enjoying saunas or Turkish baths in summer and what things to avoid. And did you already know the advantages of using a sauna after an intense workout?