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1 An Ebook by Dennis Koray Network Marketing A Systematic Way to Success Edition Edition 2 Let's be honest! Times have changed ... and old school MLM is out of date. Informing friends and acquaintances about your network marketing business is an important part of network marketing, but it doesn't work for many and you don't get very far. The information you learn in this ebook will initiate you into a new world, give you a different perspective on business, and ultimately show you strategies that work very well. I wrote this ebook for all those who really want to finally generate a passive income on the Internet with a system. I wish you success

2 MLM with a System to Success Contents Introduction What is Network Marketing? Traditional offline network marketing (the stony path) Modern internet network marketing (the smart path) My advice Conclusion

3 Introduction Hello friends, Welcome to the MLM ebook for success with a system. Before we start I want to tell you that this report is different from most of the things you have already read. On the one hand, I am always clear and direct, and the YOU does not exist for me;) and on the other hand, I am convinced that the knowledge in this report can change your life. I am pleased that you are looking to enrich your life through network marketing. I know this business can be very tough and cruel, but despite all the difficulties you will encounter ... NEVER GIVE UP ... your independence is 100% worth it! Question: Do you believe that it is possible to get rich through network marketing, or is it all just hype? The fact that you are reading this report shows me that you believe that network marketing can make money and even get rich. However, I speak from experience and know that Germans are generally very skeptical when it comes to MLM! That is understandable because MLM has a bad image with some, due to negative press and people who have lost their money! I can promise you that you will definitely find out something in my report that will help you understand why that is, and why so many people fail! MLM has grown very quickly thanks to the Internet and more and more people in Germany and around the world are looking for an additional income. The global economic crisis is making an additional income through MLM more and more interesting right now and the big boom of network marketing is still to come in Europe. Unfortunately there are many companies that shamelessly take advantage of these people and only want your money. You hear again and again from people and companies who promise wealth etc. overnight on the Internet, just to collect the money and then disappear again from the scene! Other reputable MLM companies, as good as they may be, just make it far too difficult for the average consumer to be successful, as they often focus on offline marketing methods (the traditional and hard way) and you have to build a very large team first has to earn a few hundred euros a month. The internet has ushered in a new age in MLM and opened the door to a whole new and better way of making money. This method makes it easier and faster for the common man to make money with MLM! And this is exactly the method I would like to explain to you in this report. If you've started an MLM business before and haven't made any money, this report will open your eyes. This applies to all those who find the traditional methods simply too difficult and time-consuming. I will show you exactly why the traditional methods only work badly and why the new Internet method is the answer to all your problems ...

4 Let's go ... What is MLM? MLM also known as network marketing (English: Network Marketing, also: Multi Level Marketing (MLM), recommendation marketing or structure sales, less often word of mouth, often incorrectly equated with pyramid system or franchising) is the generation of references in marketing in the sense of a Confidant given a qualifying assessment or recommendation for goods and services for the purpose of sale. Network marketing is a form of sales in which a company sells its products to end customers through independent sales partners as intermediaries. At the same time, customers can also work as independent consultants and resell the products. Network marketing is therefore not just a matter of direct sales. The term direct sales only applies to direct sales from the company to the customer as the end user. The resale of the products from the customer as an independent consultant to end consumers, however, no longer corresponds to the nature of direct sales, since the consultant operates as an independent reseller, which means that the main characteristic of direct sales is no longer given. The main feature of network marketing is the structural, strict vertical structure of the sales system, which visually corresponds to an upside-down, widely branched tree. The term network is not entirely correct in and of itself, since in a real network the individual points are connected horizontally, vertically and diagonally and interact with one another. In network marketing, on the other hand, the structure is hierarchically strictly vertical from top to bottom. This structure leads to a very broadly branched sales system with a very high number of independent consultants. I would like to emphasize it again very clearly: MLM businesses are not pyramid systems. Many people simply confuse them because both systems are about recommendations. I would now like to explain to you in more detail how MLM really works and you will see that these multi-level structures are fair and profitable. Every MLM business always has an upline and a downline. Your upline are all the people who are above you in the network. Your sponsor who brings you into the business is your direct upline, but of course they also have an upline, etc. Your sponsor's job should be to show you how to promote the business and be your mentor, so to speak. The people you sponsor are your downline and YOU should help them build the business. Often you hear the term ground floor in MLM. This means that the company is quite new and there is a great opportunity for new partners. It is often advertised that you would be there from the start and thus have the best chance of making money.

