What makes the C8 Corvette so fast

New Corvette C8 in the testDoes the better 911 drive here?

Ah America.

In the land of unlimited possibilities, everything is somehow limited - the speed on the streets, the range of American cars (because of the strong Asians). Not even the current - and also quite limited - president can change that, tariff barriers or not. After all, resistance is forming in Detroit. In the north of all places, on the Canadian border, in this auto metropolis that has so often been declared dead, GM has started a revolution. With a strength that the ex-Opel mother would no longer have expected.

After almost 70 years, the Corvette is switching from the front to the mid-engine - and even wants to become a serious one Supercar become. If you shrug your shoulders and think “So what?”, You probably don't even have a tiny drop of gasoline in your blood. And if you think “Well, well?”, We can help. Finally overtake the 911 and build a better sports car? Great, the Vette applies!

Technical data: Corvette C8

● engine V8, center lengthways ●Displacement 6162 cm³ ●power 369 kW (502 hp) at 6450 rpm ●Max. Torque 637 Nm at 5150 rpm ●drive Rear wheel, 8-speed double clutch ● L / W / H 4630/1934/1234 mm ● Empty weight 1530 kg (dry) ●0-100 km / h approx. 3 s ●top 312 km / h ●consumption k. A. ● Price from $ 59,995

In fact, it only takes a few turns and you start to nod enthusiastically. Because where the Corvette has so far been fast, especially on the straight, and has beaten out its power like a mallet, it can now - thanks to the better weight distribution - be guided precisely.

The focus is where it belongs

A hallelujah for the fans: The steering without the burden of the heavy front engine is now much easier, razor-sharp in the set-up, the center of gravity is now finally where the driver has his, sorry, butt, and there is more weight on the rear axle - that brings more traction and mechanical grip. So the new Corvette drives around its predecessor circles, turns in much earlier, comes around the corner much faster and shoots away faster at full throttle.

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All the more so because with the C8 a dual-clutch transmission is finding its way into the Corvette for the first time (called PDK at Porsche and has been around since 997, so forever. Even the Audi R8 has one ...). Seamless flow of power without even the smallest moment of thought included. As European as the drive concept, the engine remains American: As always, Chevrolet relies on a V8, which with its 6.2 liter displacement really does not do justice to the name “Small Block”.

At least here America is still America and has not really allowed itself to be infected by the downsizing virus. And it gets even better. Not only do the Americans mock the small cubic capacity of the competition - they also don't want to know anything about Turbo & Co and leave it with the good old vacuum cleaner. Who just turns higher and runs more lustfully.

Well, what kind of sound is that?

The only spoilsport is the sound, which unfortunately turns out to be rather poor. And even with a sports exhaust it misses the old Motown riot. Elfer drivers know that, because the turbo is to blame for the acoustic filter ... The data of the C8, however, are beyond any doubt: 502 hp and 637 Newton meters flick the Corvette to 100 in three seconds and shoot the load to a top speed when it runs out from 312 km / h - the base model of the Corvette has never been faster.

And it goes without saying that the Americans will also fail the basic 911. 4.2 seconds and 297 km / h are there in the vehicle registration. Only the incredibly expensive new 911 Turbo S manages to squeeze past the Vette: 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 330 km / h for a dizzying 218,181 euros are available from the Stuttgart-based company. Back to America. In addition to the politically completely incorrect (and prison significant) driving performance there, there is a very decisive difference to the competitors - because the continent is so huge, often even the nearest city is a day's journey away and the speeds are ridiculous, they allowed the Vette a surprisingly high level of travel comfort .

At least at the push of a button. In touring mode it is almost too quiet, with the magnetically controlled dampers tuned as smooth as butter, you feel almost like in a lowered Cadillac - even if the C8 of course suppresses any form of wobbly. Precise (that brings us back to the new steering), direct, that is more likely. And so, too, the Vette is closer to the 911 than ever before.

The American has a removable roof

Even if it overtakes the Porsche from a standing start. While the 992 generation of the Targa is still a long time coming, the Ami has a removable roof as standard, with a view of the open sky always on board. But does not prevent Chevrolet from the new edition of a Corvette convertible, which - also a premiere - this time comes with a retractable hardtop. You know, everything is different in America in modern times ...

On the racetrack it is rather secondary, at the latest on the first long drive you learn to appreciate the significantly upgraded ambience in addition to the two large trunk compartments in the front and rear, have found your preferred programming for the digital instrument cluster and understand the touchscreen infotainment.

The only thing you don't want to get used to is the center console, because it looms between the passengers like Trump's dream of a wall on the border with Mexico: Almost insurmountable, everyone feels like in a single-seater, and that too (when driving faster, anyway regrettable) passenger is somehow excluded from life, can barely see the navigation system, let alone operate it.

Buttons, buttons everywhere!

And while we're at the operation: The switch bar, which drips over the entire console like a waterfall, is neither beautiful nor practical. And in a car like the Corvette (which Porsche also learned painfully and banished the buttons to the museum in the new 911) completely out of place.

Anyone who has to bump so much performance has no time for the annoying mini piano. So what remains after the first ride with the new Vette? The construction completely turned inside out, the driving behavior on par with the competition, the cockpit finally with more charm than a McDonald’s branch at four in the morning - everything new, everything good.

There is one point where the new Corvette is still completely the same: the price. In the US, generation eight starts at just under $ 60,000. We will have a little more than 100,000 euros on the price tag of our eleven retailers in spring 2021. But the Audi R8 or Porsche 911 are only quite old. Because of limited options.