What is the best bar in Prague

On a multi-day trip to Prague, immersion in the city's nightlife should of course not be missed. The Czech capital offers you a wide range of discos, bars and clubs that meet every taste with their diverse facets. In the following, you will get to know ten absolute highlights from Prague's nightlife.





  • 1) OneClub Prague
    2) Ku Bar & Lounge
    3) Meet Factory
    4) Cross Club


  • 5) bed lounge
    6) Bugsy’s Bar
    7) Jágr’s Sport Bar


  • 8) Reduta Jazz Club
    9) AghaRTA Jazz Center
    10) Jazz Boat



The 10 best discos, clubs and bars in town

Clubs and discos

1) OneClub Prague

The OneClub is one of the leading addresses for tourists and international guests who expect a modern and western flair. The club brings dance fans from dozens of nations together every weekend and offers a wide range of electronic music in several hallways. Bottle service and other extras ensure an upscale ambience and make the OneClub a must-go for all club friends. Definitely one of the most modern clubs you will find in the city steeped in history.

2) Ku Bar & Lounge

The Ku Bar & Lounge is located in the heart of the city center and combines the advantages of bar and club in a unique way. Specials for food and drinks are offered daily, and a separate area with shishas has been set up. The culinary offer corresponds to an upscale bar, the atmosphere is undoubtedly based on a western lounge. It is worth making a reservation for a visit with friends or business partners, the Ku Bar & Lounge is always well stocked.

3) Meet Factory

If you are thinking about a visit to the theater in addition to a dance club or want to admire contemporary art, the Meet Factory is the ideal destination. Located in Ke Sklárne, a wide cultural program awaits you here every afternoon and evening. Admire unique works of art or attend film screenings. Towards the weekend, the premises stay open into the night and invite you to dance and flirt. One of the most important cultural hotspots in Prague, which is also home to the studio of the Czech artist David Cerný.

4) Cross Club

When you visit the Cross Club, you will dive into the underground of Prague. Architecturally, the club has a cool metal charm; beats from dubstep to drum'n bass can be heard on the two dance floors. If you just want to soak up the atmosphere, sit down with your friends in one of the Cross Club's many side rooms. Here you can enjoy a Czech beer and even play table football in a unique and bizarre atmosphere.

Bars and pubs

5) bed lounge

The Bedlounge on Dlouhá is perhaps the most famous cocktail bar in the Czech capital. It is not only popular with tourists, the top ten thousand in Czech society also meet here on weekends. The lounge doesn't bear its name for nothing, drinks and snacks are served on beds instead of other comfortable seating. A real hot meeting place, the atmosphere of which every visitor to the city should experience.

6) Bugsy’s Bar

The Bugsy’s Bar is one of the bars and pubs in the city that has been highlighted several times over the years by specialist magazines as a Europe-wide worthwhile address. The cocktail bar is characterized above all by the huge range of long drinks and alcoholic specialties. More than 300 cocktails are on the menu and will meet every taste. The bar on Paríská is an absolute must for everyone who wants to end an atmospheric day in Prague with a delicious drink.

7) Jágr’s Sport Bar

Jaromir Jágr is still considered to be one of the most famous ice hockey players from the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia. After his active career, Jágr decided to found his own sports bar in the heart of the capital, where not only ice hockey fans get their money's worth. The location is set up as a classic sports bar that lets you experience many live events on large screens. An attractive selection of Czech beers should not be missing here, of course.

Jazz and music clubs

8) Reduta Jazz Club

Prague and the Czech Republic have a great jazz tradition, and the Reduta Jazz Club is a leading address in this regard. National greats such as Karel Velebny or Ludek Hulan have been performing here for over half a century, supplemented by a colorful program of international guest stars. From individual artists to major performances by the Prague Big Band, the club offers a diverse program every year. It is worth making a detour here at any time of the year to experience well-known jazz greats and the stars of tomorrow.

9) AghaRTA Jazz Center

The Jazz Center is one of the young and modern addresses for jazz fans in Prague. Housed in a building with centuries of history, the AghaRTA combines concert performances with the renowned jazz label ARTA Records. Not only artists who are under contract with the label are invited to the stages. A visit is especially worthwhile in October and November, when the ARTA Records Jazz Festival has been held for years.

10) Jazz Boat

The Jazz Boat is less of a location than a varied experience for tourists. Start at Gate 5 of the Cechuv Bridge to enjoy food and drinks to the sounds of jazz music and to take a look at the sights of Prague from the water. The Jazz Boat is known for its live performances in a unique atmosphere, the program will be announced in advance. A unique experience for all travelers who have not yet known Prague.

Get to know other highlights

In addition to the locations mentioned, Prague as a big city offers a huge range of other clubs and sights. You can look forward to an extensive nightlife and Prague while planning your trip, and plan your journey by public transport to every club visit! All sights in Prague can be found here

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