5 Personally, I think that is often not the case. Even if you get into an MLM business, which is a bit older, you can still earn very well with it. If the company has a good product that is legitimate and in demand, you have every chance in the world! An important point of an MLM business is the product that you can sell. The product should allow you to make money without just focusing on the recruiting aspect (but the real product is not what you think ... more on that later). Let's take a look at how you can make money through MLM ... You make money through MLM by recommending / selling products or a service. The big money comes from building your downline ... As you build your downline, they'll get new customers too. Every time that happens, YOU also earn money. How many levels and how high the bonus is depends on the company and the marketing plan. The size and depth of your downline has a cumulative effect on your income and this is exactly why an MLM business can be truly profitable if you know HOW. And the catchphrase is HOW. It's not just about sponsoring as many people as possible. One of the biggest mistakes newcomers to MLM make is sponsoring unmotivated people. First of all, we should take a look at what skills we need to learn in this business in order to be really and sustainably successful. There are seven skills, and they correspond to the seven steps that we then have to put into practice in order for it to work: - 1 We have to learn to find people to talk to (interested parties). - 2 We have to learn to invite people to take a closer look at our possibilities. - 3 We have to learn to present our business impressively. - 4 We have to learn to follow up effectively one more time (the follow-up). - 5 We need to learn to lock people in and enroll (make them decide). - 6 We need to learn how to successfully incorporate them into the business. - 7 We have to learn how to make our partners successful in the long term and how to multiply. Quite a lot, right? But the good news is: That's it! That's all we have to do to achieve our goals! Traditional offline MLM (the rocky road) Before I start and explain the modern Internet MLM to you, I would like to briefly clarify a few things. The more you understand the limitations of traditional MLM, the more excited you will be about the internet MLM. Traditional MLM is getting things done the hard way. If you compare traditional and modern MLM, you will NEVER want to exclusively use traditional methods again. Ok, let's take a look at the outdated, offline strategy and why it is so difficult to be successful with it! Old School Method # 1 -> Addressing friends and family The list of names The good old list of names continues to heat the mood in network marketing and newcomers are often reluctant to put 100 names on paper because they do

6 fear subsequent contact, like the devil fear holy water. Around a third of all first-line business partners still come from the warm market, which is ideal to lay the foundation for a quick start to business before you start earning your first spurs in the cold market. What is often forgotten is that all contacts that appear on the list of names initially cost no money and could only be fraught with the pain of rejection. For newcomers, the following still applies: first go through the ordeal of the list of names, then generate contacts in the cold market, because it is an absolute fallacy to believe that it is easier to make a phone call with complete strangers. The advantage of the name list - contacts do not cost money. - You are guaranteed to find the first business partners. - You already know the addressees. - You can easily revive old business contacts. Basically, working in the warm market is not particularly difficult, unless your personal credibility towards old business partners corresponds to that of a pickpocket. Then it is of course better to generate contacts from the Internet, which will, however, cost money. In Germany, many people do not want to work with the list of names and make a mistake, because this is where the first partners often emerge. Here is a small digression on the information obligation for our neighbors. Obligation to provide information to our neighbors You are over the moon! Your brand new business partner has signed up with you. As a well-trained sponsor, you have agreed to an introductory training course within the first 48 hours of your new business partner's network marketing career. So you sit down at the kitchen table with your new business partner, pick up the handbook for new consultants, immediately open the part with the reminders and start reading: Which red-haired people do you know? Who do you know who drives a mini van? Who will take care of your tax affairs? Who is your hairdresser Who mows your lawn? Who will fix your car? Do you have the directory of your former classmates at hand? What about the primary school yearbook? You go through point by point You are very familiar with this training method, after all, you have often worked with it. You pause for a moment between questions and take a look across the table at your advisor's list and see ... there are only eight names on it! There should be at least fifty now! You look up and only discover fear and doubt on the face of the person you are talking to when he says with a shrug: I really don't know anyone else ... Out of your frustration you ask a few more questions that you can find under the examples ... and Nevertheless: Your new advisor can't think of anything else. Your enthusiasm fizzles out almost as quickly as that of your new business partner. This is not good.

