When did ponytails become fashionable?

5 classic hairstyles that will always stay on trend

4. Trendy hairstyle: The Beach Waves

Beach waves, which actually stem from the water wave, only fall more loosely because they have been brushed up, are now also a real hairstyle classic. They can be classy, ​​but also casual and are just as chic on short hair as they are on long hair. What is new, however, is that we are upgrading it with accessories. Currently it is mainly hair clips with pearl details. But also tortoiseshell clips or hair clips with gemstones that give the casual wave a chic upgrade.

That's how it's done: The hair can be freshly washed, but does not have to be. Before you get started, put some heat protection spray into the lengths. Then you plug in the straightening iron / curling iron and wait until it is hot. Now carefully wrap individual strands of hair around the straightening iron, hold them briefly and pull them loosely out of the hair. When you have curled all the strands of your hair, carefully spray on some hairspray. Then gently comb out the curls and shake your head. Pluck everything right, put in hair clips, et Voilà! I love beach waves and wish I were faster and more practiced with styling, because then I would probably do them much more often.