How can meditation improve my life

How meditation changed my life.

.... A question I am asked very often is:

“Why meditation? What is the benefit of sitting regularly in peace? "

Today I want to tell you why I meditate ... When I was younger, loneliness was my constant companion. I found no access to myself. Everything seemed empty of meaning and I felt cut off from other people and from life. Like a bubble in which I couldn't even understand myself. At times I felt very bad.

"Why all this and what am I supposed to be here?" Those were the questions that gagged me.

When I gave birth to a little person, I suddenly felt a responsibility to myself not to keep myself small. To come into my strength. I made a promise to myself that I would go the way it should be and I started yoga and eventually mediation became an integral part of my practice. The lonely she-wolf stayed. But a deep joy has found its way into my life. Not because I no longer have any problems. No, on the contrary. I have the feeling that the challenges that life presents to me are getting bigger and bigger. But I no longer see them as problems, but as an opportunity to grow: to rethink my communication, to explore my values ​​and my actions, to feel my feelings, to be clear with myself and the world.

Situations that would have completely overwhelmed me a few years ago can now be approached with a different attitude. Because of a deep connection to myself, I no longer perceive many things as oppressively. I now have an unshakable trust in life that allows me to step out of the narrowness and threat of the vortex of thought and to regain my focus on the essentials.

I no longer cling to suffering like a moth to light.

Meditation opened my eyes to the “together”, the “one” in which we live, it kindled my fire and awakened a deep love for life in me. I meditate daily and also whenever I don't know what to do, when the thought carousel goes crazy and I notice that the connection to me is threatening to break.

I am convinced that there are people who can do without any practice of mind control and are still happy. But the rest of us, who cannot rest, cannot be quiet and run after every thought, we have to learn not to identify with all spiritual content in order to remain in our strength.

And most of them are. Because what I see are unhappy people who throw their nerves away and have the feeling that they cannot survive. To drown in their fear and the flood of information that has been stuffed into our heads since childhood.

We drown in theory, in knowing how a happy life could work.

We greedily devour moments, consume at peak times, rush from here to there, and don't just work our way to death. We also do our free time as if it were work. The consistent maxim: something always has to be done.

The only countermeasure to avoid the impending burnout is then to try to mute the stress in the head with the kind of leisure time that floods the body with so much adrenaline that the everyday stress and the repressed emotions simply go under. This then comes under the relaxation category and has as much to do with relaxation as a rabbit does with a snake.

It is no longer a secret that science, too, has unearthed findings that underpin the positive effects of meditation.

  • In many studies it has been proven that people who meditate more effectively carry out tasks that have to be done under time pressure, i.e. are associated with stress.
  • Another study found that meditators are better able to regulate emotions such as anger and anger and find a productive way of dealing with them.
  • Furthermore, meditation helps with body control and even with building muscles. It offers the body the opportunity for deep regeneration and self-healing.
  • The states of relaxation that are achieved are, measured in terms of the brain waves, deeper than nighttime sleep.
  • The amount of stress hormones such as cortisol, which affect digestion, as well as premature aging or blood pressure, is drastically reduced through meditation. This also makes it possible to change “bad” habits, because it is easier to expose substitute actions and to react accordingly when the stress level is not that high.
  • Mood, memory, concentration and cognitive skills are significantly improved.
Regular meditation helps with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, nervousness, premature aging, burnout and depression. Creative potential and your problem solver gene are awakened.
Everything is turning? No more clear thought possible? Is everything too much for you right now? Are you scared? Tired of running away from what is? You don’t know what to do?

You don't have to be afraid of life my dear. Come sit by me. We meditate for a while and your perception of yourself, of life and the world will change. Promised. In love