7 Did you sponsor a dud? We go through this unsatisfactory exercise to the letter, but we hardly take a moment to see if it actually works or not. Why not think about what the new advisor is thinking? He may be thinking, until I've earned my first bonus check, I don't want to talk to anyone about this business. Or: I feel uncomfortable when my sponsor speaks to my friends about this business. Or: The more names I write down, the more rejection I might expect. Most consultants are not duds, nor are they lazy. However, you want to avoid anything that comes with rejection. So why don't you turn this exercise into something that your advisor will find convenient? How about if you tell your new business partner: You don't have to ask anyone on your list to join your network marketing business, you don't even have to ask them to buy products. Not having to recruit people as business partners protects against rejection. Or maybe you are dealing with advisors who explain: Oh, I don't want to address this to my friends and relatives. You wouldn't understand. I couldn't convince them to join my sales concept. Instead, let me contact complete strangers from another state. Maybe I'm just trying to convince them over the phone or on the internet. Where can I place an ad or find business contacts on the Internet? If friends and loved ones do not like your presentation, then you will fail even more with strangers. If we fail to turn acquaintances into our business partners, people with whom we have already established a positive relationship, then the idea of ​​bringing people into the business who are completely alien to us is absurd! Perhaps we just start from the conviction that when we find new people who don't know us, things will be different. Let's look at the whole thing realistically. If we make the decision to turn to strangers instead of our warm market, our personal environment, we are saying: I have no trust in myself. I don't trust my sales concept. I don't trust my product. I'm far too ashamed to speak to my friends about it. I am not convinced that this concept is good business for others. I worry what my friends might think of me. I'm afraid my friends won't get on board and I'll be turned away. What if my concept proves to be a failure? I'd better make sure that I only address strangers who don't know me. What if I fail? Then I don't want my friends and family to know that I tried anyway. So we decide to withhold our offer from our friends and relatives as top secret ... But is that fair to those concerned? No. Even before we read our consultant documents, before we work on ourselves and the image we have of ourselves or our sponsor on mailing addresses or advertisements

8, before anything else happens, we first have to fulfill our only obligation in network marketing that is relevant to us. What obligation are we talking about here? It is our job to inform our fellow human beings about our products and services, as well as about the possibilities of passive income. If the prospect knows the facts, it is up to them to decide what is best for them. It is not our job to sell our products to convince our prospects to get into business. Our job is simply to inform our prospects of the facts so that they can make the decision that is best for them personally. That's all. Network marketing has nothing to do with trigger methods in sales, persuasion, manipulation, cold contacts or with coercion! Network marketing simply means showing interested parties an additional opportunity in their life and offering them the opportunity to seize the said opportunity if they can realize their wishes and ideas with it. Our task here is to inform our interested parties. That's what we do as networkers. However, that does not correspond to the one obligation we have. Great news for all new network marketers As we've found, network marketing isn't all that complicated at the end of the day. Our main job is to inform potential business partners and let them make their own decisions. As network marketers, however, we have a very serious obligation. If I sponsor a new consultant, I tell them: You are not obliged to generate high sales with end customers.Of course it would be nice, but it's not a must. You are not required to buy or use many products and services. As I said, it would be nice, but you are not obliged to. You are under no obligation to bully your friends into attending information meetings. You are not obliged to attend the company convention. You are not required to have sponsorship calls every night of the week. You don't even have to call me back! Great! Now my new business partner is really excited. He thinks: This really is a great offer. I am not committed to any of the above. But wait: he said there was an obligation. One commitment. What is this commitment? Yes, we have only one obligation to meet. Everything else in network marketing is an option. What is this obligation? We have to inform our friends, relatives, neighbors and work colleagues of our decision to start our own network marketing business on a part-time basis! That's all. We are not obliged to do more.

