What is agro-phobia


A phobia is a pathological, mostly unfounded fear.

known phobias [to edit]

  • Aibohphobia (fear of palindromes)
  • Agrophobia (fear of agriculture and its products)
  • Anarchophobia (fear of cluttered rooms)
  • Angoraphobia (excessive fear of angora rabbits. On the other hand, one cannot be too careful with the animals. Who "The knights of the coconut" has seen knows what I mean.)
  • Job phobia (when you really can't think of anything to get sick leave)
  • Autophobia (fear of cars)
  • Claustrophobia (fear of Santa Claus; also Santa Clausophobia)
  • Dentistophobia (fear of the dentist)
  • Photophobia (fear of having one's soul stolen)
  • Goleophobia (fear of soccer-playing chimeras)
  • Gravitaphobia (fear of gravity)
  • Camelophobia
  • Cairophobia (fear of Egyptian cities)
  • Claustrophobia (fear of letting go of straw - also: fear of exams; very common in student outskirts)
  • Linkophobia
  • Luciphobia (fear of light)
  • Negrophobia (fear of the black man)
  • Pneumophobia (fear of tires - the fear of being run over by tires of any kind)
  • Phobia phobia (fear of fear of being scared)
  • Xenon phobia (fear of noble gases)
  • Xenophobia (fear of strangers / strangers, often of different camels such as vampires)
  • Xenoglossophobia (fear of foreign languages ​​- avoidance by using a Babylonian fish)
  • Ährfurcht (fear of grain)
  • Ichyphallophobia (fear of thinking or having an erection)
  • Keraunnothnetophobia (fear of falling satellites, common among camels in the desert who believe they are an easy target because there are so few other objects there, neglecting the numerous grains of sand that subsequently do not approach the camels well are talking.)

 Not to be confused with: Phily | Homophony