What do you do to contradict yourself

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You can submit your objection in writing with a handwritten letter or you can submit it orally to the exit authority for recording. You can also raise your objection electronically. However, this only applies if the exit authority opens access for it. In addition, when filing an objection, you must observe the special regulations on electronic communication with authorities. A simple email is not enough.

The exit authority will review its decision based on your objection. Based on the new examination or the new facts that have become known, it may consider your objections to be justified. In this case, it will revoke the decision or amend the decision in your favor. She will also make a cost decision. If the exit authority considers your objections to be unjustified, it will leave the decision unchanged.

If the authority does not change the decision, it submits the objection to the competent objection authority. As a rule, the objection authority is the authority that is technically superior to the exit authority. There are exceptions in which the authority that issued the original decision also decides on the objection. This is the case, for example, in matters of self-government or when the next higher authority is a ministry.

You will then receive the objection notification from the objection authority. With this, the objection authority decides on your request and also on who bears the costs of the objection procedure. The notice of objection contains a detailed justification and instructions on legal remedies. It will be formally delivered to you.