9 So: We don't have to convince our friends of our products or services. We don't have to sponsor our neighbors for our network marketing business. We don't have to invite our work colleagues to information events. If our loved ones don't ask us for information, then we don't even have to introduce them to our business or our product. We are only obliged to inform our friends, relatives, neighbors and work colleagues that we have decided to start building our own network marketing business on a part-time basis. Are you saying that we don't have to adopt any fancy presentations or constantly show our sales concept to unwilling relatives? Yes! Exactly that. We don't have to make presentations for our acquaintances unless they specifically ask us to. We don't have to rush or sell products to uninterested people. And we don't have to make ourselves unpopular with our sales meshes at wedding receptions or family celebrations. That builds up, right? It is nice when this burden is taken off our shoulders. Why is it now so important to inform those around us that we are in the process of building our own network marketing business? Because we don't want to be confronted with the accusation: You never told us about your business. If we simply announce that we are in the network marketing business, many of our acquaintances will nod in agreement and explain: That's nice. And that's fine. If those concerned are interested in it themselves, please ask us for further information or come to an information event. However, if they are not interested, then we can continue to live as before, knowing full well that they had the chance to get an idea by simply asking us for it. Some of our friends will say: Hey, I'm not really excited about my job either. I would also like to have a little more time for my family. Would you tell me something about this network business? And that's okay. We can then provide you with information as required. Of course, the circle of acquaintances is not that big for everyone and leads to success. But in order to build a large team, you usually need more people with whom you can talk about your network marketing business. Your income is proportional to the size and performance of your downline.

10 Modern Internet MLM (the smart way) What is Modern Internet MLM? And why is this method so much better than finding people offline? Quite simply, through the internet you have the opportunity to use the following formula: More interested people + automation = leverage To better understand this, let's take a close look at each step below. Be careful because every step is very important! Factor 1: More interested people Finding people is much easier and cheaper online. You no longer need to bother friends or acquaintances or call strangers, they come to you instead! It is extremely important to learn how to find interested people online. It doesn't matter how great your company, your product, if you can't find interested people. The best thing about the internet is that you can sort out those who are not interested automatically. You just have to know how to place yourself on the internet so that people come to you ... You just have to put yourself in the shoes of those who are looking for a way to make more money through the internet. Easier said than done, so here are a few examples to show you how to do it! Example 1: Targeted search You know what to do if you want to find something on the Internet ?! You go into a search engine and type in a few words, right? Maybe you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, so read a few reviews of this model first. For example, you could search on google for test report Dyson vacuum cleaner. Well, people who want to make money on the Internet are no different ... Every day thousands of people search for products etc. on the Internet. More and more people are looking for make money from home, make money on the internet, make money with MLM, etc. These people are your target audience! A great way to achieve this is through advertising e.g. on google. You create a Google Adwords campaign and bid on the search terms relevant to your service. But Facebook and the other social media platforms also offer a great opportunity to find interested people. Let's say you bid on the search term Earning Money with Homepage and on your site you offer a possibility to do exactly that. If this person then comes to your site, the chances are that they will buy your product etc.! Your targeted offer + interested person = desired action (purchase) The desired action for your MLM business is that the visitor enters his name and in a newsletter so that you can send him more information.

11 The type of website to achieve this is called a lead capture page or a squeeze page. These pages have only one purpose: To get the visitor to fill in their details in the form. If you have no idea how it works, don't worry. I'll talk more about it later and show you what a squeeze page looks like! Example 2: Forums Another way to find new people is through forums. Just enter MLM Forum on Google and you will find it! First you register in the forum and create a profile. Now you can exchange ideas with other people, start discussions etc. The important point here is that you can create a signature in forums. You can, for example, place the link to your website or your squeeze page in a signature. The signature can be seen in each of your forum posts and this is exactly where you can advertise. For example, you could have the following as a signature: We show entrepreneurs how they work less and earn more! That's all. You don't have to sell anything directly and you should avoid posting your website directly in the discussion. This is simply dismissed as an advertisement and overlooked by most. The best way to get people to click your link is this! Be an active member of the forum and seriously participate in the discussions that interest you. This way you build friendships with other members and they will of course also be interested in what you're up to;) Example 3: Videos The fastest way to drive traffic to your site is of course paid Pay Per Click traffic through Google Adwords or Facebook PPC, but like I said, you have to pay for it. Another disadvantage is that if you switch off the advertising, you no longer get any visitors ... self-explanatory And this is exactly where video is different Because once you've uploaded a video, it will be forever (in any case as long as it's Youtube and Co. there) be online ... As a member of our team, you will find out exactly how this works and how you can earn money with videos on the Internet by directing visitors to your website. But first, I want to show you a little example! I show people how to use the Talk Fusion video communication products and I do tutorials. (This way I am perceived as an expert). After creating a few videos to promote my site or blog, I had the top positions for certain search terms in Google within a few days. With the search term More sales with Talk Fusion Video, I got all 4 top positions on Google! Of course, there are a few things to consider here, but the better and more targeted your videos and titles, the more precisely your target group will be addressed ...

12 Pretty cool right? And I paid practically nothing for it. So ... I hope I have piqued your interest now ... of course these results change as new providers and websites are added again and again. Factor 2: Automation The time consuming part of your MLM business is keeping in touch with people. With offline marketing, you can only do this manually (phone calls, face-to-face meetings, seminars, etc.). There is a lot to do and you have to explain the business to new people every time ... This is all a thing of the past when you have your own website and newsletter. There is software called an autoresponder. This software collects the addresses from your website and automatically sends several s to the visits.Let us assume a visitor comes to your squeeze page and fills out the form with his name and. You now want to send that person information about your MLM business. In your autoresponder you can e.g. 7 Create messages that will be sent to this person every day. It could look like this:

13 Day 1: Here is the information about XYZ Day 2: How much can you earn with XYZ? Day 3: A success story from XYZ Partner etc. You can have enough information sent automatically in the 7 days so that this person is able to get an exact picture for himself! Ideally, you have an MLM company that allows you to recruit new people easily via an affiliate link that contains your ID, so that this person can then join your downline! The nice thing about the whole thing is that you only have to write these 7 s once. Every time a new visitor subscribes to your squeeze page, the 7 messages will be sent to them! Completely automatically without you having to do anything! What's even better than an autoresponder with text s? Videos, of course! Why? I'll explain that to you in detail in our marketing system. The fact is: We achieve a much higher click rate with videos. Here are a few more facts.

14 Some legal information You should be aware of the legal situation here. The unauthorized sending of messages and especially advertising to unauthorized participants is prohibited according to overwhelmingly clear jurisprudence and can sometimes cost substantial money. You should therefore always use the double opt-in procedure, in which your newsletter subscribers first receive one after registering and are only actually added to your database when they click on a confirmation link in it. This ensures that nobody enters the newsletter databases in a strange name in the early days of marketing a fairly well-known game. Tip If you are reading this ebook, then you have already learned a very successful method for attracting subscribers to a newsletter. The aversion to newsletters has unfortunately grown significantly since Internet users have been bombarded with unwanted spam more than ever. Here are my tips with which you can get high subscriber numbers in a short time! Give real added value. You have this ebook because you signed up on my website. As you can see it works very well. I hope you can now see how valuable it is to link a site with an autoresponder. In order to achieve the greatest possible effect, it is advisable to use a complete marketing system. I want to show you how you can use a sophisticated MLM & Internet Marketing System that covers all aspects! This system is completely automated and there are no physical products, only purely virtual products. This system is a masterpiece of automation ... In the next few days you will automatically receive more information from me via video ... I promise you it will soon be understandable ... This simple system offers you unimagined possibilities for your Internet and MLM business automate. What makes this system unique is the marketing strategy called attraction marketing, which I have been using successfully for several years. My advice Focus the majority of your time on marketing and not worrying about the tech Many people waste hours looking at the layout and tech of a website ... but it doesn't make any money.

15 Again and again I meet people who have invested a lot of time and money to develop a perfect website. Unfortunately, they didn't make any money for a long time. The technology e.g. from our system is fully automated and in a few minutes everything is completely set up. So you can take care of the marketing with full power. All successful internet millionaires are experts when it comes to marketing. The most important step is to get as many visitors as possible to your website and this is exactly where many fail. With our system you not only have a fully automated website with videos and autoresponders, but you learn from us a brand new strategy to promote your website with video marketing, the next global MEGA TREND ... The fact that you are reading this ebook , show me and you that this strategy works! Conclusion This is the end of my report. I hope I was able to give you a little insight and show what is important if you want to make money on the Internet and I hope you see that everyone can make money on the Internet today. It has never been easier to start a business so risk-free. What is my specific advice? Start immediately! Don't wait 1 week or more, start right away. It really works. As a member of our system you belong to a team of motivated people from all over the world. Your risk? Almost zero ... a small start-up budget and that's it ... But I still want to get rid of something! What do you want to achieve online? Do you want to make money quickly or do you want to start a long-term successful internet business? My recommendation is clearly a business that is successful in the long term! Achieving this requires dedication and focus! We're offering a great concept for building passive income through the internet, not a Get Rich Quick Program. The system works, and much faster than any offline method. However, it is important that you have the right attitude and are ready to do something for your success. You know ... from nothing, nothing comes ... Sunny greetings Dennis